We Will Use Unlawful Rulings To Prevent Another OJ Simpson Scenario

“It is pretty standard procedure for a Court to order limited discovery when it comes to jurisdiction. They don’t just dismiss like we have seen on Cynthia’s civil cases against Defendant Charles Perry and his co-conspirators. They also, as standard procedure allow for an amended Petition when the defense of Failure To State A Claim is asserted although I am not seeing any validity in that claim. What I do see is the opportunity to use Defendants inappropriate and improper judicial contacts against Defendant Perry and his co-conspirators in any criminal case pursued. We will not be having another OJ Simpson on this one. When we see an out of control rabid dog that must be put down, we put him down and he doesn’t get back up. He will not be coming back once we pull the plug to hurt Cynthia or her family ever again. When we do the work, when we meticulously and strategically catch a serial killer he will not be getting away with a damn thing. Defendant Charles Perry has literally gotten away with murder all his life. Those days are now over. Life as he has always known it where he can buy his way out of trouble and buy judges and get away with it are over. For the first time in his life, his criminal conduct is chapter and versed on public record which has opened up avenues for justice not previously open. It’s open now. When you pick on cop family, and think you will get away with it, you think wrong. Cynthia is one of our own. Defendant Perry is a sick disturbed deeply depraved killer and we intend to see this through so Cynthia and her family can live in peace again. She’s played an integral part in bringing justice for herself and her family and all his other victims. We know his intent was to kill her. We know he hoped to explain her death as a drug overdose and to not only take her life but to smear her reputation to remove the cloud of suspicion on him for her stalking complaints. Most people will never stalk, never harass, never hack, never peep because it’s weirdo. They would be too embarrassed. Defendant Perry on the other hand acts as if he has no idea he too should be very embarrassed by his strange bazaar actions indicative of a very seriously disturbed man. He is clearly tormented and vexed by some mental illness that has gone untreated. He clearly is controlled by his mental illness. When anyone in law enforcement ignores the assessments and concerns of not one but two psychologists who have made it clear they believe Defendant Perry’s intent is to cause harm to another, and you blow off pertinent compelling evidence and fact, you may not deserve to be in law enforcement. The whole idea of law enforcement is that law enforcement is to protect and serve. That is the purpose.

What occurred this time is Cynthia did not die and God spared her life. He did that for a reason. Defendant Perry then, and his co-conspirators committed blatant obstruction of justice, perjury, false reporting to police, destruction of evidence, retaliation against a victim of crime, coercion and victim tampering. They did every thing an individual does when covering up a very serious crime. Their intent was for her to die so Perry’s sick problems could remain buried. God had a different plan. I believe He intends for there to be justice and Cynthia has played a very key role in bringing that about. People have suffered and suffered gut wrenching loss and the kind you never get over and that is not going to be tolerated any longer. Any siding and abetting will not be tolerated any longer. All judicial rulings that do not comport with the law, prior case rulings or standard practice can and will be used against Defendant Charles Perry and his co-conspirators to put a stop to his sadistic, sick disturbed attack on Cynthia and his other victims as well. It is simply out of Perry’s control as it been for now over six years while we’ve worked this case very strategically and methodically bringing out Defendant Perry’s hidden criminal conduct more than ever before in his life. Had he simply left Cynthia alone as he has been asked repeatedly to do, gotten a grip on reality and behaved as a law abiding citizen this would not be the case. He has accomplished, over that period of time, the building of a solid criminal case against him more than ever before in his life. To hide a secret sicko problem as he has for decades and bullied, harassed, threatened and bribed himself out of trouble, and yet not been able to properly asses the facts in this particular situation has given us all we need to put a stop to criminal conduct and do what has never been done in his life this far. For that, we believe justice will be exacted shortly and Defendant Perry’s reign of terror finally ended. He simply picked on the wrong victim this time. He picked on a woman who is not subserviant or weak and one who has law enforcement background in her family and one who is not going to tolerate status quo or half ass police work or criminal conduct. She was raised by lawmen who brought justice and relieved suffering caused by crime in their everyday lives and certainly expected anything less is not going to work out. It has not and it will not and it should not. We look forward to what comes next in the process of bringing justice. ” — Unnamed Prosecutor on the “Need To Know” Investigatory Panel

The past six years of the efforts of “Sasquatch” PD have proven results that no one else has. That should kinda be a little clue indicating you don’t fuck with Sasquatch PD. You can’t win that. As for Cynthia, she did say six years ago to Defendant Perry that she would sign an NDA under one condition: He NEVER contact her or anyone she knows in any form ever again. She did the same when she was in jail and asked to lie so Perry and Powell could “save face” leading to the Quid Pro Quo evidenced by Perry being ordered by Judge Darnell not to contact her contained in her bond conditions and the emails she sent to media regarding details of her false arrest and telling them he was threatening to arrange a second false arrest and to have her detained again against her will until she “comes to her senses” provided from media to Perry, Perry to Powell and Powell to her attorney with orders he shut her up or silence the victim of Perry’s crimes. Again she has to this day told Defendant Perry to get out of her phone, computers, get all illegal surveillance off of her, stop contacting anyone she knows and get the hell out of her life. Looking back how things have evolved you would think he would learn from his own history that when a lady asks to be left alone, leave her alone. This is kindergarten stuff, not rocket science. He can live with his choices.

Click Here To Hear Cynthia’s Psychologist Dr Jeannie Russell State Her Belief Charles Perry Intends Harm To Her

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