Defendants Conversations Recorded and Perry Proves To Be Delusional

Most if not all of Defendants conversations pertaining to premeditating and attempting to execute a crime against Cynthia Ortiz in Oklahoma, that being Defendants in her law suits, Charles Perry et Al, of Lubbock, Texas, are recorded by law enforcement investigating him on another matter.

One such conversation involving Defendant Perry’s attempts to claim he is a victim of harassment was recorded in which he was told “You have presented not one shred of evidence that you are the victim of any political vendetta in fact you cannot even provide an issue that she was ever upset about or even mentioned in a period of time of nearly a decade. From 2011 to now she has written documentation that she told people you drove up behind her house, threatened her business and things you did which are not related to your job in any way at all and not only that, you did things her friends saw you do that were weird that she did not even see also not related to your job in any way at all. They do depict criminal conduct. In 2011 she could not have foreseen your accusations now. There is not one email, text or social media rant about you and your job or any issue mentioned in all that time that she was angry with you about. Disagreeing with you is not the same as being angry and you have not even any mention of anything she disagreed with you on at all much less one that goes back to 2011. I have seen some very inflammatory political rants and nothing on these blogs or Facebook even come to close to being political rants or as bad as what I have seen other people do and they have not been threatened with jail to shut them up. Looks to me like you keep trying to do things to her, you get caught and they tell on you and you don’t like it. That is not a crime. I have seen no threats to hurt you in any way at all. I have seen posts about things you threaten her with and she documents it publicly or whoever does it for her documents what you are doing to her or trying to publicly and that is not a crime. If you don’t want it out, don’t do it. You are not a victim of anything at all. Looks to me like you guys have no problem dishing it out but you can’t take it when it comes back at you. You are the ones provoking this and keeping things stirred up, going at her all the time and you need to stop. When you stop there won’t be anything else to say. She came here to get away from you and I can sure see why she would want to do that. ”

There is just normal rational thinking that seems to have escaped people in Lubbock Texas that comes very easy to the rest of the planet. This is regarding criminal conduct of Defendants, not their political beliefs not has any political issue ever even been mentioned in ten years. The individual is correct. Defendant Perry is a delusional man who created some imaginary romance with Cynthia Ortiz who when they met, had been working in Federal Government reform, knew all kinds of people in power for fifteen years and moved from the much more fun, interesting glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada. Perry was nothing. He was not yet elected to anything, had no history in politics and had been living a boring life as an accountant in a small town. He saw pictures of Cynthia’s more interesting life on Facebook, develped some fantasy that has no basis in reality and refuses to get a grip on reality and leave her alone. He forces himself on her, butts into her privacy and will not comply with the law and respect her wishes. The officers criminal psychologist thinks he’s gone mad and has indicated her belief he suffers from deep delusions, erotomania, sadism, psychosis, is sociopathic and displays characteristics of a serial killer. She stated he has a grandiose view of himself and feels entitled to take things that are not his to take. This man is very very sick a d should be hospitalized. His family nor hers nor does Cynthia want Charles Perry in her life at all and Mr Perry ignores the rights and wishes of all those people to impose his own. His behaviour is criminal and it very offensive and he has no control to stop. He embarrassing people close to him more than he knows. His claims of being a victim are just flat nutty. It is time for people close to him to stop enbeling, aiding and abetting and get him the help he needs. This has gone on long enough. It’s pissing people off and causing a great deal of animosity towards Defendant Perry and anyone who continues to facilitate his criminal conduct and his socially offensive conduct.


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