Perry Claiming He Is The Victim

Officers investigating Charles Perry on another matter have obtained information Perry claims he is the victim of psychological abuse. No such thing exists. When John Hinkely Jr. was arrested for shooting the President, in a show to impress his stalking victim, actress Jodi Foster, Hinkely complained police hurt him when they tackled him to take him down and stop him from killing people. He not once asked how those were he just shot, could not have cared less about taking lives, just that he was “abused” by the arresting officers who acted so heroically. Someone who suffers from delusion, enough to believe there is a relationship with someone who just rejects them all the time, when there is NO evidence at all to support the belief that the interest goes both ways, and when the other person makes it clear they have no interest at all, its reasonable to see its not that much of a leap to then see yourself as a victim when rejected. Perry, an old man, a public figure, claims he is the victim of psychological abuse, never mind he has spent the past near decade ruining everything Ortiz spent her entire life building, recently was caught trying to take her vehicle, when his attempt to vandalize her car causing mechanical problems failed, has been caught trying again to drug her, has been recorded more than once discussing ways to kill her or arrange another false arrest of Ortiz, and it not be linked to him, and Ortiz has now three statements by witnesses filed in Court corroborating stalking incidents, some of which she was not even there to see. The witnesses saw it but she did not. None of this is what one must do to pass a law in Texas.

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The conversation recorded is below:

Individual One: “Because its pyschological abuse. She is vulgar.”

Individual Two: “I don’t think her telling people what Charles is doing to her, now which she’s got multiple witness statements corroborating hardly meets criteria for psychological abuse. He is most definitely doing that to her, she is hardly doing that to him. If he leaves her alone, there is nothing more for her to say, I’m sure this will work itself out and she won’t talk about what he does to her out of court. She won’t need to. But for him to claim he is somehow the victim of psychological abuse because she tells on him, is frankly appalling. She’s the one who has suffered substantial financial loss because of his actions so that would be where the abuse is, not her telling on him. I don’t think a few cuss words about it constitutes him being abused. “
The guy further stated “The bottom line is she has enough evidence here and witness corroboration to substantiate her claims. He is claiming abuse because she rejected him and it hurt his feelings. This guy is an old man, and ought to be able to deal with rejection appropriately. He is a public figure and his private moral failures is of the nature that the public has the right know. He is clearly committing a private life moral failure. There is too much here to deny that. The public has the right to know so his claims of being abused are nothing more than whining about being rejected, something we all go through and we all move on without forcing a woman to take us to court over it. He is also pissed off that he gets caught and she tells on him and that is all this is about. Once he leaves her alone, she wont have anything else to say. I think Cyndi has better things to do with her time than this and the only reason she does it, is to get him off of her and protect herself. Once the need for that goes away, I assure you she will be free to spend her time in a way she enjoys not having to deal with his out of court threats and harassment. When someone ruins your life and just wont get control over themselves to stop, you get a pass on cussing about it. I know a whole lot of people who would have fed that fucker the pigs long ago. She is gonna cuss. A lotta times, shes quoting other people who are equally frustrated with this guys drama. He needs to get a life and move on and that would solve a good deal of his complaints.”
Ya think? Mr Perry is referred to in Oklahoma as “a Taylor Swift Song” due to his inability to be a man, act like a civilized grown up, and move on and leave Cynthia alone. She wants nothing to do with him and she has made that clear for six years in all of her words and all of her actions. Mr Perry has got to grow up and be a man and get out of her life. That is all there is to it. This high school drama queen girl thing he does is becoming very very sickening and frankly embarrassing.
See three witness statements below, filed with the Courts, stating they saw Perry’s stalking conduct going way back, even when Ortiz was no where around. Perry wanted her psychologist, Dr. Russell, to change her testimony, from what we’ve been told, but was told “She cannot change what she said then, now. She would have to re-evaluate Cynthia.” The material facts simply support Dr. Russell’s assessment as does the assessment of the criminal psychologist consulted by the officers investigating Perry on another matter. Ortiz made her wishes very very clear she want NO contact from Perry ever. Her emails, texts, and facebook messages to friends and family going back to 2011 state she just wanted Perry to leave her alone. He refuses to be a man, act civilized, comply with the law, and leave her alone as requested over and over and over for nearly a decade and that behavior is as nutty as it gets. Its morally, legally, and socially offensive and inept that he is unable to grasp reality, respect her rights and wishes and leave her alone. The photos show witness statements showing other people have seen Perry’s stalking conduct, even when Ortiz was not around, at least three, two recently within the past few months, Ortiz’s email to Perry’s attorney asking him to cease and desist, or one of hundreds of her legal demands that have led other attorneys to wonder what is wrong with the Tulsa Court that his attorney has not been sanctioned as he would be in any other Court of Law for failure to restrain his loony client, Ortiz’s Bond Conditions ordering Perry NEVER contact Ortiz again in any form at all, resulting from her demands after Perry and Powell offered that as an inducement to get her to keep the details of her false arrest from media while she was illegally detained in Lubbock after Perry had threatened for months to arrange a false arrest. She did email and text friends and family of the threats as they occurred and wrote the US Attorney. Also below is Dr. Russell’s assessment. In every email and text going back to 2011, Ortiz does not state she does not want Perry to be re-elected. In fact she states she does not want to be a political scandal, just for Perry to leave her alone. The email to Empower Texans, Michael Quinn Sullivan dated July 2014 also filed with the Courts, is below as well. In three years of Court proceedings, Perry has not once denied having consented to the provision in Ortiz’s Bond Conditions stating he will NEVER contact her again. He started the second she returned home and has not stopped since. Mr Perry has a problem in that he is mentally ill to continue to heap unwanted attention, and criminal attacks on Ortiz trying to get her attention when he agreed to cut it out. Furthermore, a friend of Ortiz, who is one of the officers investigating Perry on another matter told her, “I am afraid you may have much more here with this guy than just mental illness. It seems to me he may also have some mental retardation. If he is not able to tell after six years, you’ve shut down your entire career, moved twice, filed Motion after Motion after Motion with the Courts asking for a Protective Order or Order of Injunction, he continues to give you evidence that you need one each time you get a denial and he thinks you like him still and that nobody would suspect corruption? Come on, that man has to have some Rainman thing going on to not get by now that you are not into him and get off ya. And if he really thinks the public is too stupid to notice the judicial impropriety, again, he’s not operating with a full load. You ask for a Protective Order, it gets denied, he tried to kill you and threatened you with false arrest. You report him to local police, before they can investigate, he carries out that threat to arrange a false arrest because you sought police protection, not because you committed a crime and you lost your evidence because he made sure you did. You sue and again try to get a protective order and he sends in Pinto offering you $5000 to sleep with him, which if you loved him he wouldn’t have to pay you and he still can’t figure out you are not into him? You again try to get a protective order, it gets denied again, he sends in Mickey James to tell you they are still trying to figure out if its worth the risk of suspicion on Perry if he kills you and tell you that you won’t get justice ever. Courts just arent’ fair. And they think nobody would notice YOUR court is not fair and JUST your’s? Now you have all this other stuff going on around you with this Black Lexus and they think nobody would notice you should have had that Protective Order long ago and nobody would see this is corrupt and they have bought off a few judges? If they can’t figure that out, or he can’t, he most definitely has some mental retardation. That is not the normal logic and reason everyone else uses to simply put two and two together. If this guy didn’t have some mental retardation, at his age, he should be able to determine that you are not into him, and move on. We’ve all been there. Its part of life.” The man went on to say, “I’ve talked to some folks in Lubbock that are beginning to wonder if his wife didn’t get his college degree for him and since you’ve seen him hand off all his work to his employees, there are some questions as to whether or not he even knows how to do accounting. He may not. He may just some how have fenagled someone else to always do things for him because he can’t figure out how. If he can’t figure out how to leave a woman alone that doesn’t like him, and thinks people won’t see through the judicial orders that don’t make any sense, no way he’s not got some type of mental retardation if he really thinks that. This is just not what intelligent people do. He’s got something more than just mental instability wrong with him. Has to. No way he doesn’t. “

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Officers also obtained recorded discussions of Perrys intent to force Ortiz into lying for him. She has notified Mr Miller. Text below:


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See Texts and Emails Below of Perry’s Next Intent to harm Ortiz and force and coerce her into a lie, which she still refuses. How Perry even knew Ortiz had stuff in storage and where it is to gain access to it, if he’s not indeed a creeper peeper, we don’t know. But apparently, he wants to take every single thing she has left, throw her back in jail and force her to take his bribe and lie for him. He’s done this more than once before so it appears he was revisiting another attempt.

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