Defendant Perry’s Criminal Conduct A Matter of Public Record For The First Time In His Life Despite More Money Paid For A Cover Up Than Ever Before In His Life

Defendant Perry cannot chase Cynthia into another state where he has no relevance at all to her or anyone there, sit around all day thinking up ways to hurt people and badly, in a way they will never get over, then cry foul and play the victim when everyone metaphorically kicks him in the ass so hard he LEAVES. He’s been asked to LEAVE. He is the villain, not the victim. He continues to have his guys ask Cynthia to stop pursuing freedom of him in Court and remedy for past injuries. Frankly that is appalling he has the nerve to do any such thing. He has been asked and asked and asked and asked for almost a decade to LEAVE HER ALONE. ONE time should have been enough and would have been enough for any normal person and gentleman.

Six years ago no one knew Defendant Perry had a creeper problem. Cynthia offered to sign an NDA IF Defendant Perry left her alone but he refused. As things evolved his creeper problem became more known because he became dangerous to her. Three years ago after trying to carry out a threat to kill her and carrying out a threat to arrange a false malicious arrest, something she told everyone in writing he specifically threatened her with months before he carried it out which means he did it on purpose, the two had an agreement she would not give details of her false arrest to media, again so that nobody knew he had a creeper problem, IF he LEFT HER ALONE. That agreement was evidenced by that specific provision in her Bond Conditions and by emails she sent, that were forwarded to Defendant Perry, then Defendant Powell then given to her attorney when Defendant Perry continues to just go at her and go at her and go at her. None of this behavior is normal in fact is flat out psychotic. She wants NO contact and some of the emails were sent to her friends and not intended to be forwarded anywhere. These people were not close to Defendant Perry and he should not have even known there was an email. But over time things have evolved in such a way that now for the very first time in Defendant Perry’s life, his criminal conduct is detailed with supporting evidence as a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever and has been reviewed by law enforcement and prosecutors investigating him on another matter. All he had to do is just be normal. He cannot even just be normal. He has become an GREATLY unwanted burden and hardship on other people and as for Cynthia being he made specific threats to hurt her them carried them out that made subsequent threats terrifying. She has a so that at the time was living in her custody and under her care. He was a child. Imagine being a child and having to grow up dealing with a criminal ripping up your life who then has the nerve to play a victim? Defendants ripped that kids life to shreds then have the nerve to play the victim? And the nerve to even ask her to stop the law suits that will remedy past injuries and put a stop to the constant criminal attack on her safety and we’ll being? This is all pissing off a whole lot of people. Perry has more leaks than ever leading to his current situation that has evolved as it has over the past six years because he cannot just be normal, respect her wishes and LEAVE HER ALONE. It is his metaphorical kick in the rear to get him out of her life because for over half a decade she has asked him to get out of her life. If he were normal and a gentleman, he would respect her wishes and her rights and GO AWAY. He is not loved or wanted so why force himself on a woman, for six years mind you, who does not even like him? He just creeps her out. Why do that and for so long? And then act like a victim when he gets his rear kicked to get him to stop? Who even does that kind of crap?

It’s like Defendant Perry broke into Cynthia’s home, is sitting on top of her raping her and beating her, then when she and her friends and family start kicking him off of her, he starts crying “don’t hit me.” “Don’t hit you? Get up, get off, and LEAVE, but as long as you are an intruder in my home, you are gonna get the ever living fuck kicked out of ya until you LEAVE. Don’t be a girl about it. LEAVE!!!” Would be the appropriate response to that kind of crazy. Normal people, kind normal, sane people, are not comfortable being asked to hurt Cynthia for defendants or creep on her and in fact EVERYONE wants him stopped and thus he has more leaks than ever and his creepy sadistic problem is more exposed and a matter of public record than ever before in his life. One would think he could learn from his own history and yet, Defendant Perry continues to make unwanted contact with Cynthia, continues to just go at her and go at her and go at her then has the crazy to ask her to stop suing and make the officer protecting her stop? Really?? What planet does one have to live on think that mindset is normal, and to be that arrogant, that stupid, and have a sense of entitlement when all they have to do is LEAVE? Defendant Perry has no power or control to just be normal. He has no power or control to just be a gentleman, respect the rights and wishes of Cynthia, a woman who is disgusted and creeped out by him and to get out of her home and her life as she has asked repeatedly for years and go get a life and do something else with his time. He is not wanted by her. He is not loved by her. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and to avoid a conflict. Now that he could not control his weird and burdened her with it, she is suing. When you sit around all day thinking up ways to hurt other people and hurt them so badly the will never recover, especially a child, you are not worth a shit as human being and you will get your rear end kicked like hell until you leave. Don’t be a girl about it. LEAVE.


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