Perry Recording Prompts Reporter To Speculate “If He Is Trying Already to Impede Cynthia’s Appeal, Then He’s Already Worked Something Out With The Judge To Get a Denial”

Perry recorded by police investigating him on another matter discussing drugging Ortiz AGAIN, hoping to scare her into quitting her job so she has to get a job which he can get at her money to stop the lawsuits. The intent discussed was just to scare her into quitting, however no one could know ahead of time how any drug is going to affect someone. It could kill her just the same as anything else should she have an adverse reaction. He cannot possibly know ahead of time, whether it would or would not. Why is he attempting to do that anyways?
That was also the purpose of his intent to vandalize her vehicle to disable it, and when that did not work out, to have it towed and make Ortiz figure out why later. She owes no money on the car. The title to her car is her’s and her’s alone, it is locked in a safe with a trust individual. Vandalizing did not work because the officer investigating Perry caught him, so he was attempting a different angle in having it towed, and while not legit, he was recorded stating “Its not legit but she we will already have her car before she figures that out and it will keep her from appealing. There just cannot be an appeal.” He simply wanted to take it so she cannot get to work. He has told people he wants her so destitute, she is forced to take his bribes, he would get her a car, and agree to lie for him and be in some bazaar nutbag relationship with him she NEVER wants to be in. She has had these officers protecting her very life for a long time. They said they have two rooms full of incriminating evidence against Charles Perry et al. They also believe Perry has severe mental illness and mental disabilities or he would not force himself on Ortiz, he could control himself and cease all contact with her as he has been asked to do for six years. No normal person imposes and burdens another the way he has Ortiz and her family for nearly a decade. He seems oblivious to how she feels, and forces his feelings on her and frankly everyone else, against her wishes and everyone else’s as well. He is very selfish, and has made himself the villain, not the prince charming Ortiz would want or any woman for that matter. His attention and contact is unwanted. The officers believe that his offers to give Ortiz whatever she wants if she would just lie for him and be in some bazaaro relationship with him she NEVER wants to be in is all just a lure so he can get close enough to her to kill her himself because other attempts through hired hitmen failed. If he really cared about her and wanted to give her whatever she wants, he would give back what he took and get out of her life and NEVER contact her or anyone she knows ever again. Its not about that. Its about getting her coaxed, lured, forced to be closer to him so he can murder her himself. There are reasons the officers are convinced that is his goal. They have done a spectacular job thus far, Ortiz trusts them, they have built rapport with her, and they trust her. Perrys secret problems are now exposed more than ever before in his life, despite more money spent on a cover up than ever before in his life because of the fine work these guys do every day and you cannot argue with that outcome. They are BATMAN fantastic!!
Nobody is alleging this, but for argument’s sake, even if Perry bribed every cop in Oklahoma to cover up for him, it wouldn’t matter. In six years it has not mattered one bit, if that were happening, nor will it change the ultimate outcome in any way at all. The outcome will be the same just as it has been for the past six years.
When Ortiz and Perry met, Perry was a nobody boring accountant, having spent his life in a small town with not much excitement.He had no history at all in politics. Ortiz had just moved to Lubbock from the more exciting glamorous town of Las Vegas, Nevada, and had spent her entire adult life in politics. She had photos of her with Federally elected officials on facebook, just a few she’d met with, and we believe Perry then became enamoured with her more exciting life and fixed and obsessed. There is a mental illness that causes a person to live in some delusional relationship that is not real to the other. Mr Perry has family, a pastor, friends and the means to seek treatment, and frankly its pathetic his family has enabled his problems, and not sought assistance for him, allowing him to make one problem after another problem for Ortiz and her family and other victims of his crimes as well. He has imposed and burdened others with his problems and drama and these officers investigating him on one of those matters, have successfully protected Ortiz from many an intended harm Perry had cooked up and ready to roll out all over her. He has no control to stop, so he is being stopped. That is all there is to it. He has burdened other people with his mental illnesses and mental disabilities to the extent that it is a crime and the job of law enforcement is to relieve suffering caused by crime. These officers have accomplished that in many ways already. Ortiz is thankful for their assistance.
Ortiz’s Texts To Her Attorney Last Night and Today Regarding Perry’s Ongoing Out of Court Harassment, Threats, Unwanted Contact, and Constant Criminal Attack On Her Life, Safety And Well Being:



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Click the link to see medical article on Erotomania/Delusion in which one person truly believes the other is in love with them, even when all the evidence says they are not. It is a very serious mental illness. Stalking, statistics show, preceed murder and it is the job of law enforcement to act appropriately, professionally, to save and protect life.

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