Ortiz Hit On Something Big, Perry Seeks A Way To Put Her In The Funny Farm To Discredit

Texas Senator Charles Perry and his buddies were overheard over the weekend planning to find a way to put Ortiz in a mental hospital, even after she was seen by a Court Ordered psychologist for a year and a half who called her arrest a “Stalking escalation”. The arrest had been threatened by Perry for months before he carried it out. She documented his threats in emails and texts all of which have been filed with the Courts. He did in fact arrange the false arrest as he’d threatened, impeded TPD investigations into his attempt to kill her, destroyed evidence of poisoning, and had her arrested, not for committing any crime at all, but for following procedure according to Oklahoma law. She tried to get a protective order against him in May, 2015 which was denied to her attorney’s failure to properly address jurisdiction and Ortiz’s failure to bring a police report to court. The reasons were stated clearly on the Order both Ortiz and Perry had. He knew the requirement. He also went before a Court of law and bold faced lied stating she filed the report “in retaliation for his job as a public servant”. From 2011 to the present, there are no emails, no texts, no rants on social media directed at Perry for any political issue, but rather private facebook messages, texts, emails, and rants on social media by Ortiz regarding frustration with his stalking. Her friends also supported information of Perry’s acts which constitute “stalking” and in fact told her of things they saw, that she did not even witness herself, one being a phone call she received from her friend Cheryl, advising her Perry had come to a restaurant the two met at with other friends weekly, where he’d send his aid to sit right next to them on a regular basis. He personally came looking for Ortiz one night when she did not attend the social outing but instead went to run errands and oddly, forgot her phone. Stalkers often hack their victims and use the phone as a tracking device. She forgot her’s that night and ran errands and Cheryl contacted Ortiz later to tell her Perry himself, not the aid this time, came looking for her. She documents incidents where he or someone working for him pulled up behind her home and sat and watched her for quite some time. His campaign manager, Ben Campbell had threatened to ruin her business right around father’s day 2011, after Perry threw a jealous fit in public when she talking with Rep. John Frullo. She asked Ben to put a stop to it so someone else would not start rumors and ruin her business. His response was to threaten to ruin her business himself. None of these acts are required to pass a law in Texas. That is his job as a public servant, passing laws in Texas, not creeping around her home of showing up where she is supposed to be but not looking for her. She’s not his wife, his girlfriend or anything at all and he had no business even being there. His attempts now, to intimidate and coerce Ortiz with his continued stalking, harassment, threats of death, kidnapping, another false arrest, to have her committed to some mental hospital to attempt to discredit her and/or force her to give information she is legally prohibited from giving or coerce a lie, get her fired, interfere with her income, or damage her car are really just beyond insane.


As more and more of Perry’s secret criminal life comes out, the more he threatens another false arrest, death and now this attempt to institutionalize her in order to cover his ass. It is nothing more but slander, defamation, and victim/witness tampering. His camp actually put a phone call into a mental hospital and were told unless Ortiz is a threat to herself or others, she cannot be forced into a mental hospital. She is not a threat to anyone at all, but he is. The man never stops threatening her with some type of harm, loss, and attempts to discredit her. If her were innocent, he’d go to court and prove that. He has done nothing but lie and try to force her to lie. He is not entitled to a lie nor will he get one. Cover ups are a crime and each cover up creates its own evidence. He seems unable to figure that out and just stop.

Ortiz sent her attorney the following text today:

“Charles told his ppl “If we put her in the funny farm she will have to tell us who these guys are.” There is plenty on the docket. He thinks other ppl are as delusional and stupid as he is and they don’t get it. People get it. Its illegal for me to say. Maybe he should comply with the law, quit contacting me rather than giving them more evidence.

There is Jimmy Edwards email stating someone made disparaging remarks but he wont say who and we don’t know the same ppl and Charles is the only person with motive and means to make those kinds of calls. There are his threats to kill me and arrange a false arrest which he did. There are my bond conditions with a Judges orders stating he cannot contact me. There are the emails to media that pissed off Matt enough for him to take them to Ted..nothing wrong with them, so why would he be pissed. The arrest not because I committed a crime but for following the law. There is the obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. There are Davea, Mickeys, Joel’s texts with Pinto. There are Dr Russell’s comments. There is the email of me telling you and Phillip Powell was calling up here demanding to know my whereabouts then his mail breaching address confidentiality. So what again was that about putting me in the funny farm to coerce, intimidate and force me to break the law and compromise the integrity of an ongoing investigation??? Pleeeze…these guys don’t think logically or rationally at all. And one hearing I was in where the judge denied his motion to dismiss and two I wasn’t even there where they procured dismissals and no evidence at all of Charles delusional political attack…no evidence, no motive, he is a small town nothing, no reason, no benefit to anyone to attack him politically and certainly nothing to gain using the resources that have been put into a criminal investigation. There is benefit on that but not politically. ”

The actual texts are below, along with evidence filed in now THREE law suits against Perry for civil rights violations, stalking, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress (emotional battery/psychological abuse), tortious interference, conversion (grand larceny), aggravated assault, battery, and breach of contract. The law suits cover different periods of time and address the different acts of the individuals Perry used to execute whatever harm he intentionally, maliciously, caused Ortiz. They are included in the ongoing lawsuits.

The first filed in the Northern District of Oklahoma, US Court, case no. 4:17-00489-JHP-JFJ, was transferred to Lubbock, even after the Magistrate Judge denied Perry’s motion to dismiss on jurisdiction, and she was able to present an argument during that hearing. Once the case was transferred, Perry had his attorney request emails documenting Perry’s threats to cause additional loss to Ortiz, same as the emails she sent telling people he threatened to arrange a false arrest, which proves intent and premeditation, took the them to court, held an ex parte hearing where she was not allowed to present arguments, claimed they were “harassment” and had the case dismissed. Ortiz appealed to the Tenth, on the transfer, was denied oddly not in form with similar rulings, and now has it sitting on the desk of the US Supreme Court awaiting conference on October 1, 2019.  That case No. is 18-9170.

She also filed a State Court Claim, in Tulsa County, Case No. CJ-2018-02775. He did the same thing in holding an exparte hearing where she was not allowed to argue the law or refute his claims. Despite a ton of evidence being filed with the court, the judge again, ordered a dismissal, that does not comport with prior case rulings by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Ortiz is appealing that as well. Oddly, when she is in Court to argue the law and facts, the Judge Denied Perry’s Motion to Dismiss. She has no law degree and is up against five seasoned attorneys and yet, they keep having hearings where she’s not present to refute their claims or argue the law, and she’s the crazy one? They won’t even let her in Court anymore and if they did, there would not be these quick dismissals like we are seeing. He bold face lied in Court to get the arrest order, so it seems he’s got a habit of perjury in Court. Had she been there to dispute his claims and bring that out, there probably would not have been a dismissal. Now, he’s costing her even more money having to address dismissals that do not comport with the law, prior rulings in higher courts, material facts or evidence. I don’t think she’s the crazy one at all. I think she poses a threat in exposing a man’s life long criminal history in having been the ONE person in his life who stood up to him and did not succumb to his cruelty, his intimidation tactics, his threats and she will not take a bribe, no matter how hard he tries to starve her out to force her to and he’s tried pretty darn hard to do that. This is all victim/witness tampering and racketeering charge waiting to happen.

The third case was the breach of contract case, addressing causes of actions for Perry’s illegal conduct after the first suit was filed. The judge dismissed stating it was a repeat and that she’d filed no evidence. She did file evidence and the dates of Perry’s actions she is suing for, nearly a year after the first suit was filed. She filed a motion to vacate and was told by officers investigating Perry, “Judge Eagan agreed to deny it to buy them time while it goes up to the Tenth. She knows her decision was incorrect, but agreed to deny it anyways, to buy them time to frame you for another crime. Its more ass covering.” And ….she did exactly that. Ortiz put an email out days before which is on facebook. Again, and she’s the crazy one?

The breach of contract case, filed in the United States Court, Northern District of Oklahoma in Tulsa, Case No. 4:18-cv-00159-CVE-FHM sits growing mold in the Tenth Circuit, Case No. 19-5034. On April 17, 2019, Ortiz texted her attorney relaying a conversation obtained by the law enforcement agency investigating Perry where the individual stated Judge Eagan would deny Ortiz’s Motion to Vacate, the Tenth would send it back, but it would buy Defendants some time. She sent the text on April 17, 2019. The order of denial was not even out until April 18, 2019. There should never have been any kind of back room deal between Defendants and the Judge. That is illegal, but has happened more than once. The denial stated Ortiz was relitigating the same cause of action, however the law suit addresses causes of action occurring almost one year after she filed the first cause of action, and causes such as breach of contract, first amendment rights violations, invasion of privacy, and conversion were not included in the first law suit. How she thought it was simply relitigating the first, no one can figure that one out. This blatant violations of the law and very very corrupt and not what people with nothing to hide do. In order for the officers to get this information, there first had to be a conversation where these decisions were made, planned and premeditated, then discussed.


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Ortiz told Perry she has no feelings for him, wants no contact with him and to cease and desist, years ago. He seems unable to grasp what that means, to respect her rights and wishes and to control his impulses and just stop. Most people will never do what he does because they’d be too embarrassed to behave the way he does and yet he acts like he has no clue he should be too. Stalking, creeping, and sadistic cruelty are clearly a turn off for any woman. He seems to be unable to grasp this basic simple concept most people clearly understand with no trouble at all. This had led to speculation that he is not only the mentally ill one, but perhaps even mentally disabled in that there appears to be some mental retardation, that after six years he is not able to think rationally or reason things out like a mentally competent individual can do in understanding that Ortiz does not have feelings for him, wants no contact with him, and his continued unwanted contact and force and harassment and intimidation tactics only make that more the case. Furthermore, he believes that people are not able to review the evidence and the cases filed in Court, and see that the material facts and evidence do not support his claims and that nobody can figure out he is has quite the pile building up. He is unable to think things through in a logical rational manner that anyone with average intellect can. One example of that is that when you go into court and claim you are a victim of a political attack and have no evidence to support that claim and a whole lot of evidence documenting your activity was indicative of stalking going back 8 years, no mention of what issue Ortiz would be upset about enough to make up a story, not tell anyone for four years, but for a few close friends, change careers, move twice, not even one rant anywhere over an 8 year period of time from Ortiz regarding anything at all political, all are about frustration with Perry’s stalking, that maybe people would see that you lied about being under political attack. As the reporter said, “Leave me Alone! Leave me alone! not “I don’t want him to get re-elected’ for some political issue, just ‘Leave me alone” is all she said for almost a decade so this claim she has a political belief is bullshit. I wasn’t born yesterday!” Perry also claimed Ortiz had a “biker boyfriend”, who sent Pinto in to her work and yet there is no evidence at all to support his claim because no such thing exists. There would be texts and emails and photos of dinners or outings with this guy and there is nothing. No such thing exists. About a year after the fact, he has sent “bikers” to her work to attempt to strike something up, to no avail, but there would have to be an established relationship prior to March 24, 2018, with evidence of the relationship and there just is not even such a guy. He can’t think through easy stuff on this deal. He has provided no issue Ortiz would be pissed about politically and no biker guy to support his claims. There are no political rants from Ortiz in a nearly ten year period of time, which there would be something somewhere if there was such a thing, but there is nothing and not only is there no evidence of any biker boyfriend, like photos of her out on dates, love notes and such, there is not even a guy, same as there is no political issue. He can’t think this easy stuff through before just making these bazaar claims to the media, the public, and under sworn testimony in a court of law. Why should anyone at this point believe a word he says? Most don’t actually, for sure if you are able to rationalize and reason like a person with even average intelligence. The difference between Ortiz’s claims and evidence and Perry’s is that Ortiz documented events as they occurred and still does, going back to 2011 so what she claims now is not an afterthought. She did this long before she could have foreseen her false arrest and the ongoing litigation. Mr Perry comes up with some explanation long after the fact, then tries to create evidence, such as, sending men into Ortiz’s work who would be “bikers”, not her boyfriends by any stretch but rather just customers of her work, to claim she herself arranged the whole Pinto conversation. He has no prior established connections between her and this Pinto guy or any biker boyfriend or anything like that.

Click Here to hear the evidence filed in Court of Pinto soliciting prostitution on behalf of Mr Perry


Also, with this in mind, the State Court judge, while of course, Ortiz was not present in Court to refute Mr Perry’s bazaar claims, states in her order Mr Perry does not have enough “purposeful”, “minimum contacts” within the forum state of Oklahoma to take jurisdiction. The Federal Magistrate Judge, where Ortiz was present in the hearing, denied Mr Perry’s Motion to Dismiss on jurisdiction. This conversation where Mr Perry sent Pinto into her work, where he shouldn’t even know or care where that is, offering Ortiz $5000 to sleep with Mr Perry, even telling her “You’ll be $5000 richer so be creeped out for a few hours and take his money.” She refused. That happened in Oklahoma at Ortiz’s workplace not Texas. It was stalking, harassment, and coercion. It is also witness/victim tampering. It appeared Pinto was attempting to get Ortiz to drop her lawsuits and address the unwanted attention from Perry illegally. Transcripts are available below in the First Admittance of Evidence. Simply click the link to view. They can also be viewed on PACER, the Federal Court’s website, Northern District of Oklahoma, Case No. 4:18-cv-00159-CVE-FHM.

Ortiz saw a Court appointed psychologist for a year and a half. Her assessment was that Ortiz has done everything she can to get away from Perry, to avoid all conflict, was no threat to him at all, is fearful of him, and that him carrying out his threats to arrange the false arrest he is now being sued for was a “stalking escalation”. The audio and her letter have been filed with all three Courts and now sits on the desk of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Click Here to hear Dr Russell’s Assessment Perry is a threat to Ortiz




Below is evidence filed with Courts, and You Tube Channel with audio evidence filed with the Courts.

Click Here to See the You Tube Channel containing audio evidence filed with the Courts.



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Perry and Powell again had to be sent yet another “cease and desist” notice for invading Ortiz’s privacy. They cannot seem to stop, so they are being stopped. See below:

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