Perry and Powell Conceal Material Facts Before A Court of Law Again

Ortiz obtained information from the officers investigating Perry and now Powell since he jumped in so willingly to help his friend, of the comments, not only from the reporter who was basically so angry she was yelling
“‘Leave me alone! Leave me alone! I just want for Charles Perry to leave me alone!’ over and over she says for almost ten years. Not, ‘I don’t want him to get re-elected.’ She never says that in almost ten years. All she says is ‘Leave me alone. Leave me alone!’ over and over all the damn time for nearly ten years. This political claim they make is bullshit! I am sick and tired of those two lying. I was not born yesterday!”
Coupled with the comments “Way back in 2011 she says here she wants Charles to leave her alone. There are no political comments at all. He’s pulling up behind her house, showing up at restaurants where she eats or sending an aid. He has nothing like that. He has this one email, in fact where he tells her ‘Should be here.’ and then the one about her being a bright spot in his campaign. She moved twice. She changed careers. He did nothing like that. There are no emails from him where he’s asking that she leave him alone. There is nothing about politics from her. Its all about the things he is doing showing up where she is and pulling up behind her house way back in 2011, eight years ago. I see no evidence of any political attack at all. I see nothing like that from him. I never see him say she is showing up where he is that isn’t an event related to her job consulting. I never see where he wants her to leave him alone. Then she has these texts where she is upset about rumors an affair that he is putting out. He is not the one upset. She is. So there is no evidence of any political attack at all, but if there is one, its on her not him. She had fifteen years in politics. When they met, he had no history at all. So if there was a political attack, it was him attacking her, not the other way around. That is what the evidence says. Then it does look like maybe he tried to kill her and had her arrested to cover it up because they did it so fast before she could be tested and then didn’t test her. There is just too much here that dispute his claims and support her’s. I mean, you can’t ignore that. ”
Perry has told people “I just pray she quits.” Well, if someone were to break into your home, is taking your stuff, sitting on top of you beating the daylights out of you, and are trying to beat them off of you, will it help if they pray you quit? All he has to do is get up off of you and walk out the door and leave. They are in YOUR home. They are in YOUR home sitting on top of YOU beating the crap out of you and you want for them to get off and get out. Correct? Ortiz changed careers and moved twice to get away from Perry. He came into her home, not the other way around. All this stuff he is doing for which he gets caught is happening, not in Texas, but Oklahoma. That is her home. All he has to do is get off of her, get out of her home, and leave. That’s it. That solves 98% of his problems right there. He claims she embarrassed him. Again, he continues to make unwanted romantic advances and contact and continues out of court harassment so if he is not embarrassed enough to stop, as most people would be, he is not embarrassed at all. He might feign embarrassment because someone told him he should embarrassed but if he were really embarrassed he would stop. His embarrassment is from being rejected, not any other reason. She doesn’t call him. She doesn’t make unwanted contact with him. He is doing that so he is bringing this on himself. All he has to do is stop. He prays she quits??? Quits beating him off of her since he’s in her home sitting on top of her beating the crap out of her every day? Just let him? Probably never gonna happen. When he stops, when he gets off of her, gets out of her home that would solve 98% of his self imposed problems.
Cynthia was told by police to document Perry’s threats to prove intent versus negligence, what the specific threat was, when it was made and so forth in order to make a case in Court. She did this before her false arrest for which she is now suing. Now Perry again in a second court of law has taken and claimed that is harassment. The legal definition requires “no legitimate purpose”. She has been asked to do that by law enforcement. Perry again perpetrated a fraud upon a court to obstruct justice for a third time. He plans harm to her, police catch him and tell her to document it for her civil case and their criminal case and he claims he is being harassed. Again, it proves intent versus negligence. She is in danger. It makes it that much harder for her to suffer harm and injury and for Perry to carry out his threats if they are made public or documented especially publicly. Perry and Powell just wanted to find a way to continue to mess with her without anyone know about it is what appears they are trying to do with this. If law enforcement tells Cynthia, “Perry took out your tail light. Get that fixed before you go to work so you don’t get pulled over. ” and she makes that public, which one of those is the actual crime. That did happen not long ago. Why is he having her taillight taken out in Oklahoma, not Texas? These are things he wants not to get out thus his fraudulent claim he is being harrassed. If Cynthia is told by law enforcement “Perry is going to have your fan belt cut to disable your car so you can’t go to court to file an exparte protective order” (so he could do what he did today), which one is the crime? Which one is the legitimate purpose? They want to bury her and when she fights back, they claim they are the victims and want her shut up. All they have to do is stop harassing her. If a guy has been labeled a sadist by psychologist, not one but two, this behavior would support that theory. He seems to enjoy causing her harm, loss and injury and no matter the civil courts do right now, it may be she has new causes of action depending on what arises from any criminal charges that develope.

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