People May Not Have Had a Future Had Cynthia Not Fought Back

For the first time in Defendant Charles Perry’s life his criminal conduct is detailed with supporting evidence on now three court dockets for anyone in law enforcement from anyone to see now and forever.


Everything believed him to be a straight arrow choir boy and yet he has a stalker problem, ruined Cynthia’s political consulting career, interfered in her relationships so badly he ruined many of those too, at least temporarily, he has her severe financial loss, tried to kill her more than once, and to retaliate against her reporting his crime to Tulsa Police, carried out a threat he’d been making for months to arrange a false arrest. She acted in compliance with Oklahoma law in filing a police report after she was experiencing illness consistent with poisoning, she texted his hitman Dave Roberson, also a Defendant in the law suit, asking if it was arsenic to which he replied “yes”, and Defendants Perry, Powell, and Burson, then filed illegal criminal charges in Lubbock for “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job” impeded Tulsa Police from investigating her report and by physical force, prevented her from giving the texts to TPD, getting their forensic pathologist to take blood and test her for poisoning, causing its destruction, and destroyed video evidence as well. Also, in a period of ten years, there are no political rants directed at Defendant Charles Perry anywhere because there is no political vendetta and there is not an issue mentioned by her anywhere. In ten years there would be. Instead from 2011 to the present in her private and public emails and texts, she continues to complain about his extremely bazaar and socially offensive behavior that constitutes stalking and harassment. Had he not poisoned her, he would have demanded she be tested, not done everything a guy can do to make sure she wasn’t. He did all of that, with this situation having been very public in that she was seeking protective orders to prohibit him from all contact. IN fact, when he carried out that threat of false arrest, he asked her to lie about it. She refused. She did agree just not to say anything IF he never contacted her again, leading to the provision in her bond conditions that he never contact her again. Her bond conditions, only applied to her. His name had no place in that document but for there being a Quid Pro Quo. He has never in two years of litigation, denied having consented to the provision being in her bond conditions that he not contact her ever again. That is what she wanted and all she wanted. She’s demanded he cease and desist all contact for over six years. He simply has something wrong with him that he is unable to control himself to act like a normal man and move on like everyone else does when rejected. Defendant Perry has been investigated on another matter for over six years, those officers reached out to Cynthia in March, 2014 and have protected her time and time again from Perry’s intended harm as much as they can without compromising their investigation. But really, the responsibility of protecting a victim of crime in Oklahoma is the responsibility of Oklahoma law enforcement. These officers do, however, have a psychiatrist who has reviewed all of Cynthia’s files and of course what the officers uncovered, and believes Perry to be deeply disturbed, deranged, socially inept, suffering from sexual sadism, psychosis, antisocial, sociopathic and one who needs to be admitted to a mental hospital. She said, “You’d think Perry being a public figure would be very concerned by my assessment and would seek to prove me wrong by changing his behavior. Instead, he goes at Cynthia even harder which indicates to me, he cannot control his mental illness. He is simply unable. It controls his every move, his every thought, none of which are rational, and he cannot stop himself from deeply disturbing and offensive behavior. ”

With so much media on Cynthia’s protective order, which means he’s suspect number one if anything should happen to her, for him to continue to attempt to take her life or cause her additional loss, indicates he has done this many times before and gotten away with it to have that much boldness. Before he was a public figure, how many times did he ruin a life or take a life and nobody suspected him? He had her poisoned at her work so if she had died, it could have been explained away as simply a work place hazard or he could have paid off a coroner to say she over dosed on drugs and got his defamatory headline and nobody ever would have known he intentionally took her life. Instead, his hitman messed up in admitting in texts to giving her arsenic, he obstructed justice and destroyed her evidence and did everything on earth a guy can do to cover up attempted murder and all that is detailed out on now three court dockets. Never before in Defendant Perry’s life has his criminal conduct been so exposed despite him spending more money than ever before in his life to cover it up. For decades, Defendant Perry has pretended to be a goodie goodie while being very sneaky and ruining lives or even taking lives so he has intentionally and maliciously ruing, robbing, and destroying other people’s futures. He does not get to do that and not have very very serious consequences.

Someone on the inside of the situation said: “He keeps saying ‘I just pray she quits. (suing and appeals) I just pray she quits.’ I’m like that is never going to happen. He spent his whole life fucking with people while pretending to be this nice church boy and everybody believed him and nobody suspected he was capable of what he is capable of and she has done a fantastic job bring the truth out and she knows it and she’s not gonna stop until he’s in prison and can’t do this shit to people anymore nor should she. What she’s doing is going to have a very profound affect on people’s lives and their future. I can tell you right now there are people that if she were not doing what she’s doing wouldn’t have a future because he’s ruin it. So her work is effective, he is a dangerous criminal and there are people that will live and have a future that would not otherwise because of her. And I think she knows that. I think she knows that and I think knowing that keeps her going. She is not gonna quit until he is in prison. He should be. He should have been a long time ago. ”

Defendant Charles Perry can never again re-offend and not be suspected. That part of his life as he has known it is over. Cynthia stood up to the bully and now never again will he be able to ruin a future or take a life and nobody suspect him. He conned people and she blew up that con. Former Texas Tech Football player, Baron Batch, wrote a fantastic article on how our lives can have a profound affect on the lives of others, for good or for bad, that’s our choice in how we conduct ourselves and the choices we make. Click below to read the article.

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What would the past ten years of Cynthia’s life and her son’s looked like had Defendant Perry not forced himself on her day after day, sadistically and criminally attacked her every single day for a decade thinking he could coerce and bully her into some sick weird relationship she never wants to be in? What if he had been successful in murdering her? What would that have done to her son’s future? There are things Charles Perry has done to a lot of people for decades that has caused profound loss and harm and not just small things but things one never gets over. Had someone stepped up and had some balls, it may have saved Cynthia and her son, her son having endured the heinous attacks of a deeply depraved sadistic man since he was only ten years old, all the loss they have suffered and given them a better life and future. We bring good or we bring bad to others and God promises us ONE thing: We all reap what we sow. We leave our kids a legacy of shame or one they are proud of. In fact, it could have been Defendants Burson and Powell who stepped up to protect the life and future of a woman and child and profoundly affect the lives and futures of untold numbers of others. Instead they lacked the moral turpidtude and the balls to be effective and leave a legacy their children could forever be proud of.

Characterisitics of serial killers is that they have a grandiose idea of themselves and feel entitled to just take what does not belong to them. That is all of course some sick delusion. They don’t get to take a damn thing and when they are finally apprehended, they do have consequences. Dennis Radar would have but he worked out a plea agreement and will spend the rest of his life in prison. He will never harm anyone ever again. No one is entitled to take anything at all. Defendant Perry is not special somehow that he can simply kill, steal and destroy and leave a legacy of misery and not face consequences. He is not entitled to a lie or a cover up nor will he get one. His problems are more exposed now than ever before in his life. Cynthia’s fight back for her freedom, her privacy and her future may indeed have a profound affect on the lives of others. They may indeed have a future that they would not otherwise have because she fought back and there may be many a child who won’t have to grow up in the hideous world of being a stalking victim as her son did suffering loss after loss after loss after loss all his life because Perry gets off on causing loss and suffering for other people and targeted his mother. Had Perry’s intent to murder her been successful, that kid would have had to bury his mother before he even graduated high school. Because they fought back, Cynthia and her son may give someone else life and an abundant life without having to barely scrape by, wake up each day wondering what loss Perry will cause next, brace themselves for it, and surviving the vicious attack of a sadistic man who has no control over his drama and problems. Their fight may keep other people from having to live like that and suffer the profound losses of their home, jobs, income, key important relationships, and their lives and futures. We all leave a legacy of good or bad. We all get to choose what that will be for us. We all can have a profound affect on the futures of other people. Sometimes when the fight is on, and it feels like we are buried, that indeed is what is at stake and it is then all that much more important that we pull it together, gather up every ounce of courage we can, and go at it like our life and other people’s lives and future depend on it because the truth is, it does.

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The officers on the other crime investigation’s psychiatrist has said repeatedly, “Perry does not see people as people. They are objects he uses to gain sexual pleasure by causing harm so he feels control and power over them. If he cared about Cynthia, he’d respect her wishes and never contact her again. He would not spend every minute of his day invading her privacy, taking her money, ruining her important relationships, butting in where he is not wanted, smearing her reputation, and taking everything she has trying to force himself on her. She said “NO”, six years ago and that should have only required one time, not six years later and he still cannot stop. Cynthia and her son lost a ton of money from being stalked by Perry over the years. Perry told people that if she would lie for him and be in some sick relationships with him she never wants to be in, he’d give it back then and only then. That is bribery and coercion and a very serious crime. Imagine her fight back against a bully, saves other kids from having to do without things they need because of Defendant Perry’s sadistic attack on would be next victims. He can never again cause this kind of harm and catastrophic loss without being suspected. His con of being some straight arrow church boy is busted up. The facts of his criminal conduct outlined and detailed an three court dockets, a matter of public record, for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever and Cynthia may have indeed had a profound affect on other people’s futures because she was bold enough to fight back. She has no attorney. Perry pretty much made sure she would never find one to assist her. She did have one that disagreed with her strategy on going into Federal Court initially versus state Court, however Perry made sure she would never have an attorney. So she, did a lot of research and went at it herself against five men, with a whole lot more money and resources than she and now prosecutors are reviewing her cases. Never again will Charles Perry rob a life or a future and not be suspected and not have consequences. And she may have given people back their lives and futures that Perry intended to rob and ruin because she was scared out of her mind, but fought back anyways. Perry is not entitled to take, to rob, to ruin, or to a cover up or a lie. Nobody owes him a thing.

See photos below showing admissions of poisoning and Cynthia’s communications to people about Charles Perry’s threats to kill her and arrange a false arrest. These were sent from Oct 2015 to Jan 2016. Her police report, required by law to get a protective order was filed on Jan 21, 2016. She was arrested on Jan 29, 2016. Tulsa Police did not call her until Feb 15, 2016. Her Bond Conditions show proof Perry agreed to cease all contact in exchange for her silence. He broke that promise immediately upon her return home. She emailed KFYO and her close friend John Steinmetz. They forwarded the emails to Perry who forward them to Powell who took them to her attorneys with instructions they shut her up. See phots of these documents filed with court below


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