Perry and Powell Continue To Slander and Defame the Victim of Their Crimes

Mr Perry and Mr Powell continue to slander and defame Ortiz in order to perpetrate a fraud upon the Courts and the public. These acts are simply more corrupt acts no upstanding citizen would engage in consistently, daily or at all and their claims are associated with no evidence at all to support them. They are simply extremely corrupt and/or very delusional to continue to make false statements such as are addressed in Ortiz’s email below.
Cynthia Ortiz
5:29 PM (1 minute ago)
to Mallory, Phillip, Ted, Cynthia
Apparently, there was more bazaar claims by Perry and Powell that I had an affiliation to bikers due to Pinto. There is no evidence of this because it is more figment of Perry’s and Powell’s delusion problems. I have no affiliation at all with any bikers nor do I have a biker boyfriend. I never have and the chances are nil that I ever would. That is just not my thing.
In addition they claimed I was a hooker, local police did investigate that and found no such thing to be true at all.
I did ask local police to charge Perry and Powell for making false statements to police because I have had more than enough of their bullshit and delusion land being imposed on me.
Also, it has been included in addressing the case in its entirety that they continue to get dismissals in hearings where they make sure I am not there. This is not what upstanding citizens do who have nothing to hide. This is simply another piece of the puzzle of the case in its entirety. They make sure I am not in hearings to testify on my own behalf, this has happened twice now, and dismissals result that are not on solid ground factually or legally and for sure not morally. I understand their issues with severe delusion cause them to truly believe nobody suspects a thing. However, many people do suspect a thing, and that thing would be corruption. No upstanding citizen engages in repeated daily corrupt acts as they have no need.
Again, when there is absolutely no evidence in support of their claims due to there not being any truth to their claims and their claims are nothing more than a figment of their delusion, I have asked local police to charge them with making false statements to police. Oklahoma already has a shortage in the budget for law enforcement and these delusional men do not get to burn through our state’s resources to continue to perpetrate a fraud upon the public or the courts. Both of them need to see a shrink. They have been asked repeatedly to cease and desist the slander and defamation, the knowing malicious willful fraud, or they will continue to be sued, and they both simply seem unable to get a grip on reality and stop which continues to violate my substantive rights as a citizen.
From the Desk of Cynthia Ortiz
(918) 401-0724
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” — Coco Chanel
Looks like they will get as corrupt as is needed to get out of the law suits.

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