Perry Taunts Ortiz Days Before Regarding Tenth Circuit Denial of Today

As bazaar as this sounds, because everything Perry does is extremely bazaar, every single time Perry gets a court order adverse to Ortiz he does this a day or two before the order even comes out. He taunts Ortiz with the court victory he is about to obtain and truly believes nobody will suspect corruption. He actually believes that. This guy pulled right in front of Ortiz and then slowed way down as if to make certain she noticed his plates. We have posted similar vehicles with CVV or CVU in the plates that do the same thing just a day or two prior an adverse court ruling. We suspect that Civil Win or Civil Victory. We think CVU means “suing you”. How would Perry even know where Ortiz was to send some guy with these plates, wherever she is, just before he gets a civil win, but for a GPS tracking device on her vehicle, placed without her consent and against her will?

Ortiz will request a full panel re hearing then appeal to Supreme Court same as she did on the other case. Perry has threatened additional harm to her with intent to impede appeals. Again, he truly and really believes nobody suspects corruption. He has been under investigation for some time on another crime and that law enforcement agency has protected Ortiz from many intended attempts to harm her. They have recorded Perry twice, discussing how to arrange another false arrest of Ortiz and killing her without it being linked to him. Twice they have recorded him having that hideous of conversations. He has asked her to call him repeatedly wanting her to divulge details of the investigation, she cannot and will not answer question on that nor he is he entitled to any information at all. She told him six years ago to stop contacting her and had he stopped the first time she asked, he may not be in the jam he is currently in. She wants nothing to do with him, will not help him out of his mess in any way at all, and still wants for him to restrain himself, get out of her life and cease and desist all contact in all forms. He appears to have some very serious problems with his intellect and mind not to be able by now to get a handle on reality, his actions, and tell by now she wants nothing to do with him, people are talking to these guys in law enforcement giving them information that is helpful more by the day because everyone wants this guy stopped. He continues to seek out information as to how Ortiz is warned of impended danger he has planned or intends to cause, and is not getting reality. Reality is many people know what he is doing in secret and want him stopped so there are more by the day providing information freely and willingly to put a stop to it. It is illegal, immoral, and very sick that he so viciously attacks a woman and forces himself on her for six years. She left Lubbock six years ago and has been gone from the area as long as she lived there and never wants to go back. She want NOTHING to do now or ever with Charles Perry. His corruption is so glaring it has prompted many good people who get angrier by the day to inform the law enforcement agency investigating him who has acted so vigorously to protect Cynthia for a long time now. People do suspect a thing and are in fact outraged by it. More people than he knows and he is not entitled to nor will he get information that would again obstruct justice or compromise the integrity of their investigation and its frankly nutty that he would even ask thinking he would actually get anything. He is not entitled to anything at all nor will he get it. He needs to restrain himself, stop violating the law, stop violating Ortiz, stop violating her rights and wishes, get out of fantasy land and stop imposing and burdening other people with his problems and drama. He thus far is stuck in some fantasy that is not even real and unable to control himself. Meantime, the law enforcement agency investigating him continues ahead full force, and they tell Ortiz people are so angry and outraged, they are getting more intel than they can get to daily. Six years ago, nobody knew Perry had a creeper problem, Ortiz offered to sign a non dislosure IF Perry would cease all contact and never ever contact her again. He refused. Despite court rulings that do not comport with like cases, or the law, and Perrys taunting he does a day or two before he gets his ruling, part of which is causing outrage, there are now three court dockets with a timeline and corresponding evidence that shows he does have a very severe creepy problem. Stalking often preceeds murder so as you might imagine, just the fact that this is all for the first time in his life, a matter of public record, now and forever for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever, if a guy has a problem like this, a whole lot of time where he is alone with no alibi, is being investigated for killing someone with ties to a foreign diplomat, her law suits may assist on things like that and making it much harder for him to kill again and get away with it and that is a very big success. For the first time in his life, this information is all available for public view, law enforcement everywhere, and people do suspect a thing despite Perry’s delusion land that they don’t. He has leaks because not only do they, but he has people outraged enough to be talking to the cops helping Cynthia and that is how she has been able to avoid many many of the things Perry intended to do to really really hurt her, including but not limited to, murder.Perry has also over the past few months taunted Ortiz with “I am wealthy and powerful. I can buy a judge, I can get your claims dismissed and sue you and win. ”

Another conversation was recorded a few days ago,.who it was we cannot divulge but it was posted on in which an individual called someone close to Cynthia and said “That Perry guy from Texas called and said Cynthia is a suspect in a murder and they have been able to get her claims dismissed.” The individual responded “He is lying. There is no way. Don’t take his word for it. Do some digging. Something is wrong. He is lying. He got caught and needs a cover up. Dig. Don’t take his word for it.” It was posted the day the conversation occurred. The officers investigating him know Ortiz has committed no crime at all, especially not murder, and that Perry has tried to frame her in accordance with the two recorded conversations in which he is heard discussing ways to kill her and/or arrange a false arrest without it being linked to him.Perry and Powell have made every effort to silence Ortiz and they are at this time obstructing justice and this would be the second time, the first being the illegal arrest which impeded TPD from investigating attempted murder resulting in the spoilation of evidence. The officers want this public for her protection. The bond conditions after her false arrest, Powell taking emails telling people she was still being harassed and threatened by Perry, to her attorney with orders he shut her up.As the Denial from the Tenth, again on its face it does not make sense. Her suit is for breach of contract for incidents occurring almost a year after the first, and while mentioned in the first, or Pintos was, there are no Motions filed by Ortiz seeking to add a breach of contract cause of action. There is nothing like that filed. It is an entirely new cause of action and they state there is just more of the same. Harassment by definition is a pattern of ongoing unlawful conduct. Of course its more of the same. Harassment is more of the same constant and continuous illegal conduct that is ongoing until a Court restrains it. It is about to be restrained, but it may not be from a civil court, at least not right now unfortunately. Again, Perry has so outraged so many people at what he is putting Cynthia through that the officers said they have more people talking to them than they can even get to wanting to help put a stop to Mr Perry’s unlawful conduct that has caused so much profound loss for Cynthia and her family for so long. He can continue if he just insists. That is of course his choice. However $15 million dollars paid out on a cover up that is just pissing so many people off nothing is less covered up than it is right now, more is available for public view and scrutiny than ever before in his life, does not comport with common sense. People are outraged enough to leak more by the day so we are sure he can live with his choices.

Now we have two, not just one, and there have been more that Ortiz just didn’t bother to dignify with a response or stop to photograph, of individuals who suddenly cut her off in traffic, get right in front of her, and slow way down to make sure she sees the plates, typically that have a “CVV” or CVW”, indicating, we guess, Civil Win or Civil Victory, or “CVU” we think meaning “suing you”, just before an adverse Order comes out. How would he know before hand in order to taunt Ortiz that way but for corruption? Last night on her way to work, where Perry is not supposed to know or care where that even is, there were four vehicles that harassed her with CP in the plates. If he pays these individuals to do this, or sends men into her workplace, that is a business deal and a business contact within the forum state of Oklahoma, something he told an Oklahoma Judge under oath he was not doing in order to meet the “purposeful availment” and “minimum contacts” criteria required for the Court to exercise jurisdiction over him. He made that sworn statement before a Court of law in a hearing he made sure Ortiz was not in to hear him give perjured testimony or refute his claims with evidence and/or eye witness testimony. Again, he taunted her with “CVV”, harassing drivers, surely they didn’t do that to her for free, on August 12, 2019, just days before today’s bazaar denial came down from the Tenth. Again, Ortiz sued for Breach of Contract, not even mentioned in any previous suits, and while the Tenth Circuit references in its Order, that these are “patterns”, it fails to reference harassment law, which includes a “pattern of conduct”, which would cause any reasonable person to fear or be annoyed. The state that is the case, but ignore the rule of law, in the material facts in that she is suing because of the very patterns they reference in the Order. She sued for a new cause being Defendant Perry cannot, will not, stop himself from the unwanted unlawful conduct targeted at Ortiz in the forum state of Oklahoma. Not once has she sought “breach of contract” causes of action in any prior litigation. There are no such motions so denying stating it is re-litigation, is on its face, factually false.

At the end of the day, Perry’s illegal civil wins will only lead to a criminal lose. This man’s ongoing criminal activity is exposed now more than ever before in his life despite over $15 million spent on a cover up in fact the officers investigating him have told Ortiz, “People are so very outraged at what he is doing to you, we are getting so much information in, we can’t even get to all of it as fast as we’d like to. He has more leaks than he even knows. That $15 million plus, has not covered up anything at all. We also recorded them again stating “I don’t care what you have to do, but you make sure she cannot appeal this.” That typically means she begins to have problems making money at work. He has contacted her regular VIP customers and told them they are not to do business with her anymore. She has spotted someone sitting in the drive near her work, asking people not to do business with her, or limit how much money she is making, and in fact we understand he told one of his guys, “She is only allowed one VIP a week. We have to allow some so she doesn’t find out what we are doing.” He’s tried to take her vehicle. And the officers told Ortiz they’ve recorded Perry twice discussing with his people ways to arrange a second false arrest, and or kill her without it being linked to him. Twice they recorded him making that statement.

The individual that the officers received information from in which Perry made a phone call to tell this guy “We have about gotten all her civil claims dismissed, and she is a suspect in a murder case.” in order to attempt to turn that individual against her thinking that might be someone involved in investigating him, who has tipped off Ortiz so many times when she was in danger, only served to implicate him. He could have otherwise argued in Court that the recordings were not him, until he did that. Clearly anyone involved in the investigation already knows Cyndi has killed nobody ever. Perry has. They would already know he’s tried to frame her and find some way to arrange another false arrest without it being linked to him. They already know all the horrible sadistic things he does to her, so they would not fall for the crap Perry says attempting to bury her so he can go back to serial killing as usual. Perry is addicted as they all are. Ted Bundy broke out of prison, and could not stop killing still knowing the entire country was seeking his whereabouts. He still killed again. He could not stop. He was then captured in Florida and brought to justice. Serial killers are addicted. Because of these Officers and Ortiz, Perry’s criminal activity and corruption is now more exposed than ever. He has too much idle time on his hands and alone time, from what the US Marshals told Ortiz when they had difficulty serving summons. “Perry is always on the road and never home. We have not been able to serve him.” which Ortiz then took as “He travels, is alone, has all kinds of time to commit all kinds of crimes and has NO ALIBI.” He is not at home spending time with his wife. He is out on the road, doing all kinds of criminal things hoping nobody suspects a thing but because of these officers and Ortiz, this is now more public than ever before in his life. He can no longer kill on impulse and has to be much more careful. We are sure he doesn’t like that. What he also doesnt’ know is long ago, the officers told Ortiz, “File as many causes of action as you can, get as many illegal judicial denials as you can, because we are going to use that so he can’t get to judges on any criminal case and believe me, he will give you more causes of action than you know what to do with so a few denials, at the end of the day, will only give you more to sue him for and we need to make sure on the criminal side, he gets out of nothing. When we stack up the illegal civil denials, we then use that to make sure he can’t bribe a judge to get out of criminal charges. Reporters have law degrees. They know what he is doing, as do prosecutors. Get him to do this as many times as you can so he can’t get away with it in criminal court. And he has been faithful to continue giving them just exactly what they wanted him to give them, as always, Perry never disappoints on that end.

Perry has for years attempted to paint Ortiz as some crazy, however she has put on the docket, statements from witnesses, he makes sure never testify, who have seen him or his people stalking her, harassing her, and some they saw that she didn’t. And, as we keep saying, he’s under investigation by police on another matter who have obtained information that they then pass on to Ortiz. Her therapist likewise called her false arrest, which was threatened first, and evidence of the threats put on the docket as well, a “stalking escalation intended to harm her to get her attention.” That is what is nutty. Not anything Ortiz has done.

In closing, Ghandi put it best:

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

Below is the Tenth Circuit Order of Denial on Ortiz’s Breach of Contract Case that again sounds more like he wrote it than astute Federal Appellate Circuit Court Judges.



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