Perry Recorded More Than Once Discussing Ways to Kill Ortiz or Arrange A Second False Arrest Without It Being Linked To Him

Charles Perry was recorded more than once, and that passed on to law enforcement investigating him on another matter, then Ortiz warned, seeking ways to kill Cynthia or arrange a second false arrest, without it being linked to him. He continues to threaten her daily, states he flat refuses to comply with the law and just take the rejection like a man and move on, like normal sane intelligent people do and leave her alone. Since 2011, she has described in writing incidents of stalking and harassment, Perry pulling up behind her home and just sitting and watching her while she was in her backyard, showing up where she is, or was supposed to be, but for whatever reason her plans were cancelled at the last minute, uninvited and not even told by her what her plans were. If he didn’t show up personally, he sent his staffers or even twice, his own daughter. None of this is what you need to do to pass a law in Texas. It does meet the legal definition of stalking and harassment and now crosses state lines making it a Federal crime.

For months Perry threatened harm to Ortiz’s car, and Friday night, while on the highway, a brick came flying out of a vehicle in front of her, and though she tried to dodge it, it did hit the undercarriage of her car cracking the transmission, which, could have been her face. That may have actually been the intent. Because she was busy dodging the brick, she didn’t get a plate to link it to Perry, so we cannot say definitively that he caused it, but it was reported to local police as a suspicious event, due to the constant onslaught of threats he made to harm her car or just flat take it. He was recorded telling someone “Its not legit, but I am going to have her car towed and sold before she figures that out.” She had a series of mechanical issues, that appear to be his first attempts to render her vehicle disabled, one being a hole in the radiator hose, that appeared to be made by a pocket knife. She was warned by police her tail light was out leading her to check it in the middle of the day, which she never does out of habit. It was out and she did change it before leaving to go to work. Because there were those specific threats being made over and over for months, leading her to even tip bouncers extra to keep an eye on her vehicle while at work, this is indeed a suspicious event. Perry has demanded she drop the law suits, end justice, as he puts it, and threatened her and threatened her and threatened her if she refuses. He’s states he absolutely refuses to comply with the law and leave her alone and cease and desist the out of court harassment. He never stops.

In the photos are texts from Dave Roberson threatening to kill her, her arguments with him not to or not to arrange a false arrest long before Perry carried out those threats, she addresses Perry’s people’s bad mouthing local police in effort to keep her from filing a police report as they continued to tell Ortiz local police were corrupt, and Roberson admits to giving her arsenic. No blood test was ever given to Ortiz, because Perry and Powell obstructed justice by then carrying out the threat to arrange a false arrest. Both knew Ortiz was required under Oklahoma law to file a police report when seeking a protective order because it was stated as a reason for the first one was denied. Order is posted here, showing reason number two as Ortiz’s failure to bring the police report to court. She gave the judge a case number and the officer’s name, but did not bring the report to Court. Her request was then denied and both had a copy of that Judge’s order. Perry then, just a few days later, had her charged in Lubbock, with “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job.” There are not angry rants, tweets, facebook posts, emails or texts giving any political reason at all Ortiz would have a political vendetta, no issues brought up, nothing in an almost ten year period of time. There are from the fall of 2011, her complaints of his stalking and harassment and threats to ruin her business. When she is pissed, everyone knows she is pissed, they know why and they know just how pissed off she is. That is her personality. Working in government reform for 15 years, you cannot affect changes without having that kind of personality where you are willing and ready to speak up and speak loud. If she was upset about a political issue, there would be something specific stated somewhere at least once, if not over and over and over. There is on any other issue she was upset about for sure. Perry just flat committed perjury to get that arrest warrant.

Perry intentionally, maliciously, and willingly obstructed Tulsa Police from investigating the crime reported against him, caused the destruction of blood and forensic evidence and acted to retaliate against her. This is clear and blatant witness/victim tampering, retaliation, obstruction, and destruction of evidence, all prohibited under the RICO Act. Had Perry not poisoned her, there is no possible way he would not have had her tested, and the negative test results taken to media to say, “See? She lied. There is no poison in her blood and she was just making crap up.” Instead he obstructed TPD from testing her, and made her sit in Lubbock jail for two months while it worked its way out of her system. TPD Detectives did not even call Ortiz back until February 15, 2016. She filed the police report on January 21, 2016, not the 12th as it appears the clerk transposed the numbers, however the actual report states the 21st. Just days later she was arrested and the charges dismissed. The law suits are ongoing which has resulted in the additional threats, harassment, destruction of her property, income interference and anything and everything you can imagine to try to get her to drop the suits. Perry even sent “Pinto” into her work to first offer her $5,000 for sex, then offer to beat him up in what appeared to be his attempt to get her to drop the suits, which is the legal way of dealing with Perry’s harassment, and handle it in a very illegal way. She refused on all.

Perry again perjured himself recently going to court, making sure Ortiz was not there to hear him lie or provide evidence and testimony to refute his claims, stating he had no relevant business contacts in Oklahoma. The evidence says something just a little different. He has done this three times now. The one hearing Ortiz was in, the Magistrate Judge DENIED his motion to dismiss. Subsequently, he goes into court, makes sure she is not even there to hear him lie, or show material facts and evidence to show he is lying, and continues to perjure himself over and over and over. Most people might lie any other place but while under oath in Court. For him to be so bold as to lie while under oath in court, means he will lie about anything anywhere. See for yourself. Photos are key documents below and of course, there is much more filed with the Courts and available for the public to view. The cases are as follows for anyone to review:

Oklahoma State Court, Tulsa County, CJ-2018-02775

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Federal Cases can be found by logging on to



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Also in photos are Dave Roberson’s texts admitting to giving Ortiz arsenic, a receipt of her purchase of Charcoal to try to keep herself alive and still be able to go to work, as charcoal absorbs toxins if you take it quickly enough and her symptoms were fairly quick after drinking the substance. Perry’s guys told Ortiz it was good to take arsenic in small doses that over time your body builds up an immunity to it in their attempts to coax her into drinking it voluntarily. A lab guy told Ortiz, “They were most definitely trying to kill you if they said that. Arsenic will build up in your liver over time and kill you dead. You never develop an immunity to it. Also in the photos are Perry’s guy Mickey James, who did not immediately identify himself as Perry’s guy but rather a retired DEA agent and current fire arms instructor to law enforcement, we think to gain her trust, telling her they were still debating whether or not it was worth the risk of suspicion on Perry if they kill her. Why would anyone at all be asking that question? The man made an odd comment verbally, face to face at her work, to which she questioned it the next day in texts. He also tells her he is sad to tell her that while everyone knows Charles Perry committed a crime against her in Oklahoma, there will be no charges against him, in Oklahoma. Sometimes justice comes from other places. He has been under investigation for some time from somewhere else and that investigation is on a “need to know” status, so he cannot impede, obstruct, bribe and threaten those officers as he has during other investigations. They would not even allow Ortiz to say there was such a thing until he was recorded so many times dicussing her murder, that they felt he needed to at least know he had law enforcement up his ass so he wouldn’t kill her. It was supposed to be a deterrent to save her life. He seems not to care. He never stops. He has tried to find these guys and if they don’t want to be found, they are not going to be found. Again, they know his intent is simply to obstruct justice, which they will not tolerate, no matter who else does or who the suspect is. Frankly, Ortiz and these officers do not see Perry as anyone with power or importance. He represents the smallest district in Texas and Ortiz worked with very powerful people on the Federal level which is a much larger scale than state government and she did so for ten years before even meeting Perry so these officers and her cannot fathom why anyone would find him to be a person of importance. He just isn’t but for in his own mind. Serial killers often are people of grandiose thinking who feel entitled to just take and they have a disturbed addiction to power and control over people, are sadistic, and murder is one way they feel that power and control. He simply displays characteristics of a serial killer. Politically however, Ortiz worked in Federal government reform with very very powerful individuals on a national scale and Perry is nothing but a state level person in one of the smallest districts in Texas. That said, the making this issue “political” is only Perry, not Ortiz, in asserting he is too big to be held accountable for his actions. He is committing repeated and ongoing crimes. Ortiz and these officers investigating Perry and who have acted to protect her repeatedly, do not see him as too big for anything at  all much less accountability for the crimes he committed and continues to commit against her, and others. That is nothing but a figment of his delusions and he has many delusions. It is pathetic anyone at all would reduce themselves to spend nearly a decade chasing after a woman who doesn’t want them and peeping and creeping all the live long day. What a useless individual!!

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Serial Killer’s Need For Power and Control

After Months Of Threats Against Ortiz’s Car Perry May Have Carried Out This Specific Threat

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