Ortiz Again Sends Mr Perry’s Attorney a Cease and Desist

Mr Perry caught again having Ortiz’s cigarette butts and gum collected from her work to plant as evidence at a crime scene she had nothing to do with. She’s had help from a law enforcement agency investigating Perry on another matter, who contacted her in March, 2014 and have intervened for her many many times making it difficult for him to continue to cause additional injury and he has tried repeatedly. This is not a man who over the past six years has spent his days being impressive. This is a man who has spent his days sitting around creeping on Cynthia, trying to cause her one loss after another. Ortiz worked with Federal law makers most of her adult life in Federal government reform and has watched many be covered on the national news for impressive work they’ve done for the public. Mr Perry on the other hand has had national news coverage for being a creepy guy. He refuses to stop, so he is being stopped by law enforcement, but appears not to be smart enough to figure that out. That is a very simple easy to grasp concept and yet, he appears unable to figure that out by now? Has caused some to question not only his mental stability, but his intellect and some have speculated he may suffer from some mental retardation due to his inability to tell fact from fiction and simply grasp, after six years, that Ortiz wants NO contact with him now or ever, they are not in any type of relationship at all, he is simply forcing himself on her, and just how much trouble he really is in. Most people, when they know they are under investigation, have the good sense to stop. He does not.  That is very concerning. He has been observed handing off his work to his employees and not actually doing any of it himself. That also would support the speculation that he doesn’t know how and there may be some intellect problems. Its easy enough to learn a speech and feign intelligence, however his inability to read the situation properly is what is causing the speculation. He does have to stop. He is being stopped because he does have to stop. What he is doing is a crime. Ortiz wants NO contact from him at all in any form ever. She’s made that clear for six years. His inability to get that by now is a problem.
The email below was sent to his attorney as yet again another attempt at a good faith effort to notify his attorney his client is out of compliance with the law, he will be sued until he quits contacting Ortiz and quits trying to cause additional injury and hopefully, Mr Warman will handle the situation professionally and get his client under control. Any normal sane man would not continue to behave like Mr Perry behaves. Most have that thing in our brains that tells us when our behaviour is offensive, inappropriate and illegal and tells us not to do it. Mr Perry seems not to have that as the rest of us do that keeps from acting on impulse or from behaving out of line with society’s rules, in a civilized manner, and offensively.
Cynthia Ortiz <cyndi.ortiz@hotmail.com>
Tue 7/2/2019 6:34 PM
  • Mark Warman;
  •  Phillip Wischkaemper;
  •  Mallory Miller
+23 others

Mr Warman,
Again, for your review, and you’ve been advised of this previously, but it appears a refresh is necessary for your client.
1) He has had law enforcement investigating him for some time and they got in touch with me in March, 2014. I was not allowed to even admit there was an investigation for a long time because of your client’s long history of bribing and threatening police to get out of trouble. Its on a “need to know” status currently for that reason. They don’t want the integrity of their investigation compromised in any way at all. The only reason I was allowed to even admit there was such a thing is because your client was overheard more than once talking about killing me again and a second false arrest. They believed if I at least divulged there was such a thing, your client would have the good sense to stop. They were shocked that they were wrong.
2) Sometimes your client makes a direct threat to harm me, and sometimes I find out of some injury he is planning from law enforcement. They have advised me to make the threats public to document there was a threat, who made it, when it was made and to establish intent and premeditation. Whatever he is attempting to do to cause me additional injury of course involves the injury being carried out in Oklahoma being that is where I live and the harm is intended to me. Its also typically a crime if he carries it out. I send an email out, now to about 20 people or so across the country outside of Texas and Oklahoma. I have no idea what they do with it once its passed on to me.
3) Some of the information they provided was contained in an email prior to the Court’s ruling on the breach of contract case on my Motion to Vacate and the email I sent clearly stated you all had talked the judge into denying my motion to vacate to “buy some time”. That was illegal, as I’m sure you know and the email stating your actions went out before the Judge made her ruling exactly according to your request, not the law or facts. That was then appealed to the Tenth Circuit. Please understand the media, many of whom have law degrees, can read all this as its public record.
4) Your client’s attempts to frame me for some murder by having my gum, ciggarette butts and clothing taken from work has also been documented and apparently they obtained a palm print from somewhere. Being that I’ve never even held a gun much less fired one and don’t even know how to take the safety off to save my life, the law enforcement agency investigating your client knows this and of your client’s nefarious intent, I have to inform you, I switch up the brand of ciggarettes and gum that I use and actually did that before I was told of your client’s plans for other reasons, but even moreso now. Your client was recorded telling Fabian “I will find a way to lock her up and she won’t get out this time, unless she is with me. You need to give up.” So we have quite the stack of evidence of your client’s intentions. Your client is not supposed to know or care where I work, much less hire some guy to grab up my cigarette butts and discarded gum. He is a married man. He just went before a judge in a court of law and testified he has no contact within the forum state of Oklahoma.
5) Emails, texts and letter to the US Attorney have been filed as evidence in now FOUR court cases against your client telling people he threatened to kill me and arrange a false arrest. He then carried out that threat and is now being sued. I was not arrested for violating the law in Oklahoma by Oklahoma law enforcement. I was arrested for compliance with the law your client knew good and well I had to follow being it is right on his denied protective order from the May, 2015 attempt. He had me charged where he lives. I was not charged where I live and there was no crime in complying with the law where I live in Tulsa. Subsequently, apparently, as multiple psychiatrists have speculated, he does indeed suffer from sadism and does indeed “get off” on hurting people because the second my feet hit OK dirt from him carrying out his first threat, he went right back at threatening to do the same a second time. He has never stopped threatening death, false arrest, kidnapping, job loss, income loss and vehicle damage. He just is not able to control himself. Rion was told of this, there are thousands of emails in Mr Wischkaemper’s and Mr Miller’s possession documenting each and every threat your client has made over the years to cause injury and loss to me here where I live in Oklahoma. Again, every time your client threatens to hurt me, it also sent out to 20 or so people outside the state of TX and OK. I make sure its everywhere and with people that have nothing at all to do with your clients. So, if your client carries out his threats, then I have yet another “I told ya so.” That is what led Dr. Russell to state her belief that my arrest was just a stalking escalation. I committed no crime and I was not arrested for violating the law here. Your client threatened it, then had me charged there where he lives for doing something he knew I was legally required to do. She could come to no other conclusion nor have the other three who I have consulted or who reviewed my file.
6) Your client has told people over and over and over again he “prays” I quit my job and that he refuses to stop stalking me, he is going to force me back to Lubbock, where I have no desire to be now or ever, and wants the law enforcement agency protecting me to stop. That right there speaks to his delusion. What exactly is he proving refusing to stop? He is in violation of the law Federal and state. I want nothing to do with him and I changed careers, moved twice to get away from him. He gives me the creepies. He is not hot or sexy. He is bazaar strange weirdo and I can’t stand him. I have made my wishes very very very clear. I said NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN and that is what I meant. I don’t like Charles Perry. I don’t like him. On top of that, he is a married man, a church deacon and he has represented himself to be above reproach and this is not that. I want NO contact from him ever in any form ever again. He is committing a crime every time he does whether its friendly or threatening and he will hit on me then start threatening when he gets rejected. Both turn my stomach and I don’t like either one. I want NO contact from him at all ever again. Stalking is a federal and state crime because he is crossing state lines to do this crap to me. Now, he is causing speculation, not only regarding having a mental illness but whether or not he suffers from a small amount of mental retardation in his inability to grasp simple concepts. You need to deal with him appropriately as his legal counsel because he is way out of line and his behaviour is disturbed, illegal, immoral and sickening. If he truly was normal and cared about his wife, and even me and my family, he would stop making unwanted contact with me, and wish me the best and all the happiness in the world even it that is not with him as all normal mature rational thinking men do every day when a relationship does not work out. He made a commitment to honor and cherish his wife, so why isn’t he?  I don’t like him. I want nothing to do with him now or ever, whether he is married or not, gay or straight. It doesn’t matter. I don’t like him.
7)  The two policemen in August 2015 that told me Perry called up here asking them to just find some way to arrest me, that prompted the letter to the US Attorney and Mr Powell on August 27, 2015 that said that is not why they signed up to be police, also stated there was little they could do because it went “above them”. NOPE!!! That is not how this works, Mr Warman. Without divulging specifics, whoever is intentionally impeding local police from enforcing the laws in OK has been told it is not in his control at all and never was. The laws are to be enforced and I’d better never hear that again. Your clients break the law in OK, there should never be an expectation they wouldn’t be charged with the crime they committed. Anyone who would impeded justice, may have legal problems they won’t get of ever as well. That is not going to be tolerated. I don’t know who exactly put that out, but that information was wrong. Did your client bribe cops in Oklahoma to look the other way, Mr Warman? How many? How much did he pay out? See, he has law enforcement from somewhere else that has been on his ass for some time, and acted repeatedly to protect me over the years so even if he did, it won’t matter. Whoever thinks they are “above” that can tell police here to cover up your client’s crime simply misspoke. That is not the case, nor should anyone impede justice intentionally. Your client’s belief that he is entitled to a lie and a cover up, is simply a figment of his delusion. I would like to know who it is who thinks they are “above” that they can intentionally impede any policeman here who is enforcing the law here to protect me because that guy and I need to have a conversation where he is enlightened. He’s clearly in the dark currently and misspoke. That’s not how this is going to work, Mr .Warman. Your client is in a lot of trouble. That is above him and anyone who would intentionally obstruct justice. Please feel free to give me that guy’s name and number so I can bring him or her up to speed.
As I have stated before, each time your client causes me injury, he will be sued. Nobody is going to stop pursuing justice and the truth no matter how many times he asks, threatens, harrasses, bribes people that have no control over than anyways. He will stop and over the past at least six years, he is being stopped. Any normal grown man can control himself to get in compliance with the law, behave morally and be loyal to his wife who did consent to his contact and leave me and my family alone. He will be sued until he gets it and frankly the fact that he does not yet get it has resulted in the speculation that he may suffer not only from mental illness but from mental retardation. My little dog understood what “no” and “stop” means so surely you can explain it to him where he can get it as well. If my dog can, surely he can if you explain it right. He is not above the law. Just like that…he is not above the law. Now get the guy to leave me alone.
Thank you.
From the Desk of Cynthia Ortiz
(918) 401-0724
“Corrections are corrections. Cops are Cops. Corrections are not cops. Cops are Cops and Detectives are BATMAN” — Cynthia Ortiz


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