Similarities In Behavior Profile Between Charles Perry And BTK Killer Dennis Radar

BTK Killer, Dennis Radar, also a church deacon, happily married family man, compliance officer, stalked women so badly, women move to get away from him and got restraining orders.

Ortiz moved TWICE to get away from stalker Charles Perry then tried to get a Protective Order in May 2015, denied in part for her failure to bring the police report to Court. (See No 2 on Order by Judge Mark Ihrig’s Order citing Ortiz’s failure to comply with statutorial requirements in filing a police report and showing the Judge in Court. Perry knew it was required by law, as he had a copy of the same Order.

He then tried to kill her by hiring a hitman who told her to “Let your life fade away.” And having a few men come into her work, posing as customers who appear to have put arsenic in her drinks. Roberson answered in the affirmative when Ortiz texted him about arsenic specifically. She bought Charcoal on 12/27/15 to take at work when she experienced symptoms of dizziness, nausea, headache immediately after drinking a suspect drink. hoping the charcoal would absorb the poison so it did not kill her. Ortiz should be able to just go to work without becoming the victim of a crime every time she does.

Ortiz filed a police report again hoping to be tested and take the test results to court in an ex parte hearing. Problem is, when a suspected alleged serial killer is a stalker, a hacker, a peeper they know everything their victims do. He knew what she was trying to do. He had her charged in Lubbock where he is, not where she lived since September 9, 2014, with filing a police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job. Her report was filed with TPD on 1/21/16, available to see for public record, charges say 1/12/16 but the numbers are transposed. she was arrested on 1/29/16 and the detective not even called her to take custody of evidence 2/15/16. (Transcripts and recording available on Court websites, a matter of public record, and this site and all filed in three lawsuits against Perry) In having her arrested before she even got a call back from TPD, interfering with the chain of custody of evidence, he obstructed the police investigation in Tulsa and caused the loss of forensic evidence showing arsenic by forcing her to sit in jail illegally detained against her will until the arsenic worked its way out of her system. Even while in custody in Lubbock there no blood tests. Had he not poisoned her, no doubt he would demand testing to take to media to show Ortiz lied and substantiate his claims. There also are no political rants from Ortiz anywhere in a period of nearly a decade. She helped him get elected. There are all kinds of rants from 2011 to this day from her about his stalking and his creepy. Not one thing mentioned about her being pissed off at his politics and he had no history to attack. He had just gotten elected for the first time. She had ten years when they met, fifteen total in Federal government reform. He had her arrested, after he made that very specific threat for months so that she could not get an Order of Protection as BTKs victim did. She has since tried another TEN times to get a Judge to Order Perry to cease and desist all contact. He continues to hold exparte hearings, committing perjury, to get her requests denied. She is not there to argue facts, law or present evidence. In the one hearing where she was present, the Magistrate Judge DENIED Perrys Motion to Dismiss and the one Judge who did Order Perry to stay away from Ortiz was Judge Darnell who included the Order in, of all places, her Bond Conditions. The man is not far off from the creepy Dennis Radar was before he was apprehended and these guys get off on the fact they out smart police for decades. BTK taunted police. Ortiz has had a tremendous help from some in law enforcement who have protected her time and time again from Perry’s intended harm. Things move forward, not always as quickly as we would like.

The officers helping her told her “Another cop buddy of ours said Perry is addicted to killing as they all are, you shined a light on this so he can no longer act on impulse. He has to be much more careful now to avoid being caught on future murders. He probably wants very much to discredit her or kill her somehow thinking he can go back to business as usual where he wont have to be as careful as he is now. I am sure he wants her taken out so he just kill again whenever he wants and not have all this attention and speculation shined on what he does.

The US Marshals, when trying to serve Perry Summons told Ortiz they had a hard time because Perry travels a lot, is alone, isolates himself and disconnects from his family when he does that and therefore has no alibi. Ortiz wrote his wife a letter a few years ago begging her to travel with her husband so he would leave Ortiz alone. Mrs Perry refuses to. When a guy is alone on the road all the time he has plenty of opportunity to commit all kinds of crimes.

Perry also had many men subsequently come harass her at work, but two in particular made especially incriminating comments that she was able to collect as evidence. His proxy stalkers comments are not always so blatant or at times she is not always able to record and never gives her number to people she suspects work for Perry. Pinto, on March 24, 2018, offering her $5000 to have sex with Perry and Mickey James who stated they were still considering whether or not it is worth the risk of suspicion on Perry to kill her. He actually texted that to Ortiz in June 2018. Ortiz only gave her number to Mr James because it was not immediately clear he worked for Perry. The night before the text he made a comment that alarmed Ortiz to which she responded in a text basically arguing for her life. She tried to reason with both Roberson and James to save her life. Just after James came to her work, Ortiz’s income took a major dip from normal, and the waitress twice walked up in mid transaction to tell customers not to buy from Ortiz. When Ortiz notified management she was fired. How much was the waitress and manager paid to do that? Ortiz was making money for the club so why would the waitress undermined club profits telling customers not to buy from her and management fire her for complaining but for some sort of pay off? This is simply more of the same harassment Ortiz has been subjected to for nearly ten years from Charles Perry, everywhere she goes.


This is the link to the You Tube Channel with audio evidence filed in Court.

Click Here to Go to You Tube Channel with Audio filed with the Courts

Below is a link to article on serial killer, Dennis Radar, who displays an alarming amount of similarities to Charles Perry in the behavior profile. Mr Radar just did not have as many resources as Perry to buy cover ups which actually is in part the reason for Radar’s arrogance in his intellect being much greater than Perry’s in that he outsmarted law enforcement, evading taunting police for decades before finally being apprehended without having to buy a cover up.

Click Here to See Case on Serial Killer, Dennis Radar, BTK Killer who evaded and taunted police for decades

See Oklahoma jury instructions for criminal trials on charges of depraved indifference to human life. It goes against normal human nature to want to cause harm to another and Perry enjoys causing harm immensely. He refuses to stop. He has engorged himself in a deeply sick sadistic criminal attack on Ortiz for nearly a decade and would have caused much more injury to her were it not for some extremely astute, effective, highly intelligent police officers who have warned her of impending danger Perry intended over and over and over again while they complete their investigations. They do have prosecutors reviewing unlawful judicial orders that do not comport with like cases and will be using any judicial impropriety against Perry in any criminal charges. Perjury and fraud are just more criminal counts.

We believe Perry had his guys telling Ortiz Creek County Sheriff’s Department and Sapulpa Police were corrupt to dissuade her from going to police for help. Just as a matter of fact, there are corrupt police and good police in every police department every where. That would be the reason we believe Perry hired local bail bondsman Rodney Stedham to perpetrate his stalking and harassment in Oklahoma. A bail bondsman would know which police, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys are corrupt and which are not in the area. It appears Stedham had his clients take part in proxy stalking of Ortiz at her workplace maybe to get a deal on their own criminal charges having them come to her work posing as “customers” in attempt to get her to traffic drugs, commit prostitution, get her to tell them where she lives, and other personal information normal customers do not care anything about but a stalker would want to know. Perry has been under investigation for many things in other jurisdiction, but one being the murder of an individual with ties to a foreign diplomat. As such, and because Perry has bought his way out of criminal charges for decades, being he’s not the intelligent criminal Radar was, the investigation is on a “need to know” status. However when they obtain information indicating Perry is in the process of planning, premeditating, and attempting to have carried out in Oklahoma, some impending harm and danger to her, they warn her, advise her to make the threat known to certain individuals, to the public, and to Mr Miller, her attorney. If he carries out the threat, just in exactly the same way as she did prior to her false arrest in her email to her ex husband on October 27, 2015 and another individual on January 4, 2016, it establishes premeditation to commit a crime resulting in injury against her, intent versus negligence and/or makes it that much harder to carry out his threats and intentional criminal act against her resulting in injury. Perry did go before the State Court Judge in Tulsa County and as per her order, testified he has no relevant business contacts in the state of Oklahoma. Paying Mr Stedham or any other individual to cause intentional injury to Ortiz is a relevant business transaction, so he clearly committed perjury, in making a knowingly malicious and false statement before a Court while under oath. This would be one of many. In knowing Ortiz had no political vendetta against him, helped him get elected and ONLY complained of his stalking, never at all about his political beliefs, told a Court she filed the police report to retaliate against him for his job as a public servant. Creeping behind her home, at restaurants where she was out with friends and he was not told of the plans or invited, is not what a person needs to do to pass a law in Texas and Ortiz’s communications describe acts of stalking. She does not say, from 2011 to the present, that she does not want him to be re-elected. She says she wants for him to leave her alone over and over and over again for nearly a decade. This is a person who rants like a mad woman when she is pissed off. All her correspondence clearly states she is pissed off at his stalking, not anything at all related to his job as a public servant.

Click Here to See Oklahoma Jury Instructions for criminal charges on Depraved Indifference to human life


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Click Here to Hear Det Eagan’s voice mail requesting evidence Perry destroyed by carrying out his threat to arrange a false arrest

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Click Here to See State Court Case, filed in Tulsa County, Case No. CJ-2018-02775

Ortiz filed also, case no. 4:17-cv-00489-JHP-JFJ currently before the US Supreme Court on Appeal of Transfer, Case No 18-9170

Also in Tulsa, US Court, Northern District of Oklahoma, see 4:19-cv-00159-CVE-FHM

A third suit was filed by Ortiz against Perry, and is about to be on appeal for Re-hearing, with the Tenth Circuit Court. Again, any evidence of judicial impropriety will simply be used in any criminal charges filed against Perry et al, and orders are always reviewed by  prosecutors. The Tenth denied Ortiz’s appeal on her Motion to Vacate on a new suit for breach of contract. Res Judicata does not apply and the case should never have been dismissed, and judicial decisions do not comport with like cases. The incidents she sued for occurred after the first suit was filed, almost a year later, and dismissals must be dismissed on the merits after trail in order for Res Judicata to apply. She is filing for a Re-Hearing and will pursue again, appeals to the US Supreme Court if necessary. Perry has attempted to damage Ortiz’s vehicle, or just flat have it towed and was recorded telling another individual “It’s not legit but I will have her car towed and sold before she figures that out.” He was also recorded checking to see how much money he could get for her car. She does not have a loan on the car nor has she received any documents at all indicating he has a legal claim to her vehicle and has never been offered payment options if he does. This is part of the ongoing harassment and impeding the civil suits against him, Perry continues to engage in daily and something he has done to Ortiz every day constantly for nearly a decade. Perry has threatened to get Ortiz fired, Ortiz was told he intended to send his people into her workplace to complain about her, he has threatened to kill her, have her false arrested again, had someone, probably Stedham’s people/client’s collecting her cigarette butts and gum and clothing items from her workplace in attempt to frame her for a murder, has had his people attempt to cause intentional conflicts at her workplace, and many other acts that constitute “harassment”. Harassment in Oklahoma is defined in Curry v. Streater, 2009 OK 5 (Okla. 2009).

The officers who have so kindly acted over and over again to protect Ortiz from Perry’s intended harm, which is THE reason she is still alive today, have consulted a criminal psychologist who has preliminarily assessed Perry as psychotic, sadistic, demented, depraved, sociopathic, antisocial, and believe he suffers from erotomania. When Ortiz met Perry, he was not in office, he was not involved in politics in any way, and in fact had not even voted for many years. One of his opponents in fact questioned why he would suddenly want to run for office when he had not even voted. The law he used to arrange the false arrest of Ortiz may be the reason for that. He may have found a way into intimidating victims and witnesses of his ongoing criminal activity. Ortiz had ten years in Federal government reform when the two met, and fifteen total. Perry was a boring accountant nobody and really is not much more than that now. Ortiz had a long history of a much more glamorous lifestyle, with people in power, and really still does. Perry seems to have fixated on Ortiz, developed an imaginary relationship in his head that only exists to him, and has attempted to just destroy her life being he can never be the kind of individual that she would ever have interest in. He can’t reach her level socially, so he is simply attacking her to bring her down to where he is. He travels all the time alone, isolates himself and disconnects from his family, and frankly, just made it to where he also has no alibi. Ortiz has begged his wife to travel with him, to spend more time with her husband, to keep constant watch over him while he is on his computers and phone so that he simply has no opportunity to bother Ortiz. Some people attack what they can never be. Some people are miserable with themselves and are bent on making everyone else as miserable as they are. Some are simply sadistic serial killers with an addiction to the thrill of the control over other people when they kill. We believe Perry displays with his actions, all three. Killing a woman who just a few months before attempted to get a protective order and the matter covered all over the news, was bold. It was too bold. That indicates someone who has done this before and gotten away with it many times. He believed he would simply explain it away as a workplace hazard. Ortiz was asked “What do you think Perry used to lure Roberson with to get him to take such a big risk in his part in this?” The answer to that is nothing. Ortiz was supposed to be dead. There was money paid out, for sure, and we understand Perry has paid out around $15 million, which is too big of an amount to hide where you spent it, but Ortiz was never supposed to live to tell about what happened to her. In addition, everyone thought the false arrest would intimidate her into keeping quiet about what he did to her. There was the Quid Pro Quo in that she agreed to stay quiet IF Perry never again contacted her, which led to Provision One in her bond conditions with Judge Darnell’s Order, Perry never again contact Ortiz. He simply refuses to stop and in two years of litigation has not one time denied having consented to that provision in her bond conditions, thus constituting a contract for which Ortiz has the right to sue when breached. In order for res judicata to apply, prior claims from transactions must be denied on merit. Nothing has been denied on merit. Ortiz has been denied a jury trial, which is her right, among other things, but again, it will simply be used against him in any criminal charges. The likeness however, between Charles Perry and Radar is very similar in that Radar too pretended to be a happily married man, but stalked women, one moved, one got a restraining order, however Radar by far has out smarted Perry in that he didn’t buy a cover up, didn’t have the resources to, as Perry has and he still evaded and taunted police, until he was finally apprehended. Ortiz moved twice to get away from Perry and has ten times sought orders or protection or injunctive relief, but, Perry buys his way out, something Radar did not have to stoop to.


Perry has repeatedly asked Ortiz to stop seeking justice and the truth, has attempted to intimidate and forced her to drop her law suits, has sent his proxy stalkers to offer bribes, he has attempted to damage her vehicle so she has to stop the law suits, all which are intended to remedy past injuries and obtain a judicial order preventing future injuries. Perry has repeatedly refused to stop his unlawful ongoing conduct, and has continued to attempt to harass Ortiz into dropping the suits, has asked her to tell him who it is investigating him, intending to obstruct justice, and refuses to get in compliance with the law and simply leave her  and her family alone.

Click Here to See Info on Erotomania

Click here to see Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling on Curry v Streater


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