Attorney Tells Ortiz Tenth Circuit Decision “Far Fetched”

Perry’s guys over heard discussing being in a pinch for time in executing his next attempt to cause loss and injury to Ortiz, having Perry come to her work, a strip club which he should not know or care where that is, in disguise to talk to her, which is an unwanted contact in the forum state and a crime. The law enforcement agency investigating Perry attorneys examine Tenth Circuit Decision and tell Ortiz “We cannot give you legal advice but we can tell you this ruling is as far fetched as it gets. File for a re hearing and go at it again because this is one more so far way off court decision that you cant miss the corruption in this. You cant miss it. Its blatant and glaring. ”

On its face, the decision states on page two as follows:

“As the district court notes, however, this complaint is only the latest in a series of complaints Ortiz has filed against Charles Perry, and others, relating to the alleged harassment.”

We point out by definition, harassment is a pattern of conduct, in fact the Oklahoma Supreme Court has held that there must be a pattern of ongoing unwanted offensive conduct which would involve then a series of incidents that constitute “harassment”.

Harassment Law and Legal Definition. Harassment is governed by state laws, which vary by state, but is generally defined as a course of conduct which annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety.

Click Here to See Legal Definition of Harassment

Click Here to read Oklahoma Supreme Court’s Definition of harassment in Curry v Streater

Photos below show three witness statements to Perry’s unwanted contact where Ortiz is, including some incidents she did not even see but witnesses did. These incidents included incidents of stalking and harassment where Perry himself came looking for her or one of his thugs when she was not where they thought she was. When you hire people, three or more, and he has at least that, in that he hired Roberson, Mickey James, Pinto, and this man in a black lexus with TX plates, and whoever these other individuals were parked adjacent to her home and work to photograph her. By law this constitutes “gang stalking”. When you hire individuals to “proxy stalk”, this also constitutes the transaction or “business contact” within the forum state of Oklahoma. Money changes hands, as these people are not going to do this for free. No one would. They are being paid. The Tenth Circuit does acknowledge two additional incidents occurring after the first suit was filed, now sitting on the desks of the US Supreme Court awaiting conference on October 1, 2019, that was filed for civil rights violations. The order of yesterday, addresses breach of contract, not sought in any other litigation anywhere. In the photos below, the Bond Conditions containing a provision Perry never ever contact Ortiz again, was part of a Quid Pro Quo in exchange for her silence on her false arrest. Again, they wanted her quiet because they have something to hide. Perry breached contract the second her feet hit Oklahoma dirt. The harassment began immediately the second she returned home, worse than before. Also photographed is Dr. Russell’s letter stating Perry has her scared to death all the time, the text telling a friend his threats to kill her or arrange a false arrest would not vindicate him from stalking allegations, sent on January 4, 2016. Perry carried out his threat to arrange that very false arrest on January 29, 2016, just days later for filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job. Stalking, attempted murder, harassment, is not part of what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. Also photographed is her email in July, 2014 to Michael Quinn Sullivan, of Empower Texans which does not state anywhere at all she does not want Perry to get re-elected. What she says is that she wants Quinn Sullivan to make Perry leave her alone. There are no political rants and the police report required by law in Oklahoma when seeking a protective order. It is her right to receive police protection from danger. He clearly posed a danger and still does.

The one hearing Ortiz was in to present legal arguments and material facts, the Magistrate Judge, Jodi F Payne DENIED Perry’s Motion To Dismiss. Subsequently, Perry obtained dismissals of her claims by holding a series of ex parte hearings in which he bold faced lied under oath, and kept her out so she was not there to hear it, to refute his claims with material fact, evidence or to argue the law.

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That would then mean there is a potential for a “series of complaints”, and the complaints filed were regarding Breach of contract, for unwanted contact, harassment and incidents of stalking occurring nearly a year after she filed the first complaint for civil rights violations. Breach of contract has never been addressed in any prior filings at all. Furthermore, Defendant Perry’s own law firm, published an article regarding suing for negligent infliction of emotional distress, something the Tenth states in its ruling does not exist in Oklahoma law. These are glaring factual errors and glaring errors of the law.

Article on Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Written by Defendants Charles and Jacquelyn Perry’s Law Firm

Perrys people, and Defendant Powell want very very much to do anything they can to shut her up. They have a lot of secrets, cover ups and unlawful secret activity they do not want people to know about. If they would spend their time and money doing what that Bible they thump says and get out and help people, treat others like they wish to be treated, they would not then need a cover up and have a bunch of things they have done they have to lie about. A cover up is evidence of a crime, same as destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. This thing has been a near decade of cover ups of the cover up of the cover up and they DO want her silenced. First and foremost is the publics right to know the truth, fact, evidence, and they are then smart enough to put all that together in their heads and come to the conclusions they come to. If you have nothing to hide, you have no problem with facts coming out. So what all are they hiding? Powell took Ortizs emails discussing Perry’s threats of a second false arrest sent to her personal friends and media, forwarded to Perry against her wishes without her consent, then forwarded to Powell, with orders he shut her up. We are not even sure, but for media, how he knew of the emails or how her close personal friend was prompted to forward the email as it was done with out her consent, against her will.

We remind the public in the first suit, the Magistrate Judge DENIED Perry’s Motion To Dismiss due to lack of personal jurisdiction. This was the one and only hearing Ortiz was in to argue facts, law, and subsequent hearings in which Perry and Powell get her claims dismissed were ex parte, she was intentionally excluded so that they could go into court, bold face lie, and she not hear it, she was not there to produce evidence or fact in response to refute their bold face lies, or argue the law. This has been nothing but corrupt. Cynthia is not an attorney and has had to learn legal practice as she goes along. She up against five Defendants with seasoned attorneys, and they still have to stoop to cheating to win. That is not a win. That is a criminal lose. The one hearing she was in, the Magistrate DENIED Perry’s Motion To Dismiss. That was in the January hearing case no 4:17-cv-00489-JHP-JFJ filed in the Norther District of Oklahoma. That right there speaks volumes as to the legitimacy of her claims. They will not even let her be in the court room when they get these off the wall dismissals. The public is intelligent enough to figure out for themselves why that might be.

See texts to Ortiz attorney regarding Perry’s guys discussing harming her yet again, and being on limited time to do do, her conversation with attorneys who told her the Tenth Circuit decision is far fetched, Perry’s discussion about going into a strip club, he is married by the way and Ortiz rejected his unwanted romantic advances years ago and has done everything imaginable to get away from him, to send a clear message to him that he flat grosses her out, in disguise to talk to her. She does not want to ever speak to Charles Perry and his failure to grasp that very simple concept after six years of being rejected, her massive life altering changes attempting to get away from him over and over, has led law enforcement to consider in their profiling that they are not only dealing with a man with severe mental illness but some mental retardation as well. That is not to be mean but just fact in assessing a situation accurately in order to properly address it. Perry has hacked everything Ortiz has, can see what she texts, emails, preparation of legal documents, her legal research and music she listens to. Any man who still thinks after being rejected for nearly a decade, after Ortiz ended a career she loved and was working to build, had been for fifteen years, uproot a child twice and move to get away from him, has sought ten times now, protective orders or injunctive orders, to restrain him from all contact, that she has any interest in him at all, clearly has a problem with being mentally slow that he cannot figure out by now she wants nothing to do with him, never will, and how to move on. Not being able to figure out that she does not like his threats, harassment, theft, imposition, romantic advances, the fact he tried to kill her, threw her in jail, ruined her relationships, imposes and forces, hacks and peeps, also an indicator he has some issues with being mentally slow. That is not how you get a date with a woman. Its twisted, bazaar, and by now he ought to be able to figure out the behavior is HIGHLY offensive, unwanted, there is no relationship, she does not feel love for him, just deep deep disgust and is repulsed by Charles Perry, and how he might move on and better spend his time and money. He is just a burden and an imposition, a peeping tom weirdo and a criminal Ortiz has worked very hard to avoid, but being he insists on forcing himself on her, coming right to her, she agreed to assist the officers who approached her in March, 2014 in their investigation. There is no romance. Its all in his wild delusions. No real thing exists to Ortiz. He misunderstands things she does that she does not even want for him to know about. He is doing so against her will without her consent and this was something the two fought about when she lived in Lubbock.

Click here to see article on delusional disorder that results in one individual engorging in some imaginary affair that is not real to the other individual. We saw this with John Hinkley Jr. who ended up in a mental hospital after attempting to assassinate President Reagan.

Ortiz had KiCorp, a cybersecurity company in Lubbock, scan her computer to get him out. They told Ortiz they found hackerware that appeared to be custom made for Perry and spent two hours teaching her how to implement safety plans. In the days leading up to the Tenth Circuit’s ruling, all the sudden everything Ortiz has reported an inability to function properly due to storage being too full. Her emails, her phone and her computer all the sudden, all at the same time, have storage full? In her hotmail account used for court, two files were found she did not create and could not get them to delete rendering the email account useless. She had to purchase additional storage on both her email accounts, reset the computer to factory, and get rid of all photos on her phone to get everything working again. It appears Perry did not want her to receive the order, so he knew she’d address the matter head on as always. She has 14 days to file a Motion for a Full Panel Rehearing. We trust this ruling will be more legit and not so glaringly off. There has been a series of those types of rulings and Ortiz’s friends in law enforcement told her long ago, “Get as many as these illegal rulings as you can. It will give him a civil win, but a criminal lose and you can sue for that again later.” All she asked was that he stop contacting her, and leave her alone. People do it with ease every day so what is his problem that he cannot? This is a free country and a civilized society and yet his behavior continues to be greatly offensive, unwanted, morally repugnant, and illegal. She asked for a fair and impartial court and that is what she will get if not now, once the officers are ready to move forward. She told her psychiatrist, that she saw for not one hour, two hours, but a year and a half twice a month for an hour or two per visit, “What combination of words must I use to get him to understand I don’t love you and I’m never going to love you. Leave me alone. You are hurting me and my family. Stop.” The Dr. stated Perry escalates more than she can ignore, intentionally causing profound loss after profound loss after profound loss to get her attention. He has no control over himself.

Click here to hear Dr. Russell’s assessment of Perry’s offensive behavior

Click Here to Hear All Audio and See Texts Referred to In Tenth Circuits Order



Link Below is the Tenth Circuit Order


Again Charles Perry is not someone, married or single, Ortiz would find of interest to have an intimate romance with. He is married and she would not have an interest in a man that betrays his wife’s trust and his commitment to her like he does. If he does it to her, the mother of his children, he would do it to anyone. That’s not a characteristic she wants anywhere near her. Lying to her and the public for almost a decade is another turn off. Hacking and peeping and refusal to respect her rights and wishes, wants and needs, another turn off, not for a few days, not a month, but almost a decade. Ruining her life, her relationships, taking her money, her business she had worked her whole life to build, trying to take her car, trying to kill her, having her thrown in jail, trying to do it again, besmirching and bad mouthing her, all around being sick and sadistic, turn offs all. Ortiz has someone else she wants to be with and cares about deeply and Perry’s imposition, and for so long is sick, weirdo, psychotic, delusional, immoral and illegal. The officers told Ortiz years ago “Cyndi, we just recorded Charles Perry telling Fabian ‘I will find a way to lock her up and she wont get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up.’ that is the kind of pressure and harassment he is subjected to to keep you guys apart so this guy is loony and sicko and for him to even have to say something like that, I mean normal men go where they are wanted. They don’t force themselves on women that don’t want them with this jail or me bullshit he is doing. They want women that want them back and you don’t, so we will be keeping an eye on this for you. He thinks if Fabian rejects you you would want him and doesn’t get it that you don’t because he does that so hes a whack job for real, Girl. ” In a civilized society, normal people do not reduce themselves to being a rejected failure for almost a decade and try to bully a woman into a relationship she has NO desire to be in. Its pathetic!!!

Ortiz will be seeking a rehearing and you can take it to Vegas and bet on the fact Perry will attempt to impede. Its a sure win.

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Ortiz email addressing Perry’s fraudulent claims he is being harassed, his delusion he and Ortiz have a romance, his continued intent to harm her, his continued harassment in Oklahoma and his fraudulent claims Ortiz is a suspect in a murder. She is not. Perry pretty much very consistently claims she is doing what he is doing. This email addresses facts, not empty claims where there is no evidence. Ortiz has filed over 500 pages of documents in support of her claims in three courts all a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever. In doing so, she has exposed more corruption, more of Perry’s creepy problem and more of his blatant criminal activity than ever before in his life despite more money spent than ever before on a cover up. Perry and Powell have actively sought ways to shut her up as a result. Two men who claim they are Christians and want transparency in government attempting to cover up cover ups of other cover ups involving stalking, attempted murder, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, perjury, fraud and a murder of someone with ties to a foreign diplomat. Ortiz does not live one day with having to deal with Perry invading her privacy, forcing himself in her, living with constant threat to her safety, well being, and to her freedom. She has suffered one profound loss after another for a decade at the hands of Charles Perry, braces herself daily to deal with the next threat he may carry out, sucks up being terrified, and knows at any moment he may carry out his threats to kidnap her, arrange a second false arrest, kill her, take her car, have someone steal her drivers license (as he did her social security card) get her fired, cause the loss of yet another home, harm people she cares about and whatever loss he can think up to cause, he does. Living with a stalker is very very difficult and were it not for the officers investigating him on another matter, she may indeed be dead as Perry has been recorded twice discussing killing her or arranging a second false arrest without it being linked to him. It is not an easy thing to live with that kind of pressure and hardship nor could she if she did not have help and faith in God.

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