Perry Recorded “Take Her Car. If She Marries Me She Can Have It Back. If She Won’t, She Can’t”

If Cynthia knows that means the officers have the evidence and told her about it. They have her evidence plus their own.

Perry again trying to take Cynthia’s car. He was recorded saying “If she comes back to Texas and marries me then I will give it all back to her. If she won’t, she can’t have it back. ”

Not his to take and Cynthia won’t have anything to do with him because he does twisted stuff just like this all the time. She moved twice to get away from him and to avoid any further conflict. That is what stalking, harassment, coercion, and victim tampering by definition are: injuring someone, making unwanted contact, by coercion, and force, trying to make them say or do something they don’t want to and be in some bazaar twisted relationship they want no part of. That’s not love. That’s an assault. He continues to just assault her every day. She has police protection from him because she needs it. They cannot claim it’s not them in recorded evidence when they do what they are talking about doing to cause her loss and injury. Perry has been trying for some time to take everything Cynthia has, what little is left, to force her back to Texas so he has more control over her and to force her into a sick twisted relationship she won’t be in. She wants nothing to do with him and his cruelty and ignoring her wishes and abuse is the reason she rejected him long ago and has never changed her mind. One minute he’s trying to kill her, the next throw her back in jail, the next take everything she has hoping to force himself on her. It is insane. His behaviour is insane. No normal person does this and does it for almost a decade. That is not love. That is assault. If he cared about her, he’d want her to be happy even if it’s not with him.

If Cynthia knows that means the officers have the evidence and told her about it. They have her evidence plus their own.

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Update December 5, 2019

Defendant Charles Perry recorded and obtained by officers who passed the warning on to her discussing having her charged with blackmail, again he said “Just have them play Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilara. She knows that means all she has to do is call me and I will get her out. If she apologizes I will get her out and if she’s with me I will give her stuff back or whatever she wants.”

That’s bribery and coercion. There has been no blackmail as the other person explains. See texts and emails below:



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