Perry Had A Busy Stalking And Harassment Day And He’s Caught Trying Telling People Ortiz Is A Suspect In A Murder: Officers Told Ortiz Long Ago He Was Trying To Frame Her

Perry was hard at work today stalking and harassing Ortiz, still. The following occurred today in the bazaaro land of Peeper Creeper Perry who is not able to restrain himself from causing one problem after another for Ortiz, same as he did when he threatened for months to arrange a false arrest, then carried out that threat for which he is now being sued. Ortiz never committed any crime at all but instead was in compliance with OK law requiring the filing of a police report when seeking a protective order, something Perry knew as her failure to comply with that law, was in part the reason her first attempt to get a protective order in May, 2015 was denied. He then threatened to kill her and arrange a false arrest in August, 2015. He then appears to have tried to kill her having a few guys spike her drinks at work with arsenic. She tweeted Tulsa Police where the crime occurred. Perry then had his DA BFF from Sunday School, Matthew Powell charge Ortiz with filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job and had her arrested and taken back to Lubbock in handcuffs, let her sit there for two months, never had her blood tested and impeded the investigation by Tulsa Police so they could not test her, destroyed the evidence, found a few shrinks to try to diagnose her with delusion, uh…and remember, he did say he was going to arrange a false arrest, she did email and text friends and family and wrote the US Attorney letting them know she’d been threatened with specifically death and false arrest, he then had her see a shrink for a year and a half, while agreeing not to ever contact her again, evidenced in her bond conditions, then dropped the charges. She’s not delusional in the least when she had so much documentation months before telling people he’d threatened her with false arrest. Again, she was required by law to file the report, she had no choice, and he knew that. He had her charged in another state for complying with the laws in the state where she lives, had her arrested before TPD even called her back to collect evidence and destroyed the evidence of attempted murder. We did mention he was also threatening to kill her.

Now, he’s again threatened, actually since the second she got home from the first false arrest, to arrange a second and we understand he called the man who Ortiz expressed an interest in dating, Fabian, and told him, “I will find a way to lock her up again and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up.” Dave Roberson told Ortiz, “Charles and Fabian fought over you for months.” Ortiz replied, “That should not be. I want nothing to do with Charles Perry so there is no fight between those two. There just isn’t one. I want nothing to do with Charles Perry so you get him off me.” She texted Fabian of that conversation that very night. Ortiz documents these things as they happen, not later on as afterthoughts intended to cover something up.

Speaking of which, in eight years since she met Perry, at the time him having ZERO political back ground, was a new candidate running for state rep, she had ten years in government reform and consulting, having moved to Lubbock from Las Vegas, NV just a few years before the two met, he stated in his complaint that resulted in her false arrest that she filed the report, the report was false, and that it was intended to retaliate against him for his job as a public servant. What job? When they met, he was a new candidate and not an elected official. She helped him get elected. There is no correspondence or posts on social media from her stating she was angry regarding any political issue. In eight years, as vocal as she is, as much as she rants when she’s pissed off, there would be something. There are instead from September, 2011 to the present, private messages and public posts regarding her frustration with Perry’s pattern of conduct that constitutes stalking and harassment part of which includes threatening to kill her and arrange a false arrest which he then carried out. Over and over for the past eight years she continues to state she wanted for Perry to leave her alone, and not once says she didn’t want for him to be re-elected. He had nothing as to history to attack, and Ortiz is seasoned and knows how to defeat a candidate without making it weird. She kept her mouth shut from 2011 to 2014 and only her very close trusted friends knew there was a stalker problem with Perry. She describes him pulling up behind her home and sitting there watching her, showing up at social events he was not invited to nor in the crowd she and her friends hung out in, she complained she thought he hacked her phone and computer, which would be one way to know her plans, none of which is required to pass a law in Texas.

She was approached by police, from another state, at her work in Dallas at Jaguars and told Perry had been under investigation for sometime and they needed to help her and they needed her to help them. They told her “Perry is not the nice guy you think he is. He’s going to hurt you very badly in fact he already has. He bribed the judge to take your son, he called your clients so nobody would do business with you, and he wants you dead. He’s killed before and that’s what we are investigating. He just bribes people to cover it up. This time, he killed someone with ties to a foreign diplomat so he’s not gonna be bribing or threatening his way out of this one. But this is now on “need to know” status. He is not going to leave you alone until you are dead, so we need your help. You have a close up and personal relationship with a serial killer we can use to catch him and bring him to justice if you are willing but you need to get out of Texas as soon as you can. You are in a great deal of danger. You need to leave the state. If he leaves you alone, great, but we don’t think he will. He’s obsessed. We could use your help with this, if you are willing and we’ll help keep you safe too.” They have actually done a great deal to keep her safe. Ever since, she has received information warning her of impending danger when Perry is recorded discussing his intent and his plan to cause her some type of harm, loss or injury which is pretty much daily. He’s been recorded twice seeking ways to kill her or arrange another false arrest without it being linked to him. He had a man collect her discarded cigarette butts and discarded gum from her work to plant as evidence of a murder frame up. He’s been caught telling people not to trust her because he is getting her civil claims dismissed, not legitimately but he is, and that she is the suspect in a murder. But, if you tell someone who told Ortiz Perry planned to frame her, then they already know that would knowingly false information intended to slander and defame Ortiz and carry out that second threat of false arrest. We aren’t saying he has or has not spoken to people involved in his investigation, we are saying, if he calls the wrong person trying to smear her and besmirch her, that would then almost be very nearly an admission of guilt being they uncovered his plot and already knew it was him trying to frame her, called her and told her once the discovery was made, so when he calls someone up trying to besmirch and discredit her stating “She is the suspect in a murder.” they already know she’s not. He is the suspect in a murder frame up is actually the truth on that one.  Perry knows Ortiz has never even held a gun, which didn’t work for his story, so he sent a few guys in trying to coax her into going to a shooting range, which she was of course smart enough to decline the offer. She doesn’t own a gun, has never held a gun and probably never will. She is not against guns, if obtained legally, but she doesn’t want one herself. Nothing wrong with that at all. Its just not her thing.

The officers also received information regarding one of Perry’s guys stating “Since you guys had her social security card taken and those cops told her, and her credit card, she’s keeping her wallet with her at all times, so I don’t think we are going to be able to get her Driver’s License too.” So apparently, not only did they want her social security card, which they did take, but her Driver’s License too and because they took both her social security card and a credit card, although not at the same time, she doesn’t allow her private personal items like that out of her sight or possession. The credit card was actually in her wallet under neath one that was discontinued or a closed account. But the thief, working on Perry’s payroll could not know that, but for hacking and or peeping tom cameras to know where it was, and where she put the credit card associated with an active account. The card was cancelled immediately when discovered missing. The card to the cancelled account, untouched and remained in her wallet. After that happened, Ortiz put all cards and private personal documents in a card holder, not in her wallet and again, nobody could know where it was but for peeping tom cameras watching her take the social security card from her wallet and putting it in the card holder. Whoever took it had to be on Perry’s payroll, had to have peeping tom cameras on her at her house, where she was when she moved it from the wallet to the card holder, and knew right where to look. Now they want her Driver’s License too. To do what? The stolen social was reported to the proper authorities and she does not allow any of that to be out of her possession at all anymore. The man was correct, but then, how would he know but for watching?

Also, all the sudden within the past few days, Ortiz’s two most used emails, including the one for court, her computer and her phone suddenly jammed up stating there was no storage left. All at once and that’s not suspicious. That’s not suspicious at all. She’s resolved some but found two files in her Hotmail account that she didn’t put there and they won’t delete. She cannot get or send emails unless she buys more storage, yet another expense and financial burden Perry piled on top of her. He is constantly taunting her typing in her phone that he wins. He does. We agree. He wins the award for being the biggest burden, menace, nuisance, loony toon alive award. He’s a troublemaker and completely enjoys making problems for other people, creating hardships and burdens for other people and causing drama. “He seems to enjoy causing loss for Cynthia immensely and that is very sadistic and very dangerous to her.” quoting the officers criminal psychologist. “He has done nothing but that since the two met in 2010 and over time he has to increase the misery he imposes to get the same thrill and that is what makes him such a danger to society.”

Being the officers had evidence he bribed the judge in her son’s custody case to take him from her, a loss any mother would find excrutiating, particularly one like Ortiz who was very active and involved in the lives of her boys, there is no greater pain you cause a parent than the loss of a child and he knew that. At the time, he pretended to be a friend of her’s but did do some things that caused her some pause. At the time, she didn’t understand his reactions. She said, “When I was going through the custody case with my son, I got a call from Chris Winn who told me Perry and Tim Lambert were working on a Parent’s Rights Bill. He told me to contact Lambert and get some information to the public about the bill and my situation showing the need for the bill. Lambert had helped families where the grandparents took kids from their parents who disagreed with homeschool and Lambert was the President of the homeschoolers coalition. We went to media with the problem because the sacrifice is not so much of a harm financially and emotionally to parents as it is to the children being ripped from mom and dad due to some insane belief by grandparents they have a right to take kids who are well cared for but not being raised according to their own opinions. My son, was not homeschooled. He went to public schools and my fight with my parents was that I did not homeschool him. These people’s parents Tim helped was the opposite, but either way, my son grew up not missing one single meal, we took him to the doctor when he was sick, he was vaccinated, he had more clothes than he could wear, he made good grades, was active in sports and performed well, so there was not one legit reason for me to lose custody of my child. That judge decided long before Brandon and I walked into the court to fight for our kid she was gonna find a way to take him. She did exactly that. Perry, a co sponsor of that Parents Rights Bill got on TV and acted very squemish about his support, and really didn’t say much in support of a Bill he co -sponsored before all this happened to me with my son. He did that for the home schooled kids and for Lambert so why get wishy washy on a Bill you co sponsored before I was affected? Why act that way on TV when you’d think he’d want to really promote the bill his name is on? Why would he not want to push for support of that bill, to the public while he had the chance and my backing, my personal story and people who knew me to be a good mom watching me go through that, so he could come back to the voters with a success for the district.” It didn’t make sense, until, the officers told her that. She had no idea what the deal was and really just kind of brushed it aside as “maybe he had an off day”, but then when the officers told her in March, 2014 he bribed the judge, all the sudden, his bazaar reaction made perfect sense. He couldn’t come on too strong for parental rights when he’d just bribed a judge in NM to find a way to take a kid away from his mother. The point is, if he bribed that judge, whats one more, or two more, or maybe even three more if it suits him to do so? There are reporters with law degrees watching Ortiz’s cases very closely who have told her, “These decisions are way way off from like cases. There is a reason for that. Its not you. ” In fact the one hearing she argued in, two Defendants did not receive the dismissals they sought, one being Perry and one being Roberson. None should have, but at least that judge attempted to be more fair and was able to actually hear from Ortiz, versus the last several hearings resulting in dismissals of her claims where she was excluded and not there to refute Perry’s false claims in Court, Powell’s too, with evidence, fact, the law, and witnesses. Things that don’t add up required further digging and investigations. You have a man with a whole lot to hide, trying desperately to cover up a whole lot of corruption and crime and he cannot seem to refrain from committing more by the day, to cover up the last five, that were supposed to cover up the ten before that, and those were supposed to cover up the fifteen before all those, and as we’ve quoted before the DA on the Kathy Augustine murder, he continues to prove that quote “During any good police investigation, the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier. ” When you kill one person and cover it up, whats one more? When you peep on one woman without her consent and against her wishes, whats one more? When you steal from a single mother and a child, whats one more? He has yet to restrain himself. There is a reason this conduct is illegal. There is a reason most people never do the things Defendant Perry cannot stop himself from doing. Its just that this time, he already had an ongoing investigation into someone he hurt with international ties. He hurt a cop’s granddaughter, great granddaughter, and daughter, that being Ortiz in that her family was all cops. This time, he hurt someone who fought for her patients to have better care against the insurance lobby, other competing health care providers who kind of in some ways might be looking to bilk the system for their specialty, in front of DC elected officials with a zillion more prominent issues on their desk requiring their attention. She did that for fifteen years, ten before she ever met Perry so she’s not a weak or a light weight by any stretch. This time things are different and his criminal activity more exposed than ever before in his life despite right around $15 million dollars spent on a failed cover up, more money than he’s spent in his entire life cover up criminal activity that is now more exposed than ever. So, hacking, taking her license, trying to frame her for murder are his attempts to subdue all of that. What he actually did was just give more evidence that he is the criminal she and these officers believe him to be and have reason to believe that. You don’t wake up at age sixty and just start jumping right in to criminal activity. This starts way before that and it typically starts small, they get away with it, get bolder, go a little bigger with the crime, get away with it, get even bolder, go even bigger and so forth. One of Ortiz’s neighbors that also saw the Black Lexus with Texas plates creeping around her as reported by another neighbor said, “That right there looks to me like Texas mafia. What are they doing around here.” Ortiz said, “Oh, you have no idea how right you are. That is exactly what that is. ” She and another neighbor have seen now two vehicles with Illinois plates of all places, pull into the drive where Ortiz is staying right now, look at her and drive away. The neighbor that witnessed that is the same individual that said “I’ve lived her for years and we never had that crazy stuff go on until you got here. I called the police. I told them, ‘She’s got a stalker and he’s clearly obviously got guys coming here to watch her. I think you need to take this very seriously. ‘ so they are supposed to be patrolling the area more. This is creeping me out and making me uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for you. I don’t how you live with this all the time. It would drive me nuts.” The legal definition of harassment is:


(either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone anxious or fearful. Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit if due to discrimination based on race or sex, a violation on the statutory limitations on collection agencies, involve revenge by an ex-spouse, or be shown to be a form of blackmail (“I’ll stop bothering you if you’ll go to bed with me”). The victim may file a petition for a “stay away” (restraining) order, intended to prevent contact by the offensive party. A systematic pattern of harassment by an employee against another worker may subject the employer to a lawsuit for failure to protect the worker.”

Hiring some guy to drive around where Ortiz is, whether it be at work or at home, in the forum state of Oklahoma is conducting business ,which Perry just told a judge under oath he is not doing. Hiring some guy to come into her work pretending to be a customer, to ask another dancer to take her Driver’s License, Social Security Card, credit card, ask stalker questions, tell customers not to tip her on stage, tell customers not to buy a VIP from her, tell her regular customers not to buy anything else at all from her, is a business contact within the forum state of Oklahoma. Each contact intends to cause injury and loss. Each contact, particularly where money changes hands, as part of that $15 million dollars, is a business contact and a substantial one as it causes the injury giving rise to the suits, all three depending on when they occurred. Its also victim/witness tampering.

Lastly, Perry claimed Ortiz was a groupie who was enamored by him when reality is, when they met, she was the one who had been in politics and around people with power for a decade. She moved from glamorous Las Vegas to Lubbock. He was a nobody boring accountant living in a small town far from as exciting as Las Vegas, NV. What exactly was there to be enamored by? Compared to what she was around all her life, she was enamored by a small town boring accountant who was not yet an elected anything, and even after he was elected to one of the smallest districts in Texas? Why? Why would he even think that? He then had his attorney, after having received copies of emails and texts filed with the Courts, send a written request for emails documenting ongoing threats and documenting his conduct that constitutes “stalking and harassment”, they then took them to court and claimed Perry was being harassed. Telling on him, documenting his criminal activity is harassing him, how exactly? She complied with the request with the reasonable expectation he would act in good faith and restrain his client. She could, were it not for judicial impropriety, hearings where she’s not even there to submit evidence and argue the law, and in most courts of law, get a default judgement and his sanctioned for the attorney’s failure to restrain his client from out of court unlawful conduct. In fact, the officers told Ortiz not long ago, they’d received a call from one of their attorney friends that told them, “If he did this here, his attorney would be immediately sanctioned and she’d get a default judgment. I don’t what the hell is going on in Tulsa, but they don’t put up with that crap here. They shouldn’t there either. This judge needs to wake up and get control of this guy and restrain him in accordance with the law because this case is high profile and people are looking at it. To allow that doesn’t speak highly of her judicial skills or professionalism.” Now, he’s been investigated for killing someone with ties to a foreign diplomat so he thinks framing Ortiz for murder they all know he’s framing her for and she had nothing at all to do with, is going to get him out of that jam? He continues to accuse her of doing what he is in fact doing and it is outrageous that he thinks that would work. Calling around to ask different law enforcement agencies “Is it you helping her and investigating me? You might want to know she is a suspect in a murder.” When the actual investigators uncovered his attempts to plant evidence and frame her, then told her about it, so a phone call like that would only serve as an admission of guilt. They already knew he was collecting her personal items from her workplace to use to plant with intent to frame her for a crime she had nothing at all to do with. They know that already. They have for some time.

The bottom line is, today was more of the same abuse, harassment, invasion of privacy, stalking and every bazaar thing you can imagine that Ortiz has been subjected to now every day for nearly a decade. The thing most people do not understand about being the victim of stalking is that each loss is a trauma. He tried to kill her, then had her arrested for going to police for help, not for committing a crime. Her police report was never investigated because Perry obstructed justice and caused the forensic evidence of his crimes to be forever lost. She was required by law to file the report. Tulsa Police tweeted her and told her to file the report so she was acting in response to directives in writing by police. There never was a crime committed by Cynthia Ortiz. She lost her home. Her mugshot smeared all over the place and imagine how traumatizing that event was to her child, her son. She’d told him and his dad, her ex husband, Perry had threatened her with death and false arrest for months. He then carried out those specific threats or tried to. Imagine as a child how terrifying that must be. Stalking victims are not just traumatized one time and then they have time to heal and get over it and allow it to make them stronger. Instead they are re-traumatized daily over and over and over again. There is no time to get over it and heal. There is only time to brace yourself for the next profound catastrophic loss the stalker may intentionally cause retaliating for being rejected, and retaliating for going to police for protection. You don’t have one second to heal or get over it. You do have the choice to allow to strengthen you. You can chose to help police catch the bad guy so the bad guy can cause no more suffering. You do have the choice to fight back in a court of law. You do have the choice to allow it to make you better, not bitter. You do have difficulty trusting people, in knowing which ones work for him and are going to hurt you for him, and which people are okay, but that doesn’t mean you have to allow it to make you bitter. You can chose not to give the stalker that kind of win and instead simply become wiser, smarter, stronger, better able to be thankful for even the smallest thing you maybe didn’t even notice before, and move forward like everyone else with new internal tools most people don’t have the opportunity to develop. You can chose to become very resourceful, with very little or whine and complain you never have enough because stalkers intentionally cause financial loss to ensure difficulty in fighting them off. That is what Cynthia Ortiz has chosen to do, make her stronger, wiser, more resourceful, to assist law enforcement in catching the bad guy so the bad guy can harm no more, move forward and not become bitter. Its all about what movie you chose to play in your head about any given situation, she said. “You can play that bad situation in your head like a no win slasher horror movie where we all die at the end, or like a championship football game where I am the underdog and come back to win. I may not get to chose what loss or harm or weird sadistic Charles Perry the stalker whackjob will do to me every day, but I can chose what I do with it and  I chose to play it in my head like that championship football game, not some slasher horror movie, so this comes out at the end of the day to be a victory for me and every person he’s ever hurt. That part is my choice and only my choice. We hope to encourage anyone and everyone going through any kind of difficulty to decide for yourself that even when life throws crap at ya, you throw it right back and decide not to allow it to make you bitter, but rather just better.

See texts to Ortiz’s attorney below regarding Perry’s latest threats and harassment, in Oklahoma, where she lives, works and has a life he seems bent on destroying. She documents in this manner, which is probably in part why Perry jammed up every email account she has, her phone and computer, all at the same time with something that made her use up all storage. All at the same time reported they were no longer working due to running out of storage. What are the chances all emails, her phone and computer use up all storage at the same time? That’s, not suspicious. That’s not suspicious at all. But, what that does, which he doesn’t like of course, is documents events and acts causing injury as they occur, not as an afterthought attempting to cover something up, but as they occur. It is the same exactly as the emails to her ex husband, friend and the letter to the US Attorney telling them Perry was threatening to kill her and arrange a false arrest, which he then tried to kill her and did arrange a false arrest for which he is now being sued. It establishes intent versus negligence in Court, premeditation, that he first threatened the injury and therefore, did not just act negligently but intended to cause it and did it on purpose meeting requirements for “purposeful availment”. This is that. Its not intended to harass Perry. Its intended to protect Ortiz and differentiate between acts causing injury due to negligence, (addressing acts or omissions resulting in injury), or acts of intent. Threatening first, premeditating first, then calling Oklahoma, paying out money to someone to commit the act on his behalf, pretty much means he meant to do it and the act was intentional, not negligent. Her emails and texts accomplish that and are intended for that purpose. At times, you can sense panic and anger, which is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. When someone tries to kill you, get you fired, arrange another false arrest, take your car, its going to cause panic and anger and great great frustration. She is a normal human and not a robot. There are emotions associated with going through loss after loss after loss at the hands of a sadistic individual who has no control to restrain himself and criminally attacks her daily. If someone broke into your home, held you at gun point, took every thing you have, you might call him a bad name or two and you for sure would panic and be angry. This is like going through that, not once, but every day for nearly a decade. Her panic and anger, are a normal reaction to a very very abnormal situation.


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