Perry Investigated For Peeping Tom Ring

Defendant Charles Perry et Al have been under investigation for running a peeping Tom ring for some time and for a murder. Those officers with the help of informants have warned Cynthia when she’s been in some sort of danger and Perry had planned to cause her additional injury. He was recorded twice discussing ways he might kill her or arrange a second false arrest without it being linked to him. Defendants were also recorded discussing contact with the Court Reporter on the last hearing to have her change the record as to what really occurred in the hearing. They’ve got that too.What these men do is troll to find single vulnerable women and while they are not home they place hidden cameras in the home and broadcast them and any minor children in the home bathing, undressing, and broadcast it on the net and charge “watch time”. Cynthia was a victim of this crime and we believe still is. That is a depraved sicko form of rape. Most women have no idea they are being watched. If they do, they threatened, intimidated and just as they tried to murder Cynthia then arranged her false arrest to cover it up, this is how they keep victims quiet. Perry goes around talking about how much power these people have to ruin lives, get people fired, have the IRS make problems, or kill them. This is a serious racketeering case on that part.For six years however, he has had people investigating him and that now includes at least one Judge on Cynthia’s Civil Cases. In her cases she chapter and versed with supporting evidence, a pattern for almost a decade of criminal conduct. First time in Perry’s life anyone has done that and it is a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever as well as prosecutors who can clearly see judicial rulings that are far far outside the norm and standard rulings on like cases. Perry has been at this depraved criminal activity for decades but for the first time in his life, he has a public record of his criminal conduct and evidence of a conspiracy to obstruct justice, destroy evidence and do forth. The cover up is not in any way at all covered up. Perry was recorded complaining that he paid $15 million for that cover up and didn’t get it. A small town accountant has no way to make that kind of money but a sicko peeping Tom ring would. This is a big catch for law enforcement. The investigation is ongoing while the judicial impropriety is under review by prosecutors as they are now includes in said investigation. This is a very serious serious crime in the matter of children in the home becoming victims of what amounts to child porn and this occurs against their Moms will without their consent and sometimes even without their knowledge. It’s certain done against Cynthia’s will and without her consent.On the $15 million Cynthia has said “Perry pisses everyone off with what he is putting me and my family through and he has leaks and whoever took part of that $15 million who is a leak or a deep throat has no obligation to lie for him. No NDA will hold up under scrutiny of preventing a witness from testifying in a criminal trial and frankly the NDA itself constitutes witness tampering. What’s Perry gonna do? Admit to bribery by suing to get it back?” So this $15 million dollar cover up, in Oklahoma was a serious FAIL. That does not say much for Texas but says a hell of a lot for Oklahomans.Perry allegedly murdered a woman with ties to a foreign diplomat which opened up global law enforcement to uncover for the first time in his decades long criminal life some deeply disturbing criminal activity.Cynthia comes from four generations of police. She has said over and over for years “Why does he not just walk into a police station and try to sell meth? This that stupid. He picked on cop this time and you cannot pick on cop and expect it to end well. These guys helping me takes crimes very very seriously and I am gonna tell you what, you commit a crime like that I make it my mission to fuck you up. You are going down and you will not get up from that, I PROMISE. I promise each woman and each little child who was visually raped by these depraved sickos without their knowledge and/or consent as I was have been for nearly a decade. It is not okay and the consequences are about to be very severe. That is not a threat that is a promise and all my intent and conduct of course in making that threat is within the law. This is not a threat if physical harm to Perry. This is a promise to do my part and all I can to deliver justice to his front door through the legal system both civil and criminal. So far so good. He should consider me his Stella so to speak. All these perverts in this sicko peeper ring should. We don’t put up with sick type of depravity and they and and they do come bloviating around about how they are gonna get me fired, kill me, and arrange another false arrest, steal my car, my belongings, all the same ole same ole they have threatened and done for years that we put on the docket for law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever with supporting evidence including Judges now also under investigating due to evidence of judicial impropriety. How much did he pay them? This is not a game. People’s lives are at stake. We take that seriously. We take child porn seriously so fuck you with your threats and bullying and harassment. If you think you are this big huge group of power and there is nothing I can do, WATCH ME!” That was years ago and for the first time in Perry’s depraved sicko life in which he hands off his work to other people so he can sit around all day being a depraved pervert, travel alone without his wife with him, trolling for new victims, no alibi by the way, his depraved sick demented criminal conduct is chapter and versed with supporting evidence for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever including rulings not in line with the law for prosecutorial review. First in his life anyone got the bad guy like this. All he had to do is leave her alone. Some people need to learn it the hard way. Not the brightest bulbs but then most criminals are stupid. The reference to Stella would be Stella from The Fall who busted a sadistic sicko serial killer.Joshua Burson, who told media it took him six times to get on with the Texas Rangers, his brother one time, could have been the one to make this discovery and bust. The panel had concerns enough with him it took six times for him to overcome so did Perry go to the low hanging fruit and the Fife? Or is Burson as corrupt as Perry and Powell are? We’ll see as more is revealed over time. Cynthia’s friends dig and dig deep and told her “If you knew everything, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It’s that disturbing what this fucker is into.” Could have been Josh. We are sorry for his sake it’s not.The disclaimer here is this investigation is ongoing and please apply allegedly everywhere.Perry wants to silence witnesses and victims obviously. He will threaten and intimidate and talk about how much power he has to get people fired, get the IRS on them, arrange a false arrest, take everything they have and anyone can do what Cynthia did and fight back. No one has to tolerate that nor should they. Fuck that. Threatening witnesses and victims is a crime so we just use it to prove Perry is the criminal we alledge he is. Problem solved. Get in his face. He is not getting away with it this time.We will keep updating as things go along.Click Here To Follow Us On Facebook“In as much as you have done this to the least of these, you have done it to ME.” — Our Lord#CharlesPerry

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