Another Odd Judicial Decision for Prosecutorial Review

In the hearing of October 28, 2019, BiCentennial, Inc filed a Motion For Leave to File A Motion to Dismiss and a proposed Motion to dismiss. Cynthia filed an Objection to both which the Judge stated in the hearing the Objection to the Motion to Dismiss was improper as BiCentennial had not actually filed a Motion to Dismiss, just the Motion for Leave and a proposed Motion to Dismiss. She ordered BiCentennial to file their Motion to Dismiss within twenty days and Cynthia to file her response within fifteen days after that.

Oddly, what popped up instead on the docket was the granting of a Motion to Dismiss never actually filed and not on the Court Docket. But, please remember, Defendant’s claim they do everything very ethically, with integrity according to their church beliefs. And that is exactly why we all run whenever we hear someone state they are church people. Church people these days seems to just be one big flag for “I’m a fraud and I will rob you blind.” Defendants continue to obtain orders that do not comport with the law and higher court decisions and actually believe nobody will suspect a thing. Prosecutors investigating Charles Perry on another criminal matter disagree. BiCentennial filed no answer at all for well over a year, which is normally an immediate default judgment, however miraculously this judge denied the Default judgement. They filed an eleventh hour motion for leave for more time to file a Motion to Dismiss late Friday, before the Monday hearing of October 28, 2019. Oddly, Cynthia just got the notice of the hearing in the mail yesterday. Thankfully, she learned of the hearing another way. She’s had many oddities with her mail particularly on either Court decisions she needs to respond to within a certain period of time or financial matters. Perry did testify in Court not to have any relevant contacts within the state of Oklahoma that would cause her injury. Prosecutors on the other case are reviewing the number of times he’s gone to court and knowingly perpetrated a fraud upon that Court and committed known perjury.
Everything he says and does can and will be used against him in a Court of law, but not the court he thinks. He insists on getting his way through corruption. Six years ago, had he just acted like a respectable individual, left Cynthia alone as she asked, his criminal conduct would not now be chapter and versed all over the court dockets including judicial decisions that are raising a whole lot of eyebrows particularly with criminal investigations going on elsewhere.

Cynthia has made it clear she wants nothing at all to do with someone like Defendant Charles Perry. She just does not think corrupt sadistic sickos are her type of guy. Do remember, but for the past six years when he’s ruined her life, she worked all of her adult life with surgeons and Federally elected officials. When she met Defendant Perry, he was a boring accountant in a small town not in politics at all, had no meaningful connections in government, was not interesting in any way at all, and her background was by far more interesting than his will ever be. She moved from glamorous Las Vegas, NV and had ten years in Federal government reform and campaigns. Perry seems to have become obsessed with ruining her out of jealousy or some sort of mental problem nobody really understands. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him. That’s normally what people do when they don’t like someone. She has done everything she can to get away from him because she doesn’t like him. Any respectable individual would stop harassing, stop all contact, stop whatever weirdo things they do that everyone else finds embarrassing and don’t like, however Perry seems to be unable to control his weird. The efforts in Court she is making is to remedy financial losses caused by Perry’s intentional harm, which has most people really pissed off at him, and to get a Court Order prohibiting him from all contact with her, direct or indirect in all forms. Defendant Perry agreed to that when he had her illegally detained in Lubbock, however he’s not made any effort at all to respect her wishes, keep his promise and just leave her and everyone else the heck alone.

See Orders below and the Court docket link just beneath that. The case is filed in Tulsa County, case number CJ-2018-02775



Click here to see no Motion to Dismiss was ever even filed by BiCentennial, Inc. and yet the Judge granted a Motion that was never even filed. This, after she advised Cynthia her objection was improper, would not hear the matter of the Motion to Dismiss, just the Motion for Leave to file the Motion to Dismiss, gave BiCentennial 20 days to file a Motion to dismiss and Cynthia 15 days to respond. How do you grant a motion that is not on the docket and was never filed and contrary instructions given in Court. When orders are appealed, transcripts of the hearings go to the higher court. Just more evidence of Perry’s corruption. Not what you do when you are an innocent man. In fact he does everything one does when they are guilty and have something to hide. The public is not stupid, they don’t like their intelligence being insulted and they for sure don’t like corruption. Cynthia has had law enforcement investigating him on another matter warn her over and over and over when Perry has planned to commit another injury against her and they’ve said it gets easier by the day to get information because people are very angry at Perry and his bazaar sicko sadistic attack on Cynthia and her son. No normal person would be okay with this. He continues to seek information on who his rats are but is not paying attention to the fact that he keeps getting caught or thinking through what the result of that will be. Again, this behavior is something nobody really understands, but then understanding crazy is not something normal people can do.

Click Here to See Court Docket With No Motion To Dismiss Filed by BiCentennial and search Tulsa County Case No CJ-2018-02775

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