Where Is Mrs Perry While Her Husband Hurts Women And Children

Men who attack or seek to force themselves on a woman who rejects them, needless to say are not normal. The need for control perhaps might serve society better if they control themselves. Inappropriate attempts to exert control over a woman who wants nothing to do with them is what laypeople call “little man syndrome”. It’s disturbed behavior really.

Peacemakers on the other hand, protect women and society from those who have nothing better to do than go around wrecking havoc on society causing intentional loss, suffering and injury to others. What we all want to know at this point is where is Mrs Jacquelyn Perry when her husband peeps, hacks, and attacks women who reject her husband’s inappropriate romantic advances? Law enforcement advised Cynthia Defendant Perry travels a lot giving him way too much alone time on the road where he can do all kinds of things to all kinds of people. Elements of a crime are means, motive, and opportunity which being she is not with her husband, he has plenty of that and, no alibi. Cynthia said there was not one time ever when she was in Perry’s office either to deal with tax filings or on campaign business that she did not see him hand off his work to his employees. He is not busy as he tries to assert. He does not do much in the way of actual work. His employees do. That brings us back to the question of where is Mrs Perry while her husband goes around assaulting women and their children causing significant catastrophic profound loss and the kind they will never get over? Why is she not more involved in his day to day life removing opportunity for him to cause so much trouble for other people? Invading privacy, interfering with income and relationships, exerting control over women because he cannot control his own weird or little man syndrome. He is socially and mentally inept or he could.

Cynthia’s granddad who was Chief of Police where she grew up did relieve suffering caused by crime, protected women and children from low life’s like Defendant Perry and his Texas mafia, and brought peace to his community. That is what effective law enforcement does. His quote “As lawmen and women, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime.” Which goes along with the Detective in the Colorado serial rapist case, featured in the Netflix series “Unbelievable” when she said she read the story in the Bible where God wanted someone to clean things up a bit. His response was “Here Am I. Send Me.” Peacekeepers end the reign of terror caused by criminal activity resulting in suffering and loss. Batman cops, have protected Cynthia time and the again from Perry’s intended harm or she would likely be dead. Perry wanted, just after the media coverage of her attempts to get a Protective Order in May 2015, to kill her by way of arsenic poisoning so he could get a new headline claiming she died of a drug overdose in a strip club. God had a different plan. She did not die. She reported the crime to Tulsa Police and hoped to obtain forensic inspection of her blood to take to court to again seek a Protective Order. Police reports are required by law in Oklahoma to get a PO. Perry new this because her first attempt was denied due to her failure to take a Police report to Court in May 2015. He has the same denied order she does. She never committed a crime but acted in compliance with the law in her state. Perry then a week later had her charged and arrested in Lubbock for filing a false Police report in retaliation for his job as a Senator. In ten years there is not one political rant or comment or issue of disagreement mentioned from 2011 to the present. She kept her mouth shut about his stalking problem for four years but just to her closest friends hoping he would just stop and it would not end up being a big mess as it is now and didn’t go public until she was long gone from Lubbock. She was gone from Lubbock for three years when she filed that report a different her false arrest had first been threatened, she texted and emailed people of his threats months before and even wrote the US Attorney. Her false arrest taking place just a week after she filed the report and had not yet been called by a TPD detective, justice was instructed and her forensic evidence of poisoning and video evidence was destroyed and forever lost. She was arrested for following the law where she lives. There never was a crime.

At this point it seems Perry did not get that her protection from law enforcement might also include prosecuting attorneys who review her civil cases and while they cannot give her legal advice nor do they, they can and do tell her when they believe they need to include in their investigation a judge or two who is not ruling in accordance with the law and rulings of higher courts. There are flags they believe indicate judicial impropriety that they are not going to allow for on any criminal cases but would instead include it. You would think the Texas mafia would have figured that out but it appears they have not.

These guys in law enforcement who have warned Cynthia and protected her, uncovering Defendant Perrys threats to hurt her in the course of their investigation, are fully aware of Defendant Perry’s hacking, peeping, victim tampering and harassment, and his belief he keeping all that covered up would be very very incorrect. It is done against her wishes without her consent. Why would a man impose on a woman that way if not some little man sy drone sick attempt to control her being he has no control over his own weird? We live in a civilized society. We have law to protect citizens from loss and harm. Peeping on a woman in the privacy of her home, where she has the reasonable expectation of privacy, hacking, is a form of rape. Forcing yourself on a woman who does not like you, rejects you, wants no contact with you at all by way of hacking and peeper cameras is a form of sexual assault and frankly it’s sick. There is a reason it is a crime and most people will never do that to anyone at all. It ain’t normal. So again we ask where in THE hell is Mrs Jacquelyn Perry while her husband forces himself on women that do not like him? Cynthia changed careers and moved twice to get away from Defendant Charles Perry, and to get away from having to deal with his mental problems and social and mental incompetencies and to avoid conflict and to have peace. She had been gone from Lubbock, not a week or a month or even a year, but THREE years when he had false charges filed against her hoping to prevent and delay, by physical force, the reporting of his crime to Tulsa Police and interfere in the chain of custody of evidence and in fact cause it’s loss and destruction. He did everything a guy can do to cover up his crime. These are not facts in dispute. These are facts documented by dates and times of events documented by Court records all chapter and versed with evidence in support, on three court dockets available for prosecuting attorneys to review and anyone in law enforcement from anywhere who seems to put a stop to criminal activity and bring peace, to dig through and look it over. For the first time in Defendant Perry’s life, decades of criminal conduct, his criminal conduct, patterns of sick abuse, predatory stalking, attempted murder, obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence is on public record. Where is his wife when he does all this?

Ted Bundy revealed in tapes he made from prison that he was seen as a goodie goodie being he would not go out drinking with the boys. He didn’t because he was put doing far worse. Sound familiar at all? It does to us. Where is Mrs Perry while her husband is out wrecking havoc, making trouble, and assaulting women and their kids? What is wrong with a person who is not on top of things in her own home? Other people in another state to whom her husband has ZERO relevance are being imposed upon, burdened, threatened and harassed by her husband due to her failure to know what is going on right under her nose.

So why do men assault women thinking they have control? They have no control or they would not assault anyone at all in any form. Assault indicates you just lost control. This article may provide insight. If you are normal, you can never understand why crazy people do what they do even if it’s explained. They do not make sense to the same and rational no matter how well a psychiatrist may explain it. Perry has made no attempt at all to prove the psychologists assessments wrong and two have assessed him as being sadistic, antisocial, and in general just not all there. He has made no attempt at all to prove that wrong. Thankfully peacemakers have intervened to keep Cynthia alive. Where is his wife when he intentionally hurts other people?

Defendant Perry continues to ask who his leaks are, and specifically asked about someone named Ty. This would be one more count of stalking, harassment, obstruction of justice, coercion and victim tampering. He has an attorney who is the point of contact. His direct contact with Cynthia is the reason he’s being sued to begin with and it is immoral and inappropriate, illegal, unwanted, and bazaar. She is never told how the officers obtain information they use to protect her from Perry’s intended crime.

Additionally, until six years ago, when Perry ruined Cynthia’s career and blew up her life, Cynthia spent all of her adult life working with surgeons, owned a medical services business, participated in a CMS Panel discussion regarding national standard of care which received positive peer review, and worked in government reform on the Federal level obviously in DC politics. She was not born yesterday. She was also raised by four generations of police. Perry portrays her as stupid and like some sort of campaign groupie. When they met, he wasn’t elected to a thing nor had he been in politics in any way at all. Were it not for her support, he may not have been elected at all. He was not handily elected and in fact was part of a run off election. His portrayal of her is simply an attempt to discredit her to cover up his lifelong criminal conduct. As it turns out, Perry’s con is one of four she’s caught and blown up. People who have something to hide are not going to like her much and she has no regrets on that end at all. She’s 100% her granddad’s granddaughter to her core. He also was in politics and law, served as Chief of Police, County Republican Chairman, County Treasurer and City Councilman. Her family was the big fish in the little pond where she grew up so being involved with people in power or leadership is something she’s known from birth. Perry was not an elected official when they met, but was a small town accountant with nothing interesting about him and certainly nothing to be impressed with or fascinated by. She’d just moved from glamorous Las Vegas and had no reason at all to think much of a small town accountant who’d not been involved in politics at all and could not then and cannot now even relate to the world she spent all her life in nor she his. Simply put, she was not born yesterday and his wife has put people in harm’s way by not staying on top of what is going on in her own home.

We have it on good authority there are many similarities in Defendant Perry’s criminal conduct and that depicted in the last four episodes of Major Crimes, in the character of Phillip Stroh. There were “accidents” around Mr Stroh that were not accidents at all. They were murders. Just a few weeks before Lubbock activist Clif Burnette passed from a supposed heart attack, he posted degrading comments on Perry’s facebook page calling him “chipmonk cheeks”. There are many toxins and poisons that can cause or induce a heart attack and if was simply assumed he passed of natural causes and nobody looked its likely there was no appropriate testing. Remember Perry made sure Cynthia was never tested for arsenic poison Defendant Roberson admitted in texts they were giving her. Defendant Burson, a Texas Ranger, assisted in the obstruction and destruction of evidence in his use of her claims as a reason to arrest her, but also never allowed TPD to test her and didn’t test her himself. They instead let her sit illegally detained for two months while any poison worked its way out of her system. That is objective data and a crucial piece of evidence in the crime she reported. Instead they spent two months having her evaluated by their shrinks hoping one would give her a negative diagnosis, which is more subjective data. None did and after being seen for a year and a half in Oklahoma by a court ordered psychologist, that psychologist didn’t either. In fact her letter and audio has been filed with the Courts in which she states Cynthia is honest, intelligent, articulate and scared to death of Defendant Perry and in her audio she states Perry escalated his stalking to get her attention, being he cannot get it any other way and that he escalates more than she can ignore making problems she has to resolve to get her attention. That is stereo typical stalker behavior. Anyone in law enforcement can obtain training in properly addressing the crime of stalking by going to victimsofcrime.org and signing up for webinars. There are other questionable deaths similar to that of Mr Stroh around Defendant Perry and likewise the peeper hacker situation depicted in the show Mr Stroh depicts. Both also exhibit behavior consistent with sociopathic sadism. They actually get a thrill hurting people and feel no empathy at all. Two, if suspicions on Perry prove out in Court, serial killers were “happily” married or so their persona appeared so, which is unusual for serial killers to be married. Both were and both were church deacons that being Dennis Radar, aka BTK and Defendant Perry. Mr Radar’s wife had no idea he was stalking women and murdering. So, why does Mrs Perry also not know what goes on right up under her nose. Does she know her husband peeps on women? Does she know he hacks? Has she checked ever? Why is she not with him more so that she would know or at least prohibit such illegal and morally offensive behavior? Other women are paying a high price because she has no idea what goes on in her own home. Lives have been lost and one was very nearly Cynthia Ortiz. But for the grace of God and another investigation, she would be one more death and fatality of Defendant Perry. Sometimes these criminals literally get away with murder for decades, until they don’t. Dennis Radar was one until astute police put a stop to it. The difference between the two is that Dennis Radar outsmarted police. Perry buys cover ups. Dennis Radar didn’t have to pay out a dime. Defendant Perry’s wife has shown complete disregard for the problems going on in her own home right up under her nose and there is simply no excuse for that.

This has never been about politics which is the reason there is no evidence supporting Defendant Perry’s delusion. When Cynthia is angry about something she rants and yet her rants are not about politics. No issue in ten years is even ever mentioned. It is all about her being stalked, threatened and harassed by Perry. When she is upset, her patterns show that too, same as his criminal patterns in that everyone knows when she is pissed, what she is pissed about, who she is pissed at and just exactly how pissed she is and yet for four years she said nothing at all about any political issue and there are no political rants directed at Defendant Charles Perry at all. She only told a few close friends and some witnessed his stalking. She only made the matter public long after she left the area when Perry became dangerous and the intent was to establish premeditation to cause harm and injury to her safety and well being. This is about saving lives and protecting victims of his crimes and giving people a future he might otherwise take. There are people but for her actions to fight him off would not have a future due to his criminal conduct. This has always been and is now about fighting crime. Anyone who reviews material facts and evidence can see that very clearly. This is battle to relieve suffering caused by crime. All he had to do is leave her alone. He picked on cop.

Again Defendant Charles Perry’s Texas Mafia premeditated victim tampering in getting her car mileage so they can carry out their threat to tow and sell her new car with intent to Impede civil proceedings. This guy was recorded stating his intent to Impede her from filing a Motion To Vacate in Lubbock Federal Court.


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Another Odd Judicial Decision for Prosecutorial Review

Several case that should have been applied to judicial decisions on her civil suits, but were not flagging judicial impropriety to prosecutors not limited to these, but included as follows:

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Barker v. Bledsoe, 85 F.R.D. 545

Barker v. Bledsoe

Baker v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., 727 S.W.2d 53 (Tex. App. 1987)

Baker v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc

Employers Mutual Casualty Company v Bartile Roofs

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Marler v. Kloehr, 274 P.3d 849 (Okla. Civ. App. 2012) – Requiring the filing of a police report when seeking an order of protection pursuant to 22 OS 60.2 (A) (1)

Marler v. Kloehr


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