A Jimmy Swaggart Moment Only Much Worse

Defendants in Cynthia’s law suit kept threatening her with death and false arrest in the months prior to her false arrest for which she is now suing. She admitted emails and texts where she told people “Charles is threatening to false arrest me but I don’t know what he would have me arrested for. I have not done anything illegal.” He had her arrested and charged in Texas, where she hadn’t lived for three years, for following legally required procedures in Oklahoma where she did live when she was seeking a Protective Order against him. The fact he made a threat to harm her then carried it out is the reason she needed the Protective Order to begin with. She had more specific information included in one of her emails from law enforcement investigating him on another matter. Perry gets caught Everytime he tries to do something to her by these guys. For the first time in his life his criminal conduct is chapter and versed in public record with supporting evidence despite $15 million paid to cover it up. Where did all that money come from? One venture is allegedly his practice of putting peeper cameras in women’s homes including Cynthia’s, and selling “watch time” on secret sicko sites. Most of these women have no idea they are being watched. Cynthia figured it out and he tried to make her look crazy. She said “When I have three to four customers come into my work, treat me like shit, spend no money on me , and tell me what I just did in the privacy of my bathroom, that’s a Perry guy.” He allegedly has cameras installed in women’s homes while they are not home against their knowledge without their consent against their wishes then sells “watch time” to his fellow peepers in his sicko group. That is where the $15 million came from to cover up his uncovered up cover up. Cynthia comes from POLICE. You don’t go after POLICE people if you are a criminal and expect that to end well. First time in is secret sicko criminal life the conduct is chapter and versed in public record with supporting evidence for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see. It’s no longer a secret. Prosecutors have poured over each document. He’s covered up NOTHING.

Thing is, he killed a woman, do remember he tired to have Cynthia poisoned with arsenic hoping to explain it away as a drug overdose and associated with her lifestyle in adult entertainment. She actually runs her dancer business as a professional dancer not the denagrated way some unfortunately do where they get involved in drugs and prostitution. His attempt to kill her was done AFTER she tried to get a protective order and the matter covered on the news. That would make him suspect number one should anything at all happen to her. She was denied for failing to follow the procedure she followed the second time but Perry had her arrested for. That very thing she did that was legally required that Perry had her arrested for she did not follow and her protective order was denied. She was not charged in Oklahoma, she was charged in Texas and this guy showed a brazen boldness breaking the law like this like he killed before and has done all this before and gotten away with it .
Thing is he has but not this time. When you kill someone with ties to a foreign diplomat, and that guy, knows a guy who knows a guy, has ties to someone with ties to 135 member countries of Interpol and people in U S law enforcement as well, that wanna catch a very bad guy, that is not something you get to to bribe or threaten away as he’s done previously. In six years Perry has not been able to get to that. What is after him in catching the bad guy is by far much bigger than his little secret sicko group and that is why he keeps getting caught.

There will be more to come soon.

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