Ortiz’s Public Legal “Cease and Desist” Notice to Defendants and Intent to Appeal State Court Decision of June 14, 2019

Due to the continued slander, defamation, false statements made in Court and to police, continued backrook deals with one too many judges, and intentional infliction of emotional distress and/or emotional battery, financial theft, and attempts on Ms Ortiz’ life, safety and well being, finances and job, relationships and so forth, this is public notice of the following being done for her protection and to establish premeditation and intent by Defendants in her law suits to cause injury and harm to her daily in the forum state of Oklahoma. Defendants have been notified repeatedly in writing of the following:


  1. Ortiz was contacted at her workplace at Jaguar’s in Dallas, Texas in March 2014, told of other ongoing investigations into Charles Perry’s criminal activity, told they knew he had hacked her computers and her phone, was typing in her phone “call me”, in attempt to bait her out to call him so he could then take the matter to his friend, Matthew Powell, to claim he was being harassed. She was shown limited evidence, advised the investigation is on a “need to know” basis, she is not allowed to divulge anything other than that which pertains to her part, what is relayed to her as Mr Perry’s intent to threaten her or harm her and that information gets easier to obtain daily due to people losing patience with Perry and Powell’s drama and problems being imposed and a burden to others. Mr Perry refuses to stop his unlawful conduct, and as such Mr Perry will be stopped by law enforcement. There has been a very methodical and strategic approach over the past six years, more than ever before in his life, to put a stop to his criminal activity. Ms Ortiz’s civil claims are a significant part of that effort. This is nothing new. Mr Perry has long been engaged in disturbing criminal activity and simply covered it up. He has imposed and burdened Ortiz and her family with his mental illnesses long enough and the effort has been to put a stop to criminal activity. Ortiz’s granddad, Former Chief L.M. Hall of Roswell, NM believed “As lawmen and women, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime.” and in line with that belief, law enforcement does exist that would follow that guideline in the manner of which they conduct business.
  2. Ortiz has prepared a notice of appeal and will file an appeal in the Oklahoma State case. A rough draft is at the link below. Because defendants constantly attempt to impede her ability to file answers, pleadings, and appeals in the civil court cases, we are making the rough draft public for her protection and will make the final filed copy public as well. The suit was filed last year in Tulsa County, Oklahoma State Court, Case No. CJ-2018-02775




3. Mr Perry has been sent repeated legal demands through his attorney, Mark Warman, to cease and desist all contact in all forms with Ms Ortiz and has yet to comply with the law. She has notified his attorney in writing of repeated attempts to cause her injury in Oklahoma, as information becomes available through the law enforcement agency who first contacted her in March 2014, has told his attorney Mr Perry’s use of Peeper cameras, GPS tracking devices, hacking, and proxy stalkers is not lawful and is unwanted and done without her consent against her wishes. The officers advised Ortiz she needed to check her wallet to see if her social security card was missing as they’d obtained information indicating Mr Perry had hired someone to take it. This is not something you just pull out and use every day and would not notice it missing unless someone told you it was missing if no opportunity presented itself which it would be needed. None did. Ms Ortiz checked and it was gone. She subsequently filed reports with the proper authorities. Again, this was one of many losses and injuries and unwanted contact Perry has been caught planning or doing that was then told to officers who then told Ortiz. The only way anyone could even know where she kept her social security card would have to be peeper cameras in her home. In May, 2015 during the media coverage of her first attempted protective order, a reporter told Ortiz “Perry says you are crazy. He said you think he put cameras in your air vents.” to which Ortiz replied, “That’s good to know. I believed he had cameras in my home due to some bazaar things he has said and done over the years, but didn’t know where they were. If I knew where they were I would remove them, but I had no idea. Good to know he told you they were in the air vents. Thanks for letting me know.” This issue has come up many times and OK law prohibits Peeping Tom’s. Only a very sick disturbed individual would conduct themselves perverting around on women all day and Ortiz said it does make her feel raped. It is done against her will as is any hacking or cloning of any electronic hackable devices in her home. She has not consented or given permission to anyone to do any such thing.


Being stalked is miserable. Anyone who is not smart enough to be able to take a hint when rejected and figure out how to move on, has a mental problem, a social problem, makes themselves an imposition and a burden to others, and is just not very interesting or intelligent. Interesting intelligent people are able to spend their time accomplishing something legal, something impressive, and have no time do engage in disturbing conduct as any man who stalks does. It is frankly embarrassing to everyone involved that this behavior by Perry has been allowed for so long, but for those building a criminal case.

4. As to Lady Godiva’s, also known as their incorporated name, BiCentennial Inc., to not know how terrified Ortiz was after she paid them well over $5,000.00 in no show fines telling them she was scared of Perry stalking and harassing her at work, is the dumbest thing anyone could say. How could they not know how terrified she was in her texts to manager telling them she was scared, and in the huge amount of money she paid in no show fines due to being scared to go to work. She was just trying to go to work to provide for her and her son. The Defendant’s behavior and conduct was the crime, not her just going to work and trying to provide for her and her child. She paid the fines so they wouldn’t fire her for missing work. They failed to make the stalker and perpetrator of a crime leave and instead fired her then have told people they had no idea she was as scared as she was. $5000 plus paid out in no show fines due to being too scared to go to work was not a little clue???? It sure as heck should have been a little clue. It would be for most intelligent people. All they had to do is make the individuals perpetrating a crime against Ortiz on their property leave. Problem solved and that would then provide a safe work environment for all employees.


Again this has gone on for nearly a decade. Ortiz has changed careers, moved, and moved again, nixed plans to move to Fl and instead moved to OK where her family is so she’d be safer, has rebuffed, sued, sought protective orders and injunctions in attempt to shake Perry loose. She wants what he has taken and ruined, never him. Nobody would after having been put through what he’s put her through for so long. He simply has been investigated by law enforcement and will be stopped since he cannot stop himself and behave as a normal functioning, rational, intelligent, gentleman and human being. No normal person could bring themselves to engage in the torment and torture Perry has put Ortiz though for nearly a decade. Only a very mentally disturbed person could. Since he is stuck deeply in some delusion land, his feelings not reciprocated in any way at all by Ortiz, his attention unwanted, after she has made major life altering changes to get away from him and in fact avoid a conflict, he will be stopped by law enforcement. He may have bribed some to look the other way or cover his criminal activity up, however at the end of the day, due to other investigations ongoing, it really is just not going to matter.

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