Monthly Meeting of Defendants Discussing Ways To Arrange Second False Arrest of Cynthia

And this happens about once a month and since Cynthia got home from the first false arrest. Defendants are recorded discussing a second. Defendant Perry has been recorded inquiring more than once as to how to kill Cynthia or arrange another false arrest without it being linked to him.

The officers who have protected Cynthia ordered all threats be made public stating “It makes it that much harder for him to carry out his threats because it shows his intentions are to harm you if he does it. It also makes it very difficult for him to argue that it is not him on the recording. We can establish intent and premeditation basically to commit another fraud upon a court and other criminal statute violations as well.

Rather than acting like a normal man and moving on when rejected, Defendant Perry has engorged himself in every weirdo way of forcing himself on a woman who is not his wife and does not even like him. He appears to be very very stuck in a delusional world that simply has no basis in reality and very hateful and selfish in his inability to respect other people’s wishes and rights. We are pretty sure his family does not want Defendant Perry in Cynthia’s life any more than she does so why is it other people are so disrespected so Defendant Perry can get a thrill imposing and burdening others by force.

The officers know he hacked her phone, her computer’s and is a peeping tom in fact they told her of their evidence of that in March 2014. They told Cynthia they knew Defendant Perry to be involved in some pretty sick stuff.

For the first time in his life, Defendant Perry’s criminal conduct is a matter of public record including any and all activity that would indicate improper judicial contact. Prosecutors have reviewed her civil cases and indicated there are problems with decisions. It’s being dealt with.

Below is Cynthia’s text to her attorney also screenshotted here:

They were just recorded again talking about there cannot be a criminal appeal, her family has been told they cannot help her unless she does what we tell her to and she won’t sign and one guy said “The whole idea was to make her look crazy but when you guys do everything she says these cops are telling her you are going to it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to say she is crazy or done anything wrong at all. You are just trying to intimidate and coerce her and you have been threatening her with this for three years. They have three years of recorded conversations of you guys talking about doing this to her again. You want to force her to lie and she won’t. You want her to look crazy but if you carry out another threat then she can say she told everyone you made the threat, you premeditated the second false arrest same as the first with intent to coerce a change in her testimony and Charles wants to force her to be in some Bazaar relationship she never wants to be in so she can say ‘Well but I told you so’ so what is it you think you are gonna accomplish with this bullshit?” And…he is correct…they have three years of recordings of them talking about this over and over again. I don’t like Charles Perry. His contact creeps me out and is unwanted. It’s not rocket science. Not sure why he has such a hard time understanding what that means and moving on like everyone else can do fairly easily. He embarrasses me with this.”

Success is in being able to grasp reality, accept rejection like a man and move on to find someone who reciprocates. For six years Defendant Perry has refused to cease all contact with Cynthia, refused to act like a normal man, refused to get a life and be more productive, has reduced himself to becoming a hacker, peeping tom reject, and imposed and burdened others with his drama and his emotional and mental problems. Cynthia changed careers, moved twice and has sought judicial orders that would restrain Defendant Perry from all contact. She is not in love with him in fact he really just creeps her out. Six years is plenty of time for Defendant Perry to get over it like a man and move on. Only someone very socially and mentally inept could not do that by now. Success is not in forcing yourself on someone who rejects you. Success is in moving on to find someone who doesn’t. Defendant Perry’s refusal to leave Cynthia alone indicates a man stuck and engorged deeply in delusion, in some imaginary world that is not real and a man who has no power or control over his weird. It’s sickening a whole lot of people. Normal people do not like this weirdo type stuff being imposed on them and Defendants have no relevance to anyone in Oklahoma and do not appreciate being burdened with Defendants problems and drama. It’s inappropriate for them to even have the hall to ask much less impose and demand other people put up with their personal drama and problems. Cynthia is for sure sick and tired of it and the officers told her it gets easier by the day to get information to use against Defendants because there is no more patience for the illegal unwanted conduct.

Defendant Perry has imposed his wishes, obsession, delusion, sadism, drama and problems on Cynthia, her family, her friends, her co workers and even his own for a decade. He has been very mean in doing so and it has caused a great deal of animosity against him. He seem to have not one ounce of empathy for people that he harms and is only upset about being caught, not remorseful for putting other people through hell and doing other people dirty. He feels entitled to things that do not belong to him and even that others lie and cover up for him. He is entitled to nothing. Grandiose thinking cause that and is indicative and characteristic of a serial killer. Cynthia blew up his con and he has tried to ruin and discredit her ever since. It is the third such con case she blew up. That is why he is upset, not that he intentional hurts people.



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