After Months Of Threats Against Ortiz’s Car Perry May Have Carried Out This Specific Threat

As if the twenty posts over the past few months publicly about Charles Perry threatening harm to Ortiz’s vehicle, he cant stop himself. The timing of Fridays auto accident where a brick came off a truck, fell or was thrown is unclear, right in front of Cynthia on the highway is suspicious. He was at it again today telling his guy he does not want her car fixed or for her to have a rental. What if that brick had come through the windshield and hit her in the head or face? What if the arsenic had killed her? There are too many incidents that Perry intentionally caused harm to Ortiz in such a way that she could have lost her life. He poses a very very real threat and danger to her and having a guy in Oklahoma hurt her intentionally, for pay, constitutes a relevant business transaction in Oklahoma, something he just testified in Court while under oath he was not doing.

Text to her attorney:

“Charles recorded again “Make sure she cant get a rental or her car back.” “Charles, she has to have that to go to work, to eat, to get groceries. Why are you doing all this to her. It sounds like you just want her wasting away in some cave. Thats why she doesnt like you. Do you not see that? Are you not seeing imposing on her like that is what has everyone so upset? Are you not able to see thats why you are where you are? “She can get ink for her printer and file that appeal and we cannot allow her to appeal. We have to shut down the lawsuits.” “You dont realize everyone already knows thats what you want to do and its not legal? Are you not able to see that? Charles these guys are investigating you and telling her everything and I think you have pissed them off and going after her more is not gonna help you on that end. Are you not getting that? Can you not by now see how that has not helped you to go at Cyndi all the time?” ”

All he does all day is peep, creep and cause problems for other people and pose a very real threat to Ortiz’s life, safety, well being and income. He is imposing and being a hardship and a burden for other people. No claim to fame for accomplishing success, just creeping, peeping and corrupt cover ups that are not covered up.


Its a pretty pathetic existence of a life when all you do all day is make problems for others, cause hardship and drama for other people, butt in where you are not wanted, and sit around peeping all day making a woman’s skin crawl who rejects you. Is prison worth spending over half a decade being a rejected failure peeping tom when you could just move on to find someone who reciprocates like all normal people do? I guess someone can ask him about that when that day comes. Was it worth it?

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Previous posts regarding Perry’s threats to cause injury to Ortiz’s vehicle, appear to have been carried out Friday night. These specific threats have been made by Perry for months and months:

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