Everyone Knows Defendants Have Sought Illegal Means To Impede Civil Proceedings

Everyone knows Defendants have sought ways to get Cynthia’s bank account information and her car. This has been threatened and threatened and threatened for months. The intent is to “shut that bitch down with these lawsuits”. There is no legitimate reason. For the first time in Defendant Charles Perry’s life his criminal conduct is a matter of public record and clearly he does not like that. All he had to do is leave Cynthia alone. Any normal sane prudent reasonable ratio Al person can do this easily without help. So what is their problem that they cannot seem to behave with respect, honor, dignity or just be normal?

In ABA podcast regarding silencing of victims of assault and harassment, lawyers discuss the fact that ongoing assault and workplace harassment or anywhere for that matter especially when there is retaliation against the victim for speaking out against it the way Cynthia has and fighting against it, it not only makes the victim very very uncomfortable but everyone around not only the victim but the perpetrator. It bothers people to see one person attack and bully another. It bring about problems with any normal sane individuals conscience. People don’t like it so why do they get such a thrill attacking Cynthia and attacking and attacking? Cannot bring yourself to do any such thing if you are a normal sane individual. For Perry, psychiatrists have stated they believe he suffers from sexual sadism. He gets off on it to feel powerful almost like he has “little man syndrome” and cannot feel power without maliciously hurting people. True power is in being someone who builds and leaves a legacy your family is proud of not destruction and ruin with a promise of “I will be nice when you change your sworn testimony and lie for me to cover up my sickness and my moral failures.” That is blatant victim/witness tampering. It makes everyone around both the perpetrator and the victim uncomfortable thus Perry has leaks and deep throat as everyone wants this very deeply weird sadistic offensive behavior stopped. Everyone, especially Cynthia wants it STOPPED. It is a burden and imposition to people who want nothing at all to do with the Defendants. They have no relevance or place or legitimate reason for what they are doing or for being in Oklahoma any where near Cynthia or her family or anyone she knows. Defendant Roberson is domiciled in Oklahoma but he too has not one legitimate reason to be anywhere near Cynthia or anyone she knows. People want this stalking, harassment, the victim/witness tampering, coercion and making problem after problem after problem for Cynthia in Oklahoma stopped! It makes everyone around both the perpetrator and the victim very very uncomfortable as you might imagine. Nothing has gotten better over the past three years continuing in this nutbag conduct and in fact it’s much worse so why would anyone in their right mind continue conduct that led to those results? They wouldn’t. If they do they are not in their right mind.

If they do they are not in their right mind. Common sense would tell you that just as a drink driver cannot drive drunk more hoping that will prove to the world he is not a drunk driver, victim tampering, coercion, bullying, stalking and harassment more likewise just proves that is what you are doing, not the other way around.

If Defendants take Cynthia’s car, get into to her bank accounts or do even one more thing that causes injury to her or anyone she knows, we did tell the world that was threatened over and over again for months.

Peeping also is a form of assault and a serious invasion of another person’s privacy. In 2015 a reporter told Cynthia “Charles Perry says you are crazy. He said you told people he put cameras on your air vents. ” To which she replied “That’s funny. I said I suspected he had cameras in my home being he repeated things he could only know if he did. I had no idea where they were. Good to know they were in my air vents. If I knew where they were or even for sure that he did I would have removed them and had them available to show you.” Again subsequently and more recently when officers told Cynthia that Defendant Perry had her social security card taken and to drop everything she was doing to report it stolen immediately, he could only have know where it was from peeping. Clearly that is a seriously sick thing to do and very very much against her wishes and yet another egregious violation of her rights. Some of this stuff will make ya puke it’s so bazaar and intrusive and deeply offensive. Why on Earth anyone would do that is difficult for any normal person to understand.

Click link to see info on peeping. It’s just one more available technology men use to stalk their victims.

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