Perry’s Clear Grandiose Thinking and Abuse Of Power

Email sent out addressing Perry’s claims of power, power he clearly abuses, and complaints law enforcement doing their job to enforce the law underminds authority. Authority to do what? Aid and abett??? Pretty much not the right perspective on that one. See email posted here and quoted below :

“The attached is a text to Dave Roberson, owner of Dynamic Shot who came to my work in 2015 and told me if I refused to recant my claims that Charles Perry was stalking me he would put me in the lake. Subsequent texts include his admission to sexual battery and giving me arsenic all part of the public record. Also his texts are all posted on

The officers investigating Defendant Perry on another matter never tell me who it is I am listening to in the coversations they recorded, how they obtained them or any great amount of detail for my protection and whoever might be getting them that information but they have told me more than once of Perry, Powell and some other people upset their “authority” has been undermined. I have since 2015 had several coversations with local police who come to my work who said they wish they could enforce the law and put a stop to Defendant Perrys criminal activity in Oklahoma but could not because it is “above them”. I have addressed “above me” before. “Above me” is knowingly, willfully, maliciously and intentionally obstructing justice and aiding and abetting and could also knowingly, maliciously, willfully get me killed. I suggest whoever “above me” is, cease and desist.

Criminal activity is not required conduct to pass a law in Texas. Because Defendants Perry and Powell have actively continued to abuse their power, something that is in violation of the Texas Penal code, I am going to address fact regarding what that “power” is more realistically as there seem to be a serious misunderstanding about that very issue. Not to be crass but cops can be crass so I am quoting them and another individual who said “I am getting tired of having to wipe Charles Perrys ass every time he shits himself like he is some infant.” To which the officers investigating him responded by telling me “That is exactly the reason we kept our’s on a “need to know status”. You have to be smart enough not to kiss the wrong ass because if you do and that guy shits himself like Charles Perry does every day you end up with that all over your face. Realistically Perry bullys and lures people to cover up his criminal activity touting he is some powerful guy but he really is just a pipsqueak nothing. People have not been putting that together in their heads very well at all. First of all he represents one of the smallest districts in one state. Second a popular incumbent does not draw much in the way of opposition and last election even AFTER his smear campaign and false arrest of you, intended to help him cover up his stalking problem and gain support, he still had six opponents. Thats not what happens when people have faith in their public servants and trust them. You were active in the republican womens group over there, active in school issues, for three years before anyone even knew Perry so there are a lot of people who knew you did nothing wrong and Perry lied. They know you better than he and Powell think. They knew they lied and Perry has said so many bazaar things about you over there he made that pretty easy to figure out.”

The point of that is, for peoole to aid and abett in criminal activity and abuse power for anyone is for sure not worth the risk of prisin, but moreso for a man who realistically does not have the power he pretends to and abuses the very little he has. A man representing one of the smallest districts in one state who after running a smear campaign to cover up a creeper problem still drew a lot of opponents does not have much in the way of power realistically to justify anyone really ass kissing or as we call it, aiding and abetting in criminal activity. Defendant Perrys bloviating does however meet the profile of characteristics of a serial killer’s grandiose thinking. His claims of being some big powerful guy do fit characteristics of a serial killers sense of entitlement and grandiose thinking and really that is all that does. In my conversation with Pinto in March, 2018 who came to my work to offer me $5000 to have sex with Perry, he and I also argued about realistically Defendant Perry not having any power as he says he does. He cannot get to these officers who have been investigating him on another matter who continue to undermind not imaginary authority but aiding and abetting crimunal activity and knowingly, maliciously, and willfully doing so and abusing their power.

Even in this text, dated October 27, 2015 I argued with Defendant Roberson about Charles Perrys constant attempts to kill me or arrange a false arrest which he carried out. That bell is rung. It cannot be unrung with more of the same. He has been recorded more than once discussing ways he could kill me or arrange another false arrest in a way that would not be linked to him. This is just more of the same corruption, victim/witness tampering, retaliation, intimidation, coercion and harassment has done for over half a decade. He says he has no conttol to stop himself. He is being stopped. That is all there is to it and the evidence of that is in the fact that six years ago, nobody knew he had a creepy problem and hidden criminal conduct and now, because he has no control to stop himself and there is an ongoing investigation, dates, times, material facts with supporting evidence is a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement from anyehere to see now and forever. Prosecutors likewise can as well. None of his criminal attack on my life, my safety, my well being, my finances or relationships or my property or my child’s, is what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. Undermining some arrogant persons “authority”, is not happening either as the only thing that individual is doing, as a matter of law, not an opinion, is aiding and abetting and now would be a great time to cut that out.

Here is the really interesting thing about Defendant Charles Perry’s grandiose thinking and sense of entitlement the criminal psychologist sas indicates characteristics of a serial killer is that he wants to be known as an individual who is a person of power, someone who gets off on control, and power, believes he is entitled to take that which does not belong to him, force himself on other people and highly intelligent. But again just contemplating the facts as they really are, Bundy, BTK, John Wayne Gacy, none of those notorious seial killers had to bribe cops and proscutors to get away with murder. All outsmarted law enforcement for decades before being apprehended and stopped. Defendant Perry is not at that level in fact he is far beneath that in that he has failed and failed miseraby in outsmarting anyone at all and has had to stoop to bribery, threats, and intimidation to maintain hs cover up which is no longer covered up despite $15 million and counting paid out to do just that. Not really what a person of high intellect has to resort to, now is it and it still is not working.

The officers investigating Defendant Perry have outsmarted him so much so they have been face to face with him questioning him at events more thn once and he had no idea. If they wanted his bribes or to be coerced, the could have and would have made their intentions known at that time. Clearly they did not thus a $15 million ucovered up cover up. None of the famus, notorious serial killers who evaded police for decades had to stoop to bribery and coercion as Perry has. They were by far smarter than he. So anyone that would be enamoure enough with his supposed power enough to aid and abet knowingly needs their head examined a much as Defendant Perry does. Reality, facts, do not point to Defendant Perry being worth lying for.

Cynthia Ortiz
(918) 401-0724″


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