Officers Tell Cynthia Of Defendant Perry’s Friends Fear He No Longer Knows What Is Real And What Is Not

Officers investigating Defendant Charles Perry provide more Intel they obtained regarding fears of those close to him that he can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction. He does continually wish to harm Cynthia and tries to force and coerce her into something she wants nothing to do with. Apparently some close to him are very concerned about her safety. What he has talked about doing to her is not normal, it’s very psychotic and sadistic and speaks to his delusions. She says he creeps her out and is not interested in any relationship or even any contact at all with Defendant Charles Perry. Growing animosity against all Defendants and concern for the lives of other people have led to a growing number of leaks and informants giving Cynthia information that protects her from Perry’s intended harm. All his intended harm is out of court harassment and illegal and some intended to impede civil court proceedings and maybe even criminal investigations. He has already obstructed justice once. What’s one more? If he breaks the law constantly in making unwanted contact with Cynthia, outside of court, through proxy, through hacking or peeping, what’s one more crime? If he will go into a court of law and under oath boldface lie, he will lie anywhere to anyone. So why do that if you are not a corrupt individual with no crime to cover up?

Below is a recorded conversation obtained by law enforcement

Another one “I talked to Charles and he thinks still they can just false arrest her again, sit her in a jail cell, tell her family they can’t get her out of talk to her or give her money until she lies for them and tells them who these guys are. I keep telling them she’s a witness in another investigation and they most certainly can do no such thing. It’s coercion. They think they can get Dr Russell to change her diagnosis still not getting that when Cynthia makes it public they keep threatening her with another false arrest, to get in her bank accounts and take her car or even kill her when they do it it makes it impossible to make the case that she’s got anything wrong with her but him. He will not stop going at her. He just never stops. Then he said he thinks she still cares and is just too afraid to say. She’s afraid of him because all he’s done is hurt her. She is not afraid of anything but that. She has made it clear she does not care anything about him. She wants him gone. She has said that so where he gets that idea I will never know. Then he said ‘Cyndi knows be best and she understands me.’ I said “She knows what you’ve done that nobody else knows about just yet because she is a witness in another criminal investigation of you but that is not ‘understanding you’ Charles. She most certainly does not understand anything you do. I don’t think anyone does. That’s whats got everyone so frustrated with you. Nothing you have done for the past ten years even makes sense so I wouldn’t say that at all. Do you even know what reality is anymore?’ I don’t think he does. I think he even knows what’s real and the crap he convinces himself of. It’s scaring me. I think he’s full of crap and he has past that point where he has no idea anymore what’s real and what he imagined or misread.”

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