Serial Killer’s Need For Power and Control

For almost a decade, Charles Perry has stalked and harassed Cynthia Ortiz no matter where she lives. Four four years she told only a few close friends of incidents of stalking, harassment, threats, unwanted romantic advances Charles Perry directed at Cynthia while trying to reason with him to get him to stop. She was afraid someone else would see him and start rumors that would ruin both of their political careers and in fact her friend Cheryl Underwood did see him and provided a statement detailing what she saw, some of which Cynthia did not but Cheryl did in the form of an email which is now filed in three different Courts.

After two years Cynthia abruptly ended her political consulting and stopped even voting to try to avoid having to interact with Perry and in January, 2013 asked him to finish up her tax returns and leave her alone. She texted him.asking if the IRS would accept deductions, which they did end up accepting the deductions, and Charles Perry, a seasoned accountant who should have answered her “yes or no” question with a “yes or no”. Instead he rambles about something that had nothing to do with her question, made no sense at all, something no accountant ever has probably ever said to a client and he slips in threats “You lose. You are stuck. You have no control. ” Odd for a “yes or no” question of which the answer was actually “yes”. But it falls right in line with a stalker/serial killers need for control and power over a victim. She was ending all forms of their relationship, ended even her 15 year career that she was trying to build to avoid him. He responded with “You lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” Over that, not the deduction question. Again even if she made a mistake and the deductions would not be accepted, how many accountants do you know that would text their client “you lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” In response to a “yes or no” question, even if the answer was “no”? Probably none ever, would be our guess. Its bazaar at best, threatening at worst and more in line with what a psychotic would say who has a deep sadistic sick need for control over a victim, particularly one trying to get away.

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Below are Defendant Perry’s very strange bazaar texts just after she told him to finish her taxes and never contact her again. Unfortunately, subsequently, an issue with child abuse at faith based rehab facilities became a matter of concern in New Mexico, and she did, for free, contact legislators in New Mexico to address the matter legislatively. A few victims of the child abuse left the facility in New Mexico where they were abused and went back home, which happened to be in Texas. Those individuals asked Ortiz to contact her state representatives to see if the same reports were being made regarding facilities in Texas. She contacted her state assemblyman, John Frullo who never responded and out of courtesy, because she promised the victims she would, Defendant Perry, who also never responded. No other legislators in Texas were contacted and because there was no response from either, she told the former NM victim, it seemed there were no reports of similar instances in Texas and that her focus would be on where there were not just one, but two, that being one involving her parents, and Tierra Blanca Ranch which was cover on the national news. The laws in New Mexico were such that any pedophile could start a “faith based” camp, take no public funding but only private funding, and the state would have no legal authority to check on students to ensure their safety and parents were being told they needed to give them time to work with their kids and communications would be limited making reporting the abuse very difficult. Only out of courtesy was Defendant Perry contacted at all, and only out of wanting to assist the victim of abuse, did she make any contact at all. Looking back, she feels now she didn’t take his threats seriously enough and probably would not have contacted him had she known then what she knows now.

Ortiz and Perry argued constantly about his intrusion and invasion into her privacy hacking her computer and he frequently jammed it up as he does even now to make it more difficult for her to receive court notices and respond to court notices. On one text, she texts him, “Please stop!”. After years of texting, he suddenly pretends he has no idea who she even is. At the time, she was still attempting to address matters discreetly and responds with a text about her computer, knowing he would know what she was talking about but no one else would. She’s making it clear to him, she wants for him to stop messing with her computer, but if his wife saw the text, she would not and at the time, Ortiz simply wanted Defendant Perry to stop the stalking, but not alarm his wife and family. She did not go public with the matter until she’d left town and had to so that she could stay safe and not end up dead and if she did end up dead, she wanted everyone to know who it was who harmed her. There are also texts between her and another friend in which a similar incident occurred and a text was sent to her by mistake. This text would be normal, not all the sudden pretending not to know who the other individual is, when the whole town knew they knew each other very well.

Perry did threaten to kill Ortiz, and arrange a false arrest. He then attempted to kill her, and carried out the threat to arrange the false arrest, when she reported the crime, but before she could provide evidence to Tulsa Police where the crime occurred. She lost evidence as a direct result and the matter is being addressed in now three civil court cases. Perry continues to make unwanted contact with Cynthia, despite six years of her asking him to stop, she changed careers, and moved twice to try to get away from him and he still says he will not stop. Defendant Perry gets very angry that Ortiz has called him a “stalker”, however when you spend six years telling someone you have no romantic attraction to them, and ask them to cease all contact in all forms, move twice, change careers and they still cannot take the hint, that is what stalking is. Perry recently, for months, threatened to injure or even take Ortiz’s vehicle and appears to have carried out that threat too, on Friday when a brick came out of a truck and struck her vehicle and we don’t know the intent wasn’t to hit her in the head or the face and injure her and not just her car. He attempted to kill her previously by hiring a few individuals to spike her drinks at work with arsenic, one admitted to it in texts and told her in texts to “Let your life fade away.” which appears to have been his attempt to say, “Just let us kill you.” These individuals told Ortiz when she became very ill, not consistent with illness, “Arsenic will help your body build up an immunity over time if given in small doses.” A lab guy later told her, “If they said that to you, their intent was not just to scare you, not just to make you sick, and not just to push you to file a police report so he could falsely arrest you alleging you filed a false police report, (Perry had Ortiz arrested for filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job, however OK law requires the filing of a police report when seeking protective orders and he knew this. Her first attempt was denied because she failed to bring the police report to court. Tulsa Police tweeted her after she’d made inquiry telling her to come in and file a police report and Perry’s false arrest impeded their investigation and resulted in the destruction of their investigation. They were not able to take her blood to see what was in it that was making her sick, whether that be as Defendant Roberson said, “arsenic” or something else completely. ) but they intended for you to die. They were trying to make you think it was okay to drink the arsenic by telling you your body builds up an immunity to it and that is not the case. It builds up in your liver and it will kill you dead.” So, at this point, we all wonder what if the arsenic had killed her and what if the brick had hit her in the head and not just her vehicle? What happens next time he tries to cause bodily injury that results in death? He failed twice maybe, but what happens the next time he tries? He has been recorded twice discussing ways to kill her or arrange a false arrest without it being linked to him and Mickey James said in his texts they were still considering whether or not it was worth the risk of suspicion on Perry to kill her. Two men, texted her death threats on behalf of Charles Perry, so there should be no reason for anyone to wonder why she believes him to be a serial killer. Aside from anything else she may be privy to and not able to discuss, just this alone in his boldness in attempting to kill her with so much on the docket shows a crazy boldness in that it appears he had done this so many times and gotten away with it, he has no fear of consequences or law enforcement so he has done this before over and over and over and nobody did a damn thing to stop him, until now. That is bold and very much a callous disregard for human life, safety, the well being of another,  and the law.


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Click link below to view texts and emails submitted to Federal Court case currently under appeal with the Tenth Circuit, filed in Tulsa, US Court, Northern District of Oklahoma, 4:19-cv-00159-CVE-FHM.


Click Here to See Mr James Texts and other audio evidence submitted in now three courts and three lawsuits against Charles Perry by Cynthia Ortiz

In review of the Tenth Circuit’s Decision on EMC v Bartile Roofs, Ortiz’s first suit never should have been transferred and there is no logical or legally sound basis for any judge to deny jurisdiction in Oklahoma. Since September 9, 2014 to the present she has lived in Oklahoma and because Defendant Perry is a stalker and follows her everywhere she goes directing his criminal attack on her where ever that is, currently, that being Oklahoma, no Oklahoma judge, Federal or State, in their right mind should be denying jurisdiction. When the injury is intentional and first threatened indicates it was done on purpose and intended, and its done to someone in Oklahoma, that would give Oklahoma courts jurisdiction. They think nobody is looking. They would be incorrect.

Click Here to see Tenth Circuit’s Decision on Employer Casualty Mutual v Bartile Roofs

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