Perry Camp Recorded Discussing Requesting Court Reporter Change Transcripts of October 28 2019 Hearing

On the October 2015 email Cynthia sent to her ex husband long before Perry carried out his threat to arrange a false arrest, the details regarding Judge McNamara Cynthia described in the email came from law enforcement investigating Charles Perry on another criminal matter. He had been typing in her phone that in retaliation for her rejection of his disgusting romantic advances, he would have her arrested. She said she did not know what for because she had committed no crime. This was in October, 2015. Perry had Dave Roberson threatening in the same manner he had adding death, her murder, if she refused to recant her Sworn Court testimony. Two police officers also came to her work and told her “Charles Perry has something wrong with him and he wanted us to just find some way to arrest you. That is not why we signed up to be cops. We signed up to be cops to protect women and children from guys like him. You need to watch what you do because other officers may not help you like we are. ” That conversation led to a letter from Cynthia to the US Attorney which the US Post Office shows was received by them on August 27, 2015. All of this is chapter and versed on the court dockets including the email and the letter referenced herein. In January 2016, Cynthia filed a police report because the law in Oklahoma requires victims of stalking to do so in order to obtain a Protective Order. Before Tulsa Police even called her back, took possession of her evidence, had their forensic investigators take a blood test and inspect her blood for poison the said in texts they were giving her to kill her, causing her to throw up, experience headaches, dizziness, Charles Perry acted in conspiracy with the other Defendants to carry out that threat to arrange a false arrest having her charged in Lubbock with filing a false Police report in retaliation for doing his job as a legislator. She lost her evidence as a result. He impeded a Police investigation in another state. You don’t do that if you have no need for a cover up. He had a Court Order in hand denying Cynthia’s first attempt for a Protective Order stating one of two reasons for the denial was her failure to have a police report in court. The fact that he then threatened a false arrest and then carried out that threat is THE reason she needs a protective order and yet oddly seven attempts subsequently for a Protective Order or Injunctive Order or both have been denied and nobody thinks that is legit. For sure the officers from another jurisdiction and their prosecutors who provided that information, more specifically than Perry or Roberson or the two officers that warned her regarding Judge McNamara, cannot see any legit reason for that at all at this point. They now opened investigations into the Judges rendering such off the wall Orders denying her the protections she clearly needs and is legally entitled to.

This week alone those officers obtained recorded conversations of Defendants discussing asking the Court Reporter change transcripts to reflect an entirely different Court hearing than what actually occurred on October 28, 2019. They also obtained a recorded conversation of defendants discussing where Cynthia parked her car at work last night, which is of no concern to them in any way at all. In fact they gave sworn testimony that they have no relevant contacts in Oklahoma that would cause Cynthia injury and give rise to a law suit. Clearly that was a bold faced lie.

Each unwanted contact is not just stalking and harassment which being it crosses state lines makes it a Federal offense, but it also, the officers tell Cynthia is one more count of witness tampering and coercion. Perry cannot control his weird. Some people cannot grasp easy concepts the rest of us had figured out by age five. He seems to be one of those people. Maybe all Defendants are.

Cynthia has police protection because she needs it.

All these documents are public record for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see and posted all over all kinds of blogs here.

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