Their Blood Is On Your Hands

Cynthia changed careers, moved twice, has fought Defendant Perry off her in Court to get away from him, to end all ties, to make him leave her alone and this person cannot control his depravity or his delusions. It’s embarrassing frankly. She does not love him, want him or have any feelings for him but deep deep disgust. He just creeps her out. So what causes one person to impose and burden others with their weird for six years? That is one useless individual who spends all day thinking up every weirdo thing no normal person could even think of to do to another human being in attempt to force themselves where they are not wanted. That individual has no power or control over their perversion. It controls them.

Stalkers often try to control their victims with fear. This is very sick and sadistic. It’s not a normal healthy living mutual relationship. It’s sick. It’s depraved and demented. And more than fear, Cynthia said the harder thing to live with is being creeped out. He’s creepy. She said “Defendant Perry does not impress me at all. He does not have any kind of grip on reality. He is not out spending his day doing great things that would make anyone proud. He sits around all day just peeper raping, doing weird creepy stuff to me, thinking up every Bazaar thing one can think up to do to me, I guess for two reasons, one is he gets off on weirdo stuff and two he thinks he can make me look crazy if I talk about all the weird crap he does to me. That’s like saying a home invader is not the home invader. The victim telling people his house was broken into is the home invader. It doesn’t even make sense. He’s a rejected failure too stupid to move on and that is not a man. That is all teenage drama queen right there and frankly very hateful thing to do to his own family. I’m not impressed by him. I ashamed I ever met him. ”

In May 2015 Cynthia tried to get a protective order to keep Defendant Perry away from her. Again after changing careers and moving twice he still didn’t get it. She does not love him or want him. He just creeps her out. That protective order was denied in part due to her failure to bring the police report to court. Just months later Defendant Roberson approached her at work, told her Defendant Charles Perry was angry that she ruined his facade and he was going to “put her in the lake” if she didn’t Recant her claims that Perry is a stalker. They then threatened death and false arrest constantly. She would become I’ll after drinking drinks at work that were momentarily unattended while she performed work duties. She asked Defendant Roberson if it was arsenic to which he replied “yes”. His people would tell Cynthia the arsenic will build up in your system over time and your body builds up an immunity to it. She talked to a medical person who told her “If they told you that, they were intending to kill you. They were trying to coax you into taking it voluntarily. What happens with arsenic is it builds up in your liver, your liver shuts down and it will kill you dead. They wanted you dead. You exposed this demented piece of shit for who he really is and he wanted you dead.” She was not supposed to live to talk about it. She went to police do they had to stop. But just one week later, Defendant Perry carried out his threat of false arrest, impeded her from giving TPD her evidence and getting tested for poison. He dragged her back to Lubbock against her will, made her sit illegally detained for two months, while the poison worked it’s way out of her system. These men just went to Court and under oath testified her claims of being poisoned were false. They needed a blood test to show that and yet, they impeded TPD from getting one? They never had her tested while she sat illegally detained???

Trying to kill Cynthia just a few months after she attempted to get a protective order when Defendant Perry is in the public eye was a bold brazen thing to do which indicates this was not his first time. He has done this before and gotten away with it. She was not supposed to live to talk about it. Stalking often precedes murder especially premeditated first degree murder. Cynthia made it harder for a depraved sick man to kill on impulse to satisfy his addiction. He can never again do that. He has tried everything within his power to put that spilled milk back in the bottle, shut her up, intimidate her, coerce her, so he can go right back to satisfying his sexual sadistic cravings that he gets from stalking, peeper raping, creeping everyone out and ultimately killing people. The Bell is rung and it can’t be unrung.
He has no power or control. He is a useless person suffering from deep depravity, sadism, sexual dysfunction, he’s demented, and that is his God. That is what has all the power and control. He has none at all. He is a slave to his sick demented depraved impulses and Cynthia blew that up for the first time in his life. Life as he knew it is over. Anyone dies around him that really shouldn’t, he will always be a suspect from here on out. He could have explained her death as a workplace hazard had she not reported his crime to police and had Defendant Roberson not admitted in texts to poisoning and he she not told people in writing she was threatened specifically with death or false arrest. At the end of the day only God controls these things. Only God is in control and just maybe He heard the cries of those Defendant Charles Perry has caused to suffer and suffer and suffer imposing his sexual dysfunctions off on everyone else.

At the end of the day, there is blood on the hands of those who have harassed, stalked, intimidated, tampered with witnesses and victims, coerced, covered up, lied, and caused intentional harm to another with Defendant Charles Perry. You are knowingly getting people killed and you need to know that, you had better get a grip on reality and understand the criminal conduct you are facilitating because the day will come when grieving families will look you in the eye and ask “Why did you help a serial killer take my lived one? Why did you do that to my family and how do you live with what you have done?” And we would ask the same. What kind of monster, what kind of demented depravity runs your life that you would help this sadistic sick murder and murder and murder and ruin and cover it up? Cynthia has had the balls for over half a decade to fight this sick son of a b#_$$ off. What the hell is the matter with you that you don’t? He is already under investigation from somewhere else and those officers have tipped her off many a time when he was going to do something hideous and heinous to her. Batman cops do exist. At this point there is no excuse for failure to put a stop to this guy’s crap and knowingly endanger the lives of people. You help him, you own the death, the loss, the suffering he causes and the day will come when you will have to explain why on Earth you did that to innocent people. What if someone did that to you? Why on Earth would you do that? Grow a spine and grow a pair and put a stop to it because you are getting people killed. You are helping a serial killer get away with murder and maybe the officers on the other thing are giving time so as not to cause embarrassment to other law enforcement. The milk is spilled already. It’s done. Bell is rung.

Defendant Perry was nothing when Cynthia met him. He was not elected to a darn thing and had no history in anything other than living a very very boring life in a small town as a boring accountant. He saw her much more glamorous life in photos on Facebook where she had pictures of her life in much more exciting Las Vegas Nevada, with Federally elected officials, and her granddad with his involvement in a government investigation into claims of a UFO. Cynthia had nor does she have now nor will she ever have any reason at all to think of Defendant Perry as anything but a wanna be peon who has no life, is not intelligent or impressive and the more Bazaar he became over time, the more creeped out by him she has become. Even if she thought at one time he was a really nice guy and helped him get elected, she certainly changed her opinion the more weird she saw and for all he knows, she was and is bait for investigators. He clearly is suffering from deep delusion in thinking there is a secret relationship when evidence says he is a rejected FAIL. This would be indicative of someone with a very very bad problem with erotomania. Perry keeps trying to contact Cynthia and she HATES it. It’s creepy and it’s weird and just more rants of a crazy. If not forim being stupid and delusional, why on Earth does he think she cares hw he feels or what he wants or thinks? She does not. She’s made that clear so what is his problem? It’s just a burden, imposition and more rants of crazy. It’s just more creepy loonatic. She wants NO contact so what is his problem that by now he cannot leave everyone else alone? He is not wanted by her or in Oklahoma.

Click here to see info on Erotomania



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