Wire Fraud Being Pursued Against Charles Perry

Wire Fraud, Pursuant to the RICO Act, Title 18 of the US Code, now being pursued against Defendant Charles Perry. Defendants in her civil litigation which includes Defendant Perry were notified as follows:

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I think by law, notification addressing forseeability would demand I provide the following:

1) My ex husband, a friend and the US Attorney were all notified in writing of Defendants threats to kill me and arrange a false arrest

2) Defendants then did attempt to or did carry put those specific threats for which they are now being sued

3) An agreement was made during my incarceration that Defendant Perry would cease and desist all contact with me evidenced in my Bond Conditions

4) Defendant Perry has not at any time in two years of litigation denied having admitted to engaging in wanted contact with me and that he made a verbal binding agreement to cease and desist all contact in all forms with me. His contact in all forms is unwanted. My statements to that affect while incarcerated or illegally detained led to the provision in my Bond Conditions which does appear to many to be a cover up negotiation and not a plea in any crime at all.

5) Defendant Perry has continued to engage in unwanted contact, menacing threats, acts of intimidation, grand larceny, invasion of privacy, stalking, harassment, deviant behavior, vitim and witness tampering, coercion and bribery beginning the moment of my return home.

6) In following the same practice as prior to my false arrest, Defendant Perrys threats and illegal conduct in Oklahoma through proxy was documented in emails as per instructions by law enforcement as they determined such documentation provides for them and all law enforcement anywhere now and forever as it is filed in civil litigation, a threat to cause injury by way of a criminal act was made to me, who made it, when it was mafe, how it was made and what the specific threat was and establishes intent and premeditation.

7) Defendant Perrys attorney, Rion Sanford sent via wire in an email a written request to be notified of his clients ongoing threats and out of court harassment. I then respinded to his request, albeit in a panic, as any reasonable person would be when threatened, a normal response to an abnormal sitution.

8) Mr Sanford then went before a court of law and perpetrated a knowing fraud upon that Court by falsely representing yhe emails as harassment as did Mr Warman in the state case.

9) Being I am not an attorney or in law enforcement, I would have little to no knowledge of what these acts constitute criminally but for yhe law enforcement agency investigating Mr Perry and now the other Defendants, advising they may seek criminal charges, regardless of outcomes in the civil cases, certainly outcomes that would result from any illegal backroom deals with judges, for wire fraud pursuant to RICO, Title 18 of the US Code and under that provision in RICO, civil remedy may be pursued as well.

This is your written notification of my intent to pursue civil remedy whether your clients are charhed criminally or not and the chances of that are ver high from what I am told.

From The Desk Of Cynthia Ortiz

(918) 401-0724

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” — Coco Chanel

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