For Charles Perry’s Victims

Officers tell Cynthia “There have been too many people tell us, including reporters, “This is a blatant civil rights violation and that case never should have been transferred or dismissed. Did they think nobody would look? Clearly he’s paid off judges. Never should have been transferred and for sure not dismissed. She did not do some things right in that petition but in that part she did. The judge should have ordered a redo on the part she got wrong but as far as the civil Rights claim that part she got right. There is a reason they flagged off investigators. Anyone can see she has a case and he’s buying judges” on her first law suit.

Cynthia does not like Charles Perry. Why would she? He crapped up her life, paid judges to take her son and she was told that by these same police in March 2014 and the fact that they knew this and told her long ago was made public, long ago. He tried to kill her, put her in jail, keeps trying to arrange a second false arrest, takes her money, tries to take her car, peeps and hacks, threatens and harrasses non stop constantly. There is nothing to like about someone who does that. He tells her he will give it back and give her whatever she wants IF she will lie for him and be in some bazaar concubine type deal with him which she won’t do. He’s trying to force her into something she’s made clear she won’t be in. She can’t stand him.

Cynthia kept her mouth shut for four years but to a few close friends about his weirdo problem while trying to reason with him to get him to cut it out. She then shut her business down to avoid having to interact with him. When that didn’t work she moved. When that didn’t work she moved again then made his sicko creeper problem public so he wouldn’t kill her. She had been in politics all her life and had all kinds of connections. She had no need for him. He had not been involved at all when they met and had no power, no connections and certainly not to the level she does. She could have shut down his criminal activity long ago with the connections she has. But, it’s being expanded because maybe it’s not just about catching one bad guy. Maybe it’s about getting them all including bribed judges on the take. Maybe Perry just willingly opened that door.

Cynthia made her position clear that does not like Charles Perry he can go talk to his mommy about how he feels. She does not care and does not want to hear it. She wanted Fabian. She made that clear. Perry engorged himself in an imaginary soap opera that is not real to her and he has burdened others with it and causes nothing but problems and drama for other people. Her heart hurts for those people not him. This is about brining relief from their suffering caused by Charles Perry’s crime. She’s not the only victim. You don’t have to be of intelligence above an ice cube to figure that out. That was her granddad’s way. It’s her way. They have worked hard to make her fail and to force her to lie, to push her down, to discourage her, besmirch her and paid out a lot of money to accomplish that. Not what you do when you care about someone. It’s what you do when you got caught committing massive amounts of criminal activity and you want to shut the Whistleblower up. That’s witness tampering and victim tampering and it’s pretty blatant. The boldness and brazen of the men defying authority, the law, and the Almighty speaks to how long they’ve been at it and until now kept it covered up and got away with it. She’s the first one who chapter and versed criminal activity for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to read through and now they have him on judicial bribery too. Nine seasoned attorneys against one girl with no law degree still had to stoop to breaking the law and the only win for them on that, at the end of the day will be prison time. They have known they had Undercovers on them for years, they have threatened her to try to get her to say who they are and she can’t nor would she. She has no motive to Impede the police that have protected her from these people all these years. She has that protection because she needs it and Perry knows he’s under investigation, asks who it is constantly and yet cannot control himself to stop. He’s forcing himself on Cynthia against her will. He’s forcing his imaginary soap opera on her and everyone else against their will and that’s who her heart hurts for, not some sadistic skum on a shoewho hurts people for a thrill.

It clearly didn’t occur to these men, apparently, that when officers obtain incriminating evidence against them they use to protect Cynthia, like the call about taking her car, social security card, having the court reporter change transcripts to reflect a whole different hearing on Oct 28 2019 than what actually happened, conversations about how to kill her or arrange another false arrest without it being linked to them, and the conversation about Judge McNamara that while her evidence was ignored by Judges on their payroll it was not ignored by these officers and their prosecutors plus they have their own including but not limited to illegal communications with judges. If it’s stupid or illegal Charles Perry not only does it, he engorges himself in it.

She’s putting up a three finger salute right here for herself, her family and each and everyone of Charles Perry’s victims and of course Fabian.

Cynthia’s heart hurts for victims, not whackjob Charles Perry. For every person and family who she’d tears over a lost loved one, a lost job, a lost business, loss of privacy, or anything at all lost causing grieving hearts because of Charles Perry’s criminal conduct, this is for you. Take the lyrics about it being about money not literal, as these guys will being they can’t differentiate between literal and figurative being they are stupid, as being a representation of getting back what he took from you that was never his to take. We are fully aware that the harm Charles Perry causes intentionally to his victims to get a thrill and feel control he does not even have over himself, is harm you never get over. We relieve suffering caused by crime. We are here in this fight for you.

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