Defendant Charles Perry’s Strange Premeditated Plan To Coerce A Victim of His Crimes

Officers investigating Defendant Charles Perry obtained information on his intent and activity to engage in and to commit witness tampering and coercion. This establishes intent and premeditation. Cynthia Ortiz has made her wishes clear that she wants NO contact with Charles Perry in any form now or ever and has gone to great lengths to get away from him. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind at all what her wishes are and she has changed careers, moved twice and sought ten times a judges order to keep him away from her. The one judge that Granted her request is the judge that signed off on her Bond Conditions after a Quid Pro Quo was negotiated. She agreed not to go to media with details of her false arrest if Charles Perry never contacted her again. Bullying Cynthia is not going to change her mind or her testimony for sure but part of that is she said she wants no contact. Each and every contact against her will Defendant Perry makes simply makes that more the case. His failure and inability to respect her rights, wishes and the law disgust her.

Below are comments made after Defendant Perry expressed his intentions:

“He was so mean to her she left town, then left the state, has done nothing for ten years but ruin her life, then wants to take everything she has, take her car away, her stuff away, make her go broke, force her against her will to come back here, make her lie for him then he will be nice to her. I don’t think anyone on the planet believes that he would. He hasn’t kept one single promise yet and he’s had ten years to be nice to her. Could have done it when she lived here and all he did was ruin her. He ruined everything she’d built up in her life before she got here. I think we can all agree we can see why she doesn’t like him. How he even came up with that weirdo plan I’ll never know. That is not how you treat someone you care about. I can see why a psychologist would say he doesn’t have relationships with people. People are just objects. He enjoys making trouble because he’s getting off on causing other people suffering. I can see why one would say that. I am not seeing any sign of that being incorrect. This plan Charles Perry has has a lot of people wondering about his sanity. Ten years he has had to be nice and he hasn’t. Cyndi has not done one thing or said even one thing that indicates she has any interest in him at all. He’s forcing her and it is most definitely against her wishes. To change careers and move twice and try seven eight times to get a restraining order, I am not seeing her reciprocating at all. So what wrong with him that he would even come up with something like that? That’s bad wrong. It’s as messed up as it can get. That is not how I got a date with my wife at all. I don’t think any woman would willing go on a date with someone with a twisted up mind like that. When she was here, she wanted one thing and that was for him never to contact her again and he has not even tried to keep that promise. He has a wife he promised to be committed to that he’s going out on mentally screwing Cyndi so he can’t seem to keep promises. There is no reason to believe if he forced her back her against her will after taking her car and everything she has and ten years of doing nothing but ruining her that all the sudden he would be nice and talk about a case of witness tampering and coercion, boy that would be a big one. So he’s messed up in his mind to even think something like up. That explains a lot about why Cyndi reacts to him the way she does. He’s scary with this stuff. “What I want to know is what is threatening her family with to get them to help him hurt her? That’s witness tampering too. What has he done to them to get them to stoop so low as to hurt their relative for Charles Perry because I don’t believe for a minute they would do that without a whole lot of pressure. I can’t see that being the case without a great deal of pressure. And he has somewhat of a gang stalking thing on Cyndi so what has he done? Hooked up with some sort of sexual sadist group that gets off on being asshole? Where did he drudge up this kind of folk that would agree to do something like that to her? I wanna know how and who he is using to go after her like that. I think it’s bad wrong and I’d like to know where you find people that hurt another human being for Charles like these people have. I wanna know where on Earth do you find some folks that mean. “These people in some sort of kinky sadist sex group or where do you find other people as mentally insane as you are to put someone through everything he has put Cyndi through all this time? That’s some six stuff. I’d like to know. That’s all I’m saying. Where do you find people as weird as you that would agree to that?”

When a lady asks a man to leave her alone, a respectable, honorable gentleman leaves her alone the first time she asks.


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