Police Investigating Charles Perry On Another Case Protecting Cynthia from Perry’s Intended Harm

Cynthia should not need police protection from Defendants and yet she does. They are a constant threat to her safety and well being. These men claim to be Christians so why would they try to kill her, take her car, arrange a false arrest, obstruct justice, destroy her evidence, take her money, commit fraud after fraud upon a Court of law and upon the public, smear her, harass her, invade her privacy, ruin her career, rob her future, cost her so much money going way back her minor child from the age of ten to the present had to do without things he needed because Defendant’s heinous attack, lost his home more than once, tamper with and coerce the victim of their crime constantly, and retaliate against her for reporting their crimes. The public does not like corruption and it’s even worse when it’s coming from men who claim to be men of honor and integrity because they claim to be Christians.

So, with that said, this bears a repeat from the men who have stepped in over and over and over to protect Cynthia from Defendants intended harm. She should not need police protection and yet she does. However bad Perry has made her life it would be by far worse had the Almighty and these police investigating Perry on another case not intervened to keep her safe from him.

The law enforcement agency investigating Perry on another matter who has stepped in time and time again to keep Perry from being able to hurt her or cause her even more loss, over many years now have kept their investigation on a “need to know” status. They don’t want Perry obstructing justice, attempting to bully any of them or coerce in any way, due to his history. And they’ve started “We are all about annihilating crime. We don’t like guys that go around making problems hurting women and kids for a power thrill or for any reason. We have one goal in mind and that is stopping crime. That’s what we do. This relationship we have with Cynthia is the one thing Perry has not been able to intrude on, butt in on, manipulate, or take from her and we’ve kept things very quiet so that he can’t. She needs something he can’t butt in on or hack up for her and we have made sure we are that for her. We are also the one thing that turned his con upside down. For the first time in his life, this little twirp with little man syndrome who can’t just go live his life, and mind his own business, and leave everyone else alone and stop being a drama queen is caught. He’s not the choir boy he pretends to be. He’s a very vicious depraved criminal who has acted like an out of control rabid dog who can’t have even five minutes where he behaves like a normal individual. There is not one day he is not hurting people and we know that and that is not okay in our book. These twirp types with little man syndrome who think they can hang up on a woman and her child so they feel some sick sense of power have not outsmarted us, they’ve not stopped our work, they’ve not done anything but help us build a case against them. So, while he bullies her, we use that against him and we are happy to do so and he were smart he wouldn’t piss off the one thing that turned his secret life of sicko crime upside down for the first time in his life. He pisses her off, he pisses us all off. And we are then happy to use that against him to build a criminal case. ”

As for Cynthia’s minor child, his choices were attend his mom’s funeral before he even graduated high school or loose his house and have to explain to friends that his family has a sick stalker after them and that’s why his mom’s mugshot is smeared all over the news, not that she is a criminal? For a kid that is his trauma forced upon him by a married church deacon who can’t get a grip on reality and just leave everyone else alone and control his weird. Perry and his Co Defendants have created more animosity against themselves than will ever understand. The public does not like corruption or their intelligence being insulted with bullshit.

What kind of mental depravity must a guy have to intentionally harm someone else, not once, not twice bust constantly and catastrophically or chase a woman who does not want him? It’s not normal. It’s not even close. Dr Russell compared Defendant Charles Perry to her mentally disabled patients. It’s not normal to go at someone all the time who keeps rejecting you hoping to bully them into some sick abusive relationship they don’t ever wish to be in. Perry has imposed and burdened Cynthia and her family with his problems and drama for almost a decade. He cannot control his weird. Any gentleman respects a lady enough to leave her alone the FIRST time she asks to be left alone. Perry appears to be suffering with some serious depravity, erotomania, delusion and sadism. His actions have led more than one psychiatrist or psychologist to come to that conclusion.

click here to hear Dr Russell discuss Cynthia’s false arrest being a stalking escalation intended to hurt her

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