Ortiz’s History In Politics Does Not Comport With Perry’s Claims

When you see who all Ortiz was around long before she ever moved to Lubbock and met Charles Perry, no intelligent person would be able to, if they tried hard, actually believe his delusional claims that she would be impressed with him in the least. Even growing up in Roswell New Mexico, her granddad was the Chief of Police, her great granddad the Captain of Detectives, and the two were written about in a national detective magazine for solving a murder. Roswell Police Department is named in her granddad’s honor. He later became the Chairman of the Chavez County Republican Party, Chavez County Treasurer and Roswell City Councilman. Her family was the big fish in the little pond where she grew up. Clearly if there was something she needed, she plenty of connections long before she met Perry to go to. She never worked on any legislative issues in Texas, never needed his help, he was contacted out of courtesy if he was contacted at all, Frullo was her state rep and she left Lubbock in 2013 before he ran for Senate and about a year before she even told anyone but a few close friends she had problems with Defendant Perry stalking her. Four years a really long time to keep your mouth shut about a married man pulling up behind the home to sit and watch a single woman amd her child and showing up places where is constantly without invitation or even being told where Ortiz was meeting friends. Stalkers are just flat creepy and disturbing and this was conduct Ortiz documented to friemds and family who did not even live in Texas for yhe most part but for friends who saw him stalk her, only a few of her closest friends, and that is not what one does unless they dont want to be a scandal. She had a business and clients to protect. Thats why she did not tell anyone until she left town and he still would not wuit with the unwanted romantic advances and stalking., Almost a year after she left before she told more than just a handful of her closest trusted friends there was a problem with Defendant Perrys conduct. She left town to avoid him amd all conflict with him. Politically she helped him get elected, had ten years in political consulting and government reform, had no need for the new guy with no developed pull or established relationships, could go around him or over his head to get what she needed politically if they disagreed, and there are no texts or tweets or emails indicating any kind of political disagreement at all. She never worked on any legislative initiatives in Texas. Stalking a woman who does not like you and being a creepy guy is not what one does to pass a law in Texas. The point is, a political attack Defendant Perry alleged was nothing more than a figment of his delusions and her life was loaded with people far more impressive than Perry will ever be and it appears he became enamoured when seeing these photos on facebook and of her life in a far more glamorous exciting Las Vegas as compared to a boring small town like Lubbock where there really is just nothing to do. When they met he was not elected to anything at all. He was a boring accountant, church deacon, married family guy from small town Texas. She supported him and probably pulled more votes for him to get elected than he would ever admit to. All in all, as you can see, there was never anything he could do for her, she could not get bigger and better from somewhere else, so no reason for her to make up some crazy stalker story, keep her mouth shut for four years but to a few close friends, change careers, move twice over a political vendetta that only exists in his imagination and therefore there is no evidence of. Defendant Perry continues to engorge himself in a delusion that he has a political attack on him and that he and Ortiz have some secret romance that only exists to him. Ortiz has spent SIX years doing everything imaginable to reject him, get away from him, avoid him avoid conflict with Defendant Perry and has spent all kinds of time and money doing so and fighting him off her in Court. This is time and money she could have spent on anything else but that including building her business and a better life for her boys. She has had to invest in her freedom from an obsessed stalker who has no control to get unstuck from his own self imposed prison of delusion and creepy. She has made her wishes and her feelings of disgust for Perry very very clear. The law is the law and it prohibits his conduct. It is unfortunate being a victim of a delusional obsessed stalkers costs victims so much to just be free and able to get back to a normal life again once finally the stalker is subdued.

For more information on the financial strains and drains incurred by victims of stalking see Click Here to Obtain Information on Victims of Crime.org

Also we recommend watching how real men behave as compared to a pathetic stalker type, in the movie “The Unfinished Life”, with Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lopez. Its one of Ortiz’s favorites. NO ONE is suggesting violence but only making the point, real men protect women, they don’t abuse and attack women and children. But this is in no way to support, promote, or suggest that violence either way is appropriate. It is not appropriate to lower yourself to the level of the attacker unless it is to protect life due to immediate danger. The movie suggests intolerance for men who abuse and attack whether it be psychologically, physically, or financially, women and children and that we do support in every way. The movie is currently available on Netflix.

In photographs below are as follows:

Ortiz with Former Nevada Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign, Ortiz with her son Triston with Former Congressman Randy Neugebaurer, Ortiz and her boys with Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Ortiz with Former Governor Rick Perry, Ortiz with Former Lubbock County Sheriff David Guitierrez and close friend Ruth Schiermeyer, Ortiz’s Granddad, Former Police Chief, L. M. Hall, and her Great Granddad, L.G. Hall, Former Captain of Detectives, Roswell Police Department, Roswell NM. Article in Startling Detective regarding a murder in Roswell solved by her granddad and great granddad and the T. Thompson- L.M. Hall Law Enforcement Center of Roswell, Police station in Roswell, named in honor of Cynthia Ortiz’s granddad, Chief L.M. Hall.


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