You Can’t Fix Crazy Or Stupid

Five years of dancing and no one ever has come to stage and said “You are bad.” Until this week, twice. What kind of loonatic is that mentally weirdo and twisted to even think that up? It was joked about is all that did.

When someone is in a jam and they keep doing the same things that got them in that jam, while begging for help out of that jam, knowing they won’t get it and their only option is stop doing the things that jammed them up, also evidence that individual has some screws loose.

Perry tells Cynthia he refuses to stop, begs for her help getting him out if his jam to which she responds by laughing at the insanity that he would even ask. This has gone on for years and the there is no excuse for him not getting a grip on reality at this point.

In six years the only thing Perry has accomplished is creeping Cynthia out, and giving undercovers more evidence of his crimes than they know what to do with. At this point who is so dipshit they still think gaslighting has been effective and other than straight up delusion what reason is there to believe it ever will be? It has been added to the list of jokes and more counts of witness tampering is all that accomplished. The big question Cynthia and the officers have is “What kind of loonatic is mental weirdo enough to even think up the crazy loon crap up they do?” We think as far as his imaginary romance that only exists to him, everyone gets that it only exists to him, is not mutual and will never be mutual, but him.

You can’t fix crazy or stupid. It’s almost like this sicko peeper group wakes up every day thinking “How many different ways can we be disgusting and weirdo today?” This stuff is legally, socially, morally, and mentally weirdo and offensive. For people who worry about how they keep getting caught, they seem not to grasp very easy concepts like they keep getting caught, and so what is wrong with someone who still can’t stop producing that very result right there after six years of that same thing happening over and over and over?

Thing is you can’t fix crazy or stupid. One thing is for sure, the fact that by now after six years of their weirdo tactics doing nothing at all but creating a criminal case that has them very jammed up and creeping Cynthia out and they keep at it, is enough to give any person of average intelligence and a normal brain a headache in their eye. It’s just stupid weirdo crap these people have floating around in the bazaaro twisted sick heads all the time. And $15 million has Not covered up a thing. What it has accomplished is for the first time in Perry’s life his criminal activity is public record including judicial bribery that will be used against him in criminal court. He says he can’t and won’t stop. Headache in your eye if you are a normal rational human being. It does not get more stupid and delusional than that.

And by all means, keep taking her cigarettes from her work. That just proves he has proxy stalkers there and of course nobody will suspect a thing.

As it turns out, the fact that they keep getting caught, and $15 million covered up nothing at all shows Cynthia has the power connections, not Perry.

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