Ortiz’s Work Covered By International Media While Perry’s Claim To Fame Is His Creeper Problem

Email from Cynthia Ortiz

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These are links to articles regarding international media coverage of my work, in that I did the media relations for Randy on this SBOE Resolution. We got international media coverage. Charles Perry had not been even in politics at all when we met, and had just gotten elected when we started on this campaign. Again, I’d been in it for ten years on Federal government reform for my patients who were on Medicare getting substandard care. This issues was not about discrimination ever. Any representation of such is very incorrect. It was about equality for both religions in the teachings at schools. I for one, wanted my children to learn about all views and not be put in a brainwashed box. I taught them all their lives to think for themselves, obtain all information about everything, and make their own choices, whether they agree with mine or not. I taught my boys to be their own individuals and they cannot make informed decisions without getting all the information. If they decided to be Christians, I wanted them to know why they made that decision, and not just become robots. Were this issue in anyway at all some bazaar attempt to brainwash children in school, I never would have worked on this campaign. I was paid for my work and the resolution did pass. Charles Perry, when we met, was a boring accountant living in a small town all his life, who appeared to me to be very same ole same ole and had no history at all in politics. I, on the other hand, had, as I keep saying, just moved from Las Vegas, Nevada, a by far more glamorous and interesting city, and had been in politics all my adult life in one capacity or another, had met with very powerful people on a regular basis, that being DC politicians, as that was needed to assist my Medicare patients in getting more up to date coverage for new technologies available to treat their diseases. I also worked as campaign activities director, on a volunteer basis, for the Lubbock Republican Women’s Groups, organizing campaign efforts for various candidates in all kinds of different races in the Lubbock area, and was active in the Henderson Republican Women’s Group as well. I donated all but $50 of my money to Republicans which can be confirmed by checking the FEC website. $50 did go to Tessa Hafen, Senator Reid’s former Press Secretary who ran against Congressman Jon Porter of Henderson, as Mr Porter pissed me off and I chose to then support his opponent.

The truth is, Charles Perry to me, is a rinky dink nobody compared to people I’d worked with and around for a decade before even meeting him, and he still is a nobody rinky dink nothing impressive. He clearly saw my life being much more interesting and glamorous and exciting than his, fixated on me as is seen with people who suffer from erotomania, and has been unable to stop himself, get a grip on reality, handle rejection like a man, and move on. His imaginary political vendetta has been unsubstantiated as all my correspondence since the fall of 2011 is about his stalking, none of which is what you do to pass a law in Texas. Creeping behind my home, hacking me, finding out where I am going and who I’m going with, having staffers show up, his daughter, or even him, has nothing at all to do with what you do to pass a law in Texas. For four years that is all I talked about, no political issues were even mentioned, and only with a few close friends. There are still no political issues mentioned anywhere and when I’m pissed off, everyone knows I am pissed off and why specifically I am pissed off.
In addition, no change can be made if there is never a mention of specifically what the problem is and what needs to be changed and how to change it, so for Charles Perry to assert there was ever a political vendetta which led to the reporting of the crime of stalking and attempted murder he committed against me in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was retaliation for some political vendetta, when no political issue is ever even mentioned by me, no rants exist, I told nobody for four years of his stalker problem, I then ended a career I loved and was trying to build, moved twice to get away from him, not something that would further my career or any political issue I wanted changed, speaks to how delusional and weird Mr Perry is. It also speaks to his willingness to perjure himself in Court. It further speaks to the failure of judges to require he provide proof of the claims he asserts in Court, none of which have done any such thing, especially in ex parte hearings.

That said, we trust Defendant Perry will get some psychiatric help in understanding the difference between fact and fiction and behavioral training to assist him with his social ineptness, so he cease and desists the moral and legally offensive conduct directed at me in the forum state of Oklahoma. All his attention makes ALL my skin crawl, ALL the time. I’ve gone to great lengths to get away from him and to avoid all conflict. I think I’ve made my wishes beyond clear and that is that he never again contact me or anyone I know. It is the law that he stop. If he cannot do that all by himself like a big boy, he needs psychiatric help to do so.

Currently, while I have had international media coverage of my work, Perry’s claim to fame nationally, is that he has a creepy problem, cannot control it, and a corruption problem. Had he spent his time and money being productive in his life, working hard for his family and constituents, he would not then have conduct he wants covered up. This is common sense and people do it with ease every day. Not sure why he cannot. I think everyone in Oklahoma really wishes he would and are all pretty sick and tired of him imposing and burdening us here with his drama and problems. We all want the man stopped and out of our lives. Again, it is the law that he cease and desist.

Cynthia Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

Subsequent to the above email being sent, Cynthia obtained additional information regarding false claims that she did not contact international media, but rather someone named Connie Curry did. Below is the email addressing these false claims. Ms Curry may have acted to provide public support, as did others, most likely but she was in no way associated or paid by the campaign. Cynthia personally spoke to media on the phone from US and International Media.

Email Sent at

8:02 PM (10 minutes ago)

“I understand a woman named Connie Curry may have asserted she contacted media regarding the issue referred to in this email.  To the best of my knowledge Connie Curry was not in any way involved in this campaign, knew nothing about it, was not asked to assist in any way, certainly not by official campaign people, she was not paid, and if she did contact media, she may have simply added public support and nothing more.

We had some problems with this individual in the past making phone calls on various campaigns in which was not authorized or asked to. When she became offensive, she was contacted, not once but twice and told not to operate on behalf of a campaign without authorization, not to represent herself as being a paid campaign worker or consultant and to stop making calls on behalf of the campaign, so if she did involve herself in any way is was outside the authorization of the official campaign on this issue.
If I recall correctly, even Defendant Perry asked Me Curry more than once to cease Making calls on behalf another issue as she was offending those support was needed from and I believe he asked her to back off not once but again several times. If Defendant Perry denies, again he has not told the truth about much of anything so either he misrepresented facts to me back then when he indicated he had called Ms Curry more than once to ask her to stop calling on behalf of official campaign activity or he is misrepresenting facts to everyone else.

Ms Curry was never asked for assistance on anything at all regarding this issue, nor was she paid, as I was, or operating in any official capacity. She had problems with inserting herself even when specifically asked more than once not to. I trust that addresses any false information.

Cynthia Ortiz

Below are photos of Cynthia with elected officials she met throughout her fifteen year career in government reform and political consulting. These photos were published on her Facebook page, when Defendant Perry met her. He no history or life in government reform or politics when the two met.

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