Perry Taunts Ortiz By Threatening To Drag Her Back To Texas Against Her Will

Perry AGAIN making the same exact specific threats, comments, and harassing intimidating statements he made to Ortiz just before he carried out threats to arrange a false arrest for which he is now being sued. Again he is told her “back to Texas. Bringing you back home”. These are the same threats he made she discusses with her ex husband in her October, 2015 email in photos posted here. Her home is not Texas and for sure not Oklahoma. Powell was recorded asking people in Oklahoma to find out how she gets information on whatever danger they pose and he has been told and told and told to stop. He is obstructing justice and tampering with witnesses. When the officers investigating Charles Perry are ready to be in touch with Perry and Powell they will be in touch with Perry and Powell. If they can get people talking to provide them with actionable intel, they are capable of getting in touch with Perry and Powell and Perry and Powell taking the sneak approach to try to find out who it is, is not something they need to be doing. What they need to be doing is leaving other people alone so they don’t continue to create more criminal liability for themselves. Dragging Cyndi back to Texas against her will again, or threatening her with it, is just more victim intimidation and harassment, coercion and tampering and they continue to engage in this illegal conduct giving no thought at all as to the consequences and frankly its offensive they would impose their problems and drama on people in another state who have lives and to whom Perry and Powell are simply not relevant.

Ortiz has asked people to watch Perry when he is on his phone and computers as she asked Mrs Perry to travel with Charles Perry, to keep an eye on him so he will have no time or opportunity to hack her or peep on her. If people are around him more, and he is not allowed to be alone so much, and his phone and computer use is more closely monitored by everyone in his life, there is less opportunity for him to intrude in Ortiz electronics. Technology has aided stalkers in their stalking activity now more than ever and someone with the financial means Perry has has made privacy a target for invasion.

The link below contains training videos for law enforcement on the use of technology today used by stalkers to creep on their victims. It will make your skin crawl.

Click Here to See Training Videos for Law Enforcement Available On Victims Of Crime’s Website

Neither Perry or Powell or any representative thereof, or any Defendant in her law suits are to make any contact at all with her, any member of her family, any of her friends, co workers, Fabian, or anyone she knows. There are legitimate ways to address matters for court, they have not used any of those methods but continue to engage vigorously in victim/witness intimidation, coercion, harassment and have been caught by these police investigating Perry more times than we can count. Common sense would tell any reasonable prudent person to stop however these guys cannot seem to stop creating more evidence in support of one big criminal liability. I mean they truly cannot just stop so they will be stopped but they are not gonna continue to go around intimidating and harassing people so they get a cover up or so Perry can engorge in delusions.

Perry’s criminal activity is more exposed now than ever before in his life despite $15 million spent on a cover up. His life long hidden criminal activity is a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever and that would include judicial decisions that do not comport with the law or like cases, which are reviewed by prosecutors. Police approached Ortiz in 2014, told her Perry had been under investigation for some time, all Perry had to do is act in compliance with the law, leave Ortiz alone and cease all contact. He simply has been unable to control himself thus the $15 million uncovered up cover up. Having people as Ortiz questions about the ongoing investigation is tampering with a victim/witness and it is obstruction of justice. The officers are capable of contacting Perry and Powell directly when they are ready. Perry thus far has told Ortiz he refuses to stop even though his actions are illegal and he knows it and he knows he is under investigation. What he is trying to prove in taking that stance is anyone’s guess. It has not worked out for him over the past six years in taking that stance so why he thinks it will moving forward speaks to his delusion. Six years ago no one knew he had a creepy problem. All he had to do is leave Ortiz alone. Now six years later he has public record detailing criminal activity for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever despite more money spent than ever before on his fail of a cover up. He constantly threatens Ortiz every day. He never stops. Were it not for law enforcement chances are high she would not be alive. He would have done so much worse than he has had he not been caught by these guys who have investigated him, kept that investigation on a need to know basis and intervened for Ortiz over and over so they will not tolerate, nor will Cynthia Ortiz tolerate obstruction certainly that might endanger her safety and well being. Why would anyone at all ever endanger the safety and well being of anyone at all?

We understand Perry and Powell were both told “When you guys sit around all day trying to figure out how to cross state lines and go up to Oklahoma to hurt Cynthia and cause some injury, how she finds out is not something you can inquire about how she knows. That is not information you are privileged to. Leave her alone and that wont happen anymore. If you intend her harm and she finds out, she has the right to protect herself and law enforcement for sure has an obligation to. You don’t have any rights at all to obstruct that protection and you had better leave that girl alone. Go on about your business and leave Cyndi and her family alone then you wont have to worry about how you got caught.” Common sense. Most people have just normal common sense. And yet these two, not so much.


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Ortiz has now three witnesses who report harassing behavior by Perry himself, his staff, or individuals he has hired. Click here to see preview of video on The Use of Technology to Stalk. He could not know she was at Carino’s, The Roof, where she lives or where she works but for hacking.


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Perry also paid a bill for Ortiz, only from seeing her emails from hacking her and in fact paid the wrong bill. He paid the correct amount meant for her son’s Court appointed therapist, that had to be paid for her to be able to join her son during his session, and the only invoice that mattered to her, however Perry paid the correct amount due to the therapist to another individual. The emails and invoices are also filed with the Court. Ortiz requested a copy of the check repeatedly verbally and in writing and the individual refused to provide a copy of the check Perry sent. She never told him of either invoice, never asked for help and was very aggravated he hacker her emails and that he paid the person he paid. He butt in where he was not wanted, something stalkers cannot stop themselves from doing. Likewise, her private facebook messages to her friend in New York, telling her she’d met someone at work, Fabian, that she was interested in, prompting phones calls, alluded to by former Lubbock General Manager of Jaguar’s, Jimmy Edwards, from Perry intending to interfere in that relationship. Edwards states in his email that he’d received some contact from someone in Ortiz’s life who made disparaging comments. This was the first of many attempts to create a hostile environment for Cynthia to work in hoping to get her fired or harass her out of a job. It is typical stalker conduct, as is stated in the video produced by the National Center for Victims of Crime Stalking Resource Center. All evidence referenced herein has been filed with all three Courts, even that which occurred in Texas to show a long history and pattern of offensive conduct, wherever Ortiz goes. Shes broken it down to what occurred in Texas through current past five years of what conduct of harassment occurred in Oklahoma. Ortiz has lived in Oklahoma from September 11, 2014 to the present. Stalkers go wherever the victim goes. Everything Perry has done to stalk and harass Ortiz from September 11, 2014 to now has occurred in Oklahoma. She has been in Oklahoma for five years now, or half a decade. That is long enough for Perry to be able to tell she has no interest in him, wants no contact from him, and his conduct is illegal, morally offensive, and flat insane. He needs to be in a mental hospital. Tragically, he seems to have no control over his delusions. They clearly control him.

Twice Ortiz went to a bar on the roof of the parking structure across from the Texas Tech Jones Stadium in Lubbock, on a Friday night with friends, and texted friends about going again the following Saturday night but cancelled at the last minute and twice opened up Facebook to find his daughter Jordan’s photos were all over posting by the same establishment, The Roof indicating she was there. As Ortiz has always done, as things happen, as incidents occur, Ortiz documents in some email or text, long before she could have foreseen current events, not as some afterthought to cover up a bad decision. When Perry did things to her, beginning back in 2011, she documented what he did the day he did it. She did the same when Jordan showed up at The Roof the second time. The first time it may not be alarming, but twice, as she states at the time, it was quite alarming.

As far as Perry’s staffers, him personally, or even his daughter showing up where she just texted someone where she would be, happens once, it might be coincidence. If these incidents were isolated, it may be happenstance, but this type of thing happened all the time where she texted friends about going to Carino’s and here comes Perry’s staffer or him personally. She texted friends about going to The Roof, and here comes his daughter. Using his own daughter to stalk for him, does not get any lower than that. That is extremely cruel to both Ortiz and his family and frankly Ortiz has done everything within her power to make him stop all contact, made it clear she wants nothing to do with him and has written his wife a letter asking she spend more time with her husband so he is simply not able to bother Cynthia and has now even sued her. This many times is no longer a coincidence. The most compelling were her letters, texts and emails about Perry threatening to kill her or arrange a false arrest, specifically, which he then did attempt to carry out murder and did carry out the false arrest. He had her charged in Lubbock for doing something REQUIRED by law in Oklahoma where she lives. She never committed any crime at all. Charges were dismissed in her favor and she is now suing.

Charles Perry has been under investigation for another crime, Ortiz was approached by police in 2014, and those officers have warned her of many impending danger. An individual provided information from someone who told them, “Charles Perry will come to me asking how he might hurt Cyndi, and why he wants to hurt her all the time, I’ll never understand but he seems obsessed by it. He will come in to talk to me about doing something to her, I’ll spend a good amount of my time explaining to him why he can’t do that to her, why he shouldn’t do that to her, he acts like he understands finally, then a day or two later, he’ll come back and ask the same exact questions. I have explain the whole thing to him all over again. Its like he has Alzheimer’s or something. Ortiz moved to Lubbock from Vegas, a glamorous exciting town, worked with wealthy intelligent men, surgeons and Federally elected officials, all her life. Her life was exciting and clearly more than  Perry’s more boring life in a small town where there is nothing to do. He fixated on bringing her down to his level. She did end her political consulting career, a career she’d had in addition to owning a medical business, for ten years before ever meeting Perry. Perry had not even voted much less been in office when they met. Erotomania involves Alzheimer’s so it was interesting the person mentioned Perry exhibited symptoms of Alzheimer’s. From 2011 to the present, Ortiz has zillions of texts and emails stating repeatedly she wanted Perry to leave her alone. He had just been elected when all this started and in fact she helped him get elected. None state any frustration with his politics. In addition, he has NO emails or texts stating he wanted Ortiz to leave him alone, nor has he moved, nor has he changed his job or career, nor has his friends reported Cynthia repeatedly showing up where he is and in fact she presented an email in which he is asking her to come to his office. There are texts where she heard about rumors of an affair coming from him and his staff, there was never an affair, as she always rejected his romantic advances and told him, “If your marriage is not working, go talk to your wife. Fix it or get a divorce then we’ll talk. But you are married and I have no interest in being your scandal or your error in judgement. Be honest. Its always the cover up that gets these guys.” For four years Ortiz only told a few close friends while trying to reason with Perry to get him to behave rationally. When he behavior became more bazaar by the day, her statements to Perry changed to, “Just leave me alone. Do not contact me again.” In January 2013, She asked Perry to finish up her taxes and never contact her again. He slips in threats that had nothing at all to do with a tax question she asked which was “Will the IRS take my deductions?” Being he is a seasoned accountant, the response was a yes or no question and he should have responded yes or no. The IRS actually did accept her deductions but he slips in threats “You lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” Something which no accountant ever has probably told their client. It was at that time she abruptly ended her 15 year career, she was working on building, in campaign and political consulting to avoid having to run into Perry.

Also, in the texts where Ortiz confronts Perry about the rumors, he denies having staff, but never asks her why she was upset. He clearly already knew. Again, all of this evidence has been posted here over and over and over again and filed with now three courts. Perry was the married one, not Ortiz and yet she is the one upset about rumors of an affair, not Perry. The rumors came from his staff. In the texts he acts like he knew what she was talking about, what she was upset about, and he never asks. He denies, instead, having staff. He had a ton of staff. He at no time reports threats made by Ortiz, then carried that cause injury. He at no time reports her just showing up where he is after he sent a text to a friend and never even told her, as happened time and time again with what he did to her. This ten year conduct has built up and created a boat load of evidence Ortiz has filed in the Courts. Again, he has an ongoing police investigation on another matter and those officers have uncovered threat after threat after threat Perry sat around all day planning and talking about that they then warned her about, and had they not, she would likely be dead. She would have suffered some very very severe injuries had they not intervened on her behalf. To call up to Oklahoma and keep asking people in her life to ask her who it is, is simply obstructing justice. The officers can uncover that information, they are capable of being in touch with Perry and Powell when they are ready and of course they will. Hacking Ortiz, stalking her, peeping on her also impedes their interactions, to some extent and obstructs justice and Perry has been told and told and told to stop. He simply refuses to comply with the laws. It is outrageous!


In a normal relationship, both feel the same, both receive pleasure and support from the relationship and both are happy. In the criminal/victim relationship that is not the case. See links below:

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