Another Bazaar Denial and Off To the Next Appeal


Update as of August 30, 2019

The bazaar denial by the OK State Court probably ended up in the long run benefiting Ortiz being it was a denial based on jurisdiction. He got exactly what he wanted so I’m sure he can live with it. Petition for Full Panel Rehearing Served and Filed today. Link below is notice of service with full Petition. Link above is state court order denying reconsideration of State Court’s Order dismissing Ortiz’s claims based on jurisdiction. Ortiz has not been in any hearings at all since January, 2018 in which the Magistrate denied Perry’s Motion to Dismiss. Subsequent hearings where he is able to obtain dismissals have been held without her even being in the Court room to argue the law, present material facts and evidence, or hear him perjure himself. He has made sure she is not there for that reason specifically. He actually appears to be so delusional he thinks nobody suspects a thing. They actually do suspect a thing in fact being he’s been under police investigation on another matter, prosecutors are watching for illegal denials specifically, and any illegal conduct that led to an illegal denial of her claims and/or any evidence of impropriety at all. Perry continues to hound, harass, attack Ortiz and having his guys ask her who it is investigation him and how she knows what he is planning to do to intentionally cause her harm which thankfully, the officers have intervened and protected her from much of that. As bad as the injuries are to her from Perry’s criminal attack, they could be worse had he been successful at carrying out everything he wanted to but couldn’t because he got caught. He wants to know who it is that stops him, is investigating him, has protected her time and time again but cannot figure out that being this has gone on for six years, the investigation beginning prior to that, maybe he should quit with the criminal activity. Common sense would tell you, that might be the more intelligent move.



The order from the State Court is out, and Perry got his denial so on to yet another appeal.

We have wondered how much he pays people to intentionally harm Ortiz, be cruel, sadistic and mean to Ortiz in attempt to bully and force her into a relationship with a man who she has no feelings but disgust for, a man who is sadistic and cruel, who asks people to break the law for him, and is married. That is deeply disturbing. If it were you, would you want someone to do that to you? Would you want someone to be intentionally, sadistic, cruel, mean, asshole, to you just because you don’t have any romantic feelings for them and really love someone else? Would you want a sadistic psychotic man forcing himself on you every day, take everything you worked for all your life, starve you to death, try to kill you, throw you in jail, try to do it again, try to get you fired, lie about you, on and on and on and a married one at that and keep you from the life and people you want every day for a decade? Probably not one day, much less a decade. All we can say is, treat other people like you want to be treated. God never promised to fix it if we don’t. He did promise we reap what we sow. There is always Karma, good or bad so however you would want people to treat you, were you Cynthia Ortiz, do that. You get yourself mixed up Perry’s criminal investigation, that might be something you wish you hadn’t done, later on. Good men protect women and children. They don’t attack and attack and attack and call that love. That is only what love looks like to a disturbed sadistic man who gets off on hurting people. Its clearly not normal. Its also not how you get a date. Perry is married as well which makes this all even more deeply disturbing. Most people will never do what he does because they’d be too embarrassed to behave so outrageous, offensive,  sick and bazaar. He acts like he has no idea he should be too. We all can live with our choices, I’m sure. That is the only thing God promised us, is that we will.

All we can say is, if the Orders do not match up with evidence submitted to the Courts, the law, and comport with like cases, the officers that have been investigating Perry have their prosecutors also looking into why that continues to happen. At the end of the day an illegal civil win may end up with Perry having a criminal lose. Once again, for the third time, Ortiz was not even in the Court room to present the evidence she filed, to argue the law or material facts. This is one of three dismissals and denials they obtained by keeping her out of Court. The one decision she was in the Court room, the Magistrate DENIED Perry’s Motion to Dismiss.


Perry and Powell have many many recorded conversations where they discussed ways to keep Ortiz from appealing, some intending to take her car, and attempts to harass her out of a job, to get people to her work to complain about her or provoke some angry response to get her fired and you name it, they continue with the out of court harassment. The officers said, “If I had a dime for every time they said “Do what you need to do, but make sure she cannot appeal this. I’d be rich.” The officers told Ortiz, “Here is the kicker, Perry just told X (we won’t divulge the person’s name) ‘We about have all her claims dismissed, and she is a suspect in a murder.’ but we all know we have recorded him at least twice asking his guys how he can kill you or have you false arrested again without it being tied to him, he’s already tried that once, and we have evidence that is the other way around. He accuses you of doing what he does. We all know he had his guys in your job collecting your clothes, discarded gum and cigarettes, to plant as evidence because we recorded him talking about doing that. So, he’s in deeper than he’ll ever get out of.”

Both Perry and Powell continue to try to find out inside information to the ongoing investigation that frankly has kept Ortiz alive and from many other intended harms that Perry and Powell had planned which they consider to be witness/victim tampering and obstruction. They will be in touch with Perry and Powell directly when they are ready to. Perry was also recorded discussing planting Cynthia’s palm print on a gun he obtained and wanted one of his guys to coax her to a shooting range to get her prints on the weapon and gauge her shooting skills. As it turns out, Cynthia has never even held a gun much less discharged one. Here is the other problem with Perry’s claims, besides that more than once he has made them knowing they were false while under oath, is that he is doing it knowing he is being investigating and any good investigator gets to the truth, which no matter how many police he’s bribed in the past, these officers are keeping their investigation on “need to know” status so he cannot bully threaten or bribe or interfere with or impede their investigation in any way at all. More than one has been face to face with him at events, just chatting and getting valuable actionable information, and he had no idea. If they wanted his bribe, they would have offered that to him then.

The scary thing is, is someone will lie while in Court under oath, not once but three times, they will lie anywhere, anyplace, at any time to anyone. Most people try a little harder to be honest in Court while under oath due to the risk of criminal prosecution for perjury. Perry didn’t give that any thought at all, not once but three times. During any good police investigation, evidence left by the perpetrator is collected. You don’t have to send some guy to follow Cynthia around trying to get her to go shoot a gun so you can get her prints on whatever gun you dug up from God only knows where, you don’t have to have some guy collect her clothing and cigarette butts to plant as evidence. The perpetrator leaves evidence and Cynthia’s dad, granddad, and great granddad taught her all her life, nobody gets it all. Its not possible. Nobody and I mean nobody gets it all. So, if these officers have evidence Perry intended to frame her for some murder he knows and they know good and well she had nothing to do with, and they recorded him talking about how specifically he intended to do that, then they know she had not one thing to do with it and he is perpetrating yet another fraud upon the public, engaging in knowingly false and slanderous statements and this again is Charles Perry trying to accuse a woman who rejected his romantic advances nearly a decade ago, of doing what he does so he can discredit her. The thought being Perry is addicted to killing and serial and Ortiz has shined a light on that so he can no longer just act on impulse and kill whenever he feels like it. He has to be much more careful and probably does not like that so if he can put her down, he thinks he can go back to business as usual.

For a guy who continues to seek information for the investigation uncovering more of his criminal activity than ever before in his life, to not get by now every time he does something to try to intentionally harm Ortiz, he misses the point. There is an ongoing criminal investigation he can’t get to. So why on earth does he, while trying to get to these guys in order to place undue influence on them and impede their investigation as he has so many times before, and trying to find out what all they have, does he continue to act so carelessly in giving them new hourly incriminating evidence every single day? This is not what a man does who is rational. Do remember he did threaten to kill Ortiz, then he bad mouthed local police hoping that would dissuade her from reporting his crime when he attempted to carry out that plan, then when she went to police, in violation of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, Title 18 of the US Code, §§ 1512 and 1513, he did intentionally prevent and delay the reporting of his crimes to Tulsa Police, by physical force, preventing her from making a detailed statement to TPD Detectives, and providing evidence of the crime she reported by carrying out threat number two, to arrange a false arrest, in having her charged in Lubbock with “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job”, with not a scintilla of evidence to support she had any frustration over any issue or any political vendetta at all whatsoever, a ton of evidence supporting her claims that he is a rejected stalker, she did keep her mouth shut about his problem for four years, but to a few close friends and did not go to media or more than a few of her very close friends most of whom did not even live in Texas and one who also witnessed stalking conduct from Perry even when Cynthia was not even there to see it. He also had her arrested before there was a police investigation and intentionally obstructed justice, made her sit in Lubbock jail for two months while the poison he was having his hitmen give to her worked its way out of her system, causing its destruction. He destroyed, intentionally evidence of his crime, then he and his co conspirators dismissed the charges in her favor. So he did all that, AFTER she had just tried to get a protective order and the matter all over the news which any reasonable prudent individual would immediately suspect if she ended up dead, the very guy she just tried a few months before to get a protective order against, which was very very bold and indicates he’s done this before more than once and gotten away with it.

With now three blatantly false statements Perry has made under oath in Court, and officers obtaining recorded conversation after recorded conversation of him planning harm to Cynthia, including but not limited to another false arrest or her murder, taking her car, getting her fired, taking everything she has so she feels forced to take his bribe and lie for him, which is coercion, for the record it has been well established Cynthia is very much the victim of crime after crime after crime occurring in the forum state of Oklahoma, and Perry is the perpetrator and any good police investigation shows that. That is what happens when investigators have some really good Sherlock skills, know what the heck they are doing, don’t give a crap about Perry’s itty bitty rinky dink elected position, and actually gather facts and evidence and look at it. They are getting the truth. That’s what good law enforcement does. So while these officers do that, and Ortiz helps, believe me, as much as she can so she can be free of Perry as soon as possible and no longer having to live under constant threat and with Perry’s never ending insane harassment, we don’t know what everyone else is doing. Not their job apparently, or not doing it well. For the first time in Perry’s life, this whole case has uncovered more of Charles Perry’s criminal activity, in detailing material facts, dates, and times with supporting evidence filed in now three civil court cases, for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever despite the $15 million paid out for the uncovered up cover up.

The officers never tell Cynthia the who, what, why, how and where they obtain the information they pass on to her and she’s pretty much only told of that which pertains to impending danger to her person or property. Once in awhile she is told of reporter comments on her case. She is never told who the reporter is, just what the reporter said. That is for the protection of her and the informant and to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation. They have told her that it gets easier by the day to get actionable intelligence as more and more people are growing very tired of the imposition, threat and harm Charles Perry causes and are growing sick and tired of his constant criminal attack on Cynthia and want him stopped. 

As we’ve said, getting into more detail, Perry has now three times, gone into a court of law and under oath bold faced lied. The first time was when alleging Ortiz filed a false police report in retaliation for his job as a public servant. There are no mentions at all of her being upset with him over anything political in a period of time of almost a decade. She does express frustration with his stalking and harassment. He had threatened her for months with death and false arrest and the law in OK requires the filing of a police report when seeking a protective order. He knew this. The first attempt was denied due to her failure to comply with that requirement. He had her arrested before she could have her blood tested for poisoning and never had her tested when she was in custody in Lubbock. She sat for two months while the poison worked its way out of her system and she had emails telling people he’d been threatening her. There was no evidence anywhere of any kind of political vendetta.

The second when in the continuing to document Perry’s threats, his attorney sent a written request to receive the emails documenting his client’s threats, and she complied, with the reasonable expectation he would act in good faith and restrain his client. He instead took them to court and claimed Perry was being harassed. Its not harassment if you requested the information which he did in writing. Again, he accuses her of doing what he does.

The third was in his claims he has no relevant business contacts within the forum state of Oklahoma. Ortiz provided, two witness statements indicating two people have seen his guys driving around where she lives, one tried to follow her to work at which time she pulled over and emailed Perry’s attorney and told him to stop the guy, the same individual was seen banging on her door when she was not home, and another individual saw people pulling into the parking lot where she lives. The witness stated she’d seen a very unusual pattern of traffic and people pulling in and just sitting and watching Ortiz and taking photographs. It unnerved her as much as it did Ortiz. Paying these individuals to do that, is a business transaction and a relevant one. The Judge in this order posted here, stated Ortiz had filed no new evidence and yet, those two witness statements were filed however the clerk would not allow them to be filed individually, but only as an attachment to Burson’s Motion to Reconsider, odd as that is.

This case has a great deal of blatant violations of the law and obvious corruption, something the officers who have saved Cynthia’s neck over and over think is amazing Perry and friends think that would not be noticed. They noticed it. They have attorneys and prosecutors watching everything that goes on in those court cases. They also have discussed the cases with reporters who have law degrees. Perry and Powell have not fooled them. They might fool everyone else, but they are not fooling them. Perry’s $15 million not covered up cover up is still not working like he had hoped.

Cynthia would like to request that when more people be around Perry more and watch what he does on his computers and his phone. Hacking or creeper peeper tends to happen there, so if more people hold him accountable and watch everything he does, he won’t have the ability to invade her privacy against her will and without her permission. She asked Mrs Perry to travel with him more, for that reason right there. Cynthia has made it clear in everything she’s said and done for over half a decade that she wants NO contact with Charles Perry at all ever in any form. Him traveling on the road alone all the time, should not be an option for him. The more people he has around him keeping him off Cyndi, the better it is for everyone. He simply won’t have the opportunity to mess with her so much if he is occupied with other things and people in his life are keeping him busy. If he’s being watched, maybe he will stop or get caught by someone who will put a stop to the hacking and creeper peeping. It is a serious invasion of Ortiz’s privacy and it is done without her permission against her will. It is unfortunately more common than not with today’s technology for stalkers to use things like that to stalk their victims and Perry has the means to use that type of technology.


Despite Perry’s delusional imaginary political attack, there is no evidence any such thing exists or ever existed, and that would include all of Cynthia’s statements and correspondence going back nearly a decade long before she could have foreseen current events. Perry had not been in politics at all, had not voted, and had no political history at all to attack, when he met Ortiz. She began telling friends of his unwanted romantic advances and conduct that legally constitutes “stalking and threats, and harassment” in June, 2011. He had just been elected, she actually helped him get elected, and from then to now, there is not one mention of anything at all political, and no issue discussed, that she was angry about at all. She did have fifteen years in government reform and campaign consulting, ten before ever meeting Charles Perry. He actually had not even voted. The theory is, he only ran for office to use the law he used to falsely arrest Cynthia, to intimidate his victims of being a creeper peeper. All her frustration in all correspondence is regarding that matter and there is no mention at all of frustration with his politics. She now lives in a state equally as conservative as Texas. See email addressing Perry’s imaginary political attack for which he’s not yet produced any evidence at all in support of his claims to anyone anywhere.

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