It’s What Effective Law Enforcement Does

Six years ago everyone believed Defendant Perry to be a church deacon family man who stood for accountability, personal responsibility, who lived with honesty and integrity. However for decades he has engorged himself in a secret sick life of predatory stalking of women, peeping, hacking, and more we cannot divulge right now. For the first time in his life, his corrupt criminal conduct is chapter and versed with supporting evidence on three Court dockets for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere, Including other countries, to dig into, give full review to, have prosecutors pour over, now and forever. That would be in part why Defendant Perry wants Cynthia’s lawsuits stopped. He can’t get along with his wife, can’t get a date, can’t properly anage relationships with women, especially women with power or influenc, can’t do anything impressive with his time, can’t control his weird, makes problems for others to make them fail being he cannot keep up with the rest of society due to his social ineptness, is not intelligent enough to accomplish success legitimately, cannot behave in any kind of normal civilized manner, and just buys his way out of trouble. Not this time though. We have it on good authority Defendant Charles Perry has paid out well over $15 million for a cover up and yet now, not a damn thing is covered up in fact his secret problems are more uncovered than ever before in his disturbed deranged life. He has no control over his weird. It dictates every minute of his time. It control him. He is a slave to it. If he had power and control, he would not need to pay for any cover up at all much less one that has only exposed his ten year criminal attack on Cynthia and her child. He attacked a child. No man of power or control stoops to that. Decades of criminal conduct and many victims including women and children he kept covered up is covered up no more. Six years ago all he had to do is control his weird and leave Cynthia and her family the heck alone. Instead he has created more incriminating evidence than those officers even know what to do with and now they have included co conspirators in their investigation because when an out of control rabid dog needs to be put down to save lives that is what effective law enforcement does.

This all has come out for public view, as it should because one great way to stop crime and corruption is to expose it, duh,and it has come out to be dealt with properly in Oklahoma, not Texas. Texas Rangers are supposed to be elite and yet decades of a criminal have been covered up until now. You gotta hand it to OK law enforcement for those who have helped provide info that brought this out. Cynthia is never told who all provides actionable Intel, just what the threats are and what action to take to protect herself. But whatever money Perry has paid any cop at all anywhere, what better way for that money to be used than to pay an underpaid cop who is not covering up a damn thing. What is Perry gonna do? Admit to bribery by suing to get it back?

Here is the kicker, he knows how caught he is and still is going at it. Most people are smart enough to slow down when they see an officer on the side of the road in fact some very nearly come to a complete stop. Not Perry. He speeds up then whines and complains that he was caught, starts intimidating bullying and harassing to shut people up and for the first time in his life that is no longer effective in fact it is just used against him in Court and will be in criminal Court. Remember he has the right to shut up and every stupid thing he says or does can and will be used against him in a Court of law. He wants to silence the victim of his crimes who exposed for the first time in his pathetic reject looser life, all this criminal conduct he has covered up for decades. She is cop family. Who is THAT stupid to pick on cop and have any expectation at all that it would end well? Tampering with victims and witnesses is a Federal crime and it is no longer being tolerated and Perry does not like that. Most criminals don’t. He can never again peep, creep, hack, kill, and nobody suspect a thing. Life as he has known it is over on that. In fact now he’s suspect number one in the suspicious deaths around him, showing up where a woman is when he was never told or invited to her social outtings, odd computer problems and difficulties, that’s is done and over for him forever. He thought he could discredit his vocal victim, the one who first gave him an out by moving, then when he gave chase, she turned around and has metaphorically kicked the fuck out of him. We don’t have to put with this. It is crime. Nobody should, has to, needs to put up with with an out of control rabid dog who needs to be put down, with corruption, fraud, bribery, and cover ups and Cynthia for sure has never in all her life put up with any such thing. Why should she? Why should anyone? Perry has yet to understand who he is dealing with on this one and anyone who is outcome driven would see how things have evolved over the past six years and be better able to control their weird than this. Drug dealers don’t knowingly sell drugs to police. You don’t speed up when driving by traffic patrol. And yet, Perry can’t stop. He has no control or power to stop so he is being stopped by men with far more power and control than he will ever have who would not dream of allowing women and children be attacked by a sadistic depraved mentally ill weirdo like Defendant Charles Perry. That is EXACTLY the reason his criminal conduct is chapter and versed on public record for the first time in his disturbing sick pathetic life of crime and corruption. Anyone in law enforcement from anywhere can see it now and forever and for individuals who helped him, we all wonder why they didn’t think through six years ago that he would only exposed you too. Nobody thought through patterns of conduct and one year from now, two years from now, five years from now and the outcomes not being pleasant for you? Was he worth your reputation or consequences? That’s a question only you can answer. Cynthia did not six years ago and does not now think that he is. Everyone knows once you see a pattern, you can’t unsee it. There is a ten year pattern of criminal conduct chapter and versed on public record with supporting evidence for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever for the first time in Perry’s life because in part Cynthia will not and has not put up with their bullshit and she is cop family. It is insane to pick on cop family and expect that to end well for you.

And lastly in using an analogy from the Bible these men pretend to read, God hardened the heart of Pharoah time and time again to destroy His enemies and set His people free. Plagues hit Pharoah and he was just too stupid to get it, all he had to do is let them go and leave them the hell alone. He was an arrogant piece of trash. At the end of the day, he chased his tail right into the sea. When someone arrogantly says God Himself cannot sink this ship, often He shows them He can and He will. When a lady asks to be left alone, a normal dude and gentleman leaves her alone, unless he has no power or control over his weird.

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