Perry’s Vicious Attack On Ortiz’s Income Stimulates Informants

Perry has been investigated for some time on another matter and he knew this. In fact, he had Mr Roberson ask Ortiz who it was, threaten her and offer to give her information he thought she wanted in exchange for information as to who specifically it is, to no avail. It is against the law for her to say anything at all without their permission and for years she was not even allowed to admit there was such a thing. The investigation is on a “need to know” basis, due to Perry’s habit of greasing palms. His frustrations have been expressed in looking for what he calls “deep throat”, or “the rat squad”, and we call them leaks and informants. The law enforcement agency investigating Perry never tells her the who, what, how, why and when they get information that they then pass on to her to keep her safe and that is the only intention, to keep her from Perry’s intended harm. She is never told that for her protection and for the protection of informants and to protect the integrity of their investigation. They did say it gets easier by the day to get information for several reasons:

  1. People’s growing frustration with Perry’s daily beat down of Ortiz and his threat to anyone he has told what he is doing in order to solicit their assistance in Oklahoma.
  2. People’s growing frustration with a lack of justice. People in general look at this situation and say “If I did to her what they did, I’d be in jail. So why aren’t they?”
  3. People’s frustration with Perry’s attack on Ortiz’s income and basically seeking to very nearly starve her to death making it very difficult for her just to survive much less fight them in Court. Individuals that were doing business with her on a regular basis suddenly cease all contact with her just after Perry made a specific threat to “starve her, and get her kicked out of her home again.” That evidence has been filed in more than one court. He further interfered even with her relationship with the individual who teaches her pole lessons. The same happened then until she brought it to the attention of her attorney. The individual then did finally respond to texts, but again refuses to give her pole lessons. The better she is at her job, the more money she should be making. Oddly, her income has substantially declined over the years rather than increasing as it should as she learns the business better. Her income most times is about $1,000 or so per week during her first week at a new club only to substantially decline once Perry finds out where she works. This has become an area of great frustration to people around her who do not wish to watch her suffer so badly at the hands of a sadistic nut job who is unable to grasp reality, accept that there is no romance between them, she no desire to be anywhere near someone so cruel and intrusive, and wish her more happiness than she has been able to enjoy since meeting Perry.
  4. Individuals around her who are sick and tired of watching her not be able to be with the person she wants to be with, due to Perry forcing himself on her, and his delusional belief the two have some sick secret relationship that does not exist to her.

No normal human being could sit back and watch the suffering Perry has intentionally caused, and just do nothing. It is in us to want to help if we can at all. If Ortiz were on the street being beaten, no question, gentleman around would intervene to protect her. This is no different at all. He may not be physically beating her down, but in every other way he is beating her down, or trying to, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, financially, and socially with the mistaken and twisted belief if he takes everything and everyone away from her that she loves and enjoys, she would then want him. That is as weird as it gets. She misses what he took, not him ever. This is indicative of someone who is highly delusional, psychotic, antisocial, and sadistic in fact the psychologist assisting those in law enforcement helping her stated: “He does not even do normal things one does to attract a woman. He doesn’t even know how, nor is that what this is about for him. He is not interested in a relationship with a person. People are just objects to him. He is in a relationship with torment, fear, sadism, and that is what he needs to enjoy sexual satisfaction. Any man who truly cares about a woman and enjoying a relationship with a woman does things she likes. He will do things to make her happy, not make her miserable and hurt her. Perry intentionally hurts Ortiz in order to get a euphoria from causing pain which is indicative of a deeply disturbed sadist. If she doesn’t like it, he does it more. If he cared about her, he might be upset she does not reciprocate his feelings, but he would want her to be happy even if not with him, he’d let go and simply move on as we all do when a relationship ends. He instead has forced himself on her and into her life and enjoyed doing everything he knows she hates due to the thrill he gets from torment. He ignores her rights and wishes as if the only that matters to him, is his rights and wishes that is characteristic of antisocial disorder. He gives no consideration at all as to how his actions affect even his own family. It does not get more selfish and cruel than that. If he would so carelessly and thoughtlessly do things that he knows would hurt his own family so he can enjoy a temporary thrill, this is a calloused individual and characteristic of antisocial disorder. The man is danger to Ortiz for sure but even a danger to society. Over time, sadists must increase the brutality of their crimes to get the same thrill as before, the same as you might see with drug addiction. That puts Ortiz in great danger and she has suffered unimaginable hardship due to Perry’s inability to restrain himself and comply with the laws, respect the rights and wishes of others, and behave in a civilized manner.”

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Ortiz began dancing in adult entertainment in 2014. Victims of stalking will go where they think the stalker will not go. Perry is a married church deacon and an elected official and Ortiz hoped, he’d be more worried about the stigma of both stalking and stalking a dancer enough to leave her alone. He’d threatened to ruin her business when she confronted him about making romantic advances and throwing jealous fits in a room full of people at events when she was a political consultant, which was her career for ten years before she ever met Perry. To her surprise, that was no deterrent as it would be for any normal sane human being. When dancers first start, they don’t know the pitfalls and mistakes common that cost money, and there is a learning curve in the industry, same as every industry. Income should go up. Instead her’s did not just decline but it tanked. Her first year was around $25,000, the next $11,000, the next $5,000. Perry told people in Oklahoma if he could get her to stop dancing, she’d want him, another sick delusion. He alleged her age was a factor, however, many men between the ages of 40 to 80 enjoy older dancers and in fact many prefer interacting with someone their own age versus someone their daughter’s age, although her customers are not limited to that age sect. She has multiple customers that began coming in as repeat customers, that she’d take their number to let them know when she’d be working. This is also common to the industry. Once Perry found out, all the sudden the customers stopped doing business with her and stopped all communications. When things like this happen once, you might explain it away as one isolated situation due to that gentleman’s life or situation. But when things happen repeatedly, and there is over time a pattern, there is a cumulative affect and it is no longer just happenstance or an isolated situation. There have been many people in her life, including people she enjoyed a happy friendship with all her life, even from childhood that just suddenly stopped communicating with her after she met Perry. That again, is indicative a sadistic antisocial man, who seeks to cause intentional loss because he “gets off on it” and a delusional man who thinks he if can run everyone else off, she’d want him. This seems to show the man has no idea how to impress or attract a woman, and substantiate the psychiatrist’s assessment that its not even about that. Its about a thrill from causing harm, instilling fear and exerting control, much like rape.

The truth is, when Perry is not interfering with her income, she does quite well. There are many men who prefer the company of someone their own age as opposed to someone their daughter’s age and are happy to see her at work. UNLV published a study, in fact showing Ortiz’s age group to be the fastest growing sect in the the industry.

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Sex Industry and Sex Workers in Nevada

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Other people are not responsible for Perry’s cover up nor is he entitled to Ortiz, to a lie, or to a cover up as he seems to believe he is, another delusion. It has become such over time, that due to the exhaustion from his unwanted attention, the fact that he has made himself a troublemaker, and a burden to others so much for so long, the officers protecting Ortiz have said it becomes easier by the day to get information for what they are doing to and to protect her. Nobody likes a troublemaker. Perry’s constant criminal attack on Ortiz is causing anyone and everyone with any empathy at all, to be more forthcoming in order to put a stop to this madness. She deserves a good life. She wants nothing to do with Perry ever. She ended a career she loved and moved twice to get away from him and to avoid all conflict. She has been before a judge around ten times now, asking for some type of court order prohibiting all contact from Perry. She has made her wishes clear for a long time in her words and actions. He is not wanted in her life at all. Stalking is a crime in every state. It is not just morally wrong and even bazaar uncivilized behavior. It is a crime and because Perry crosses state lines, a Federal crime. Perry has, as criminals often do, he is somehow the victim of a crime when he gets caught and exposed. There is not one thing illegal about Whistleblowing. The intent is for her protection, nothing else. He knows that. He simply enjoys playing the victim and seems to be quite the drama queen. Hiring a man to solicit Ortiz, at her workplace, for sex in exchange for $5,000 is an act of stalking. Hiring a man to tell Ortiz he knew of her situation, had watched from behind the scenes, signed an NDA, was sad to say there would be no criminal charges against Perry in Tulsa, as there should be, for attempted murder, obstruction of justice, perjury, destruction of evidence, and tampering with a witness, and hiring a man to attempt to kill her, are all also incidents of stalking and harassment. All are occurring in the state of Oklahoma where she lives as they are directed at her. Stalkers go where the victim is, not the other way around. The frustration with this man’s claims that there will be no criminal charges against Perry, when everyone knows if it were them there would be has led the officers investigating Perry on another matter to find it much easier then, the get information needed to protect Ortiz. Perry’s attack on her finances and relationships, the same. Nobody likes a bully.


Ortiz obtained information not long ago, there was wise counsel given in that the man giving the wise counsel stated “These guys protecting her have big money and big power to go this far to protect her from Perry for this long. They are on her side, not your’s and they are after him. Do not get crossways with these guys by pissing her off or causing her harm. You don’t know exactly what you are dealing with but you need to know that they are fully on her side, not your’s and they are after him for something he did somewhere along the way. ”

Another individual pointed out: “Perry and Powell were trying to kill her. Had to be. They poisoned her, so she went to Tulsa Police. The laws in Oklahoma require the filing of a police report when seeking a protective order against a stalker. She was in compliance with OK law and they knew it but they had her arrested for filing a false police report, but they knew she didn’t have a choice. Then they let her sit in jail for two months while the poison they were giving her to kill her worked its way out of her system. They ignored Brady Rules. They were poisoning her. They got to her before Tulsa Police could. Then Perry finally agrees to let her go home, after there was probably nothing left to test in her blood, and agrees to stop contacting her if she kept her mouth shut. He cried foul about her claims he’s stalking her, then agreed to stop doing the very thing she said he did that he cried foul about. What does that tell you? That tells me he is stalking her and he did try to kill her. He just got to her before Tulsa Police could.”

The public is not stupid. In fact, more and more of the public are getting a little tired of Perry and Powell’s drama and problems being imposed on them and watching them make Ortiz suffer harm after harm and loss after loss to the extent, people are talking more than ever and leaks get leakier by the day. Everyone wants this stopped and to simply go and have a nice normal peaceful happy life with Perry’s impositions and drama. Ortiz wants nothing to do with Perry. Why would she? Any normal person does not wish to go where they are not wanted so in general, a stalker is a rejected failure in that they fail to behave in a civilized manner, not force themselves on others, impose on others, cause intentional hardship and trouble for others, and simply move on and go where they are wanted as the rest of us do. Everyone wants this stopped. It is criminal activity and should not be tolerated anywhere by anyone. Perry’s failure to control himself and behave as a civilized normal sane person has led in fact to more information  that would incriminate him being easier to obtain by the day. Nobody likes bullies.


To summarize, Ortiz has private messages, texts and emails beginning in 2011 detailing incidents of stalking, corroborated by friends and co-workers in their responses to what she was saying at the time, long before she could have foreseen current events. She sought a protective order in May, 2015, which was denied in part due to her failure to produce a police report in Court. The Order states the reason for the denial. Perry and Powell were aware that was a requirement of the law in OK. She was then approached by Dave Roberson, at her work, in Oklahoma, not Texas as she never goes to Texas and threatened with death. She then began getting inexplicably ill after drinking drinks at work purchased by customers who stated they were from out of state. This occurred four or five times from Oct. 2015 to Jan. 2015. She confronted Roberson about it in texts first hinting at it, hoping that would be enough to stop the attack then became more confrontational asking him if they were giving her arsenic. He replied in a text “yes”. That text has been admitted as evidence in Court. She then again wished to obtain a protective order but of course did not want Roberson, Perry or Powell to know. They should never have known until something was filed in Court…but then they are stalkers so they did. She wanted to take blood tests to court as clearly evidence of poisoning would strengthen her case before the judge. She filed the police report and was told she would be called back by a detective once one was assigned. Instead she was charged in Lubbock, not Oklahoma, for filing a false police report in retaliation for Perry’s job as a public servant. His job as a public servant does not include what she detailed years before of him sitting behind her home in his truck, sending aids or even his daughter to go everywhere she went to socialize, and the only way he could even have know where she would be would be hacking to see texts discussing outings. Twice she discussed going to The Roof, a popular night club in Lubbock, and twice canceled at the last minute only to see photos of Perry’s daughter Jordan taken at The Roof, posted on The Roof’s Facebook Page the night Ortiz planned to attend but cancelled at the last minute. None of that has anything at all to do with Perry’s job as a public servant. He has never provided information as to any issue Ortiz may be upset about publicly or in Court pleadings. He has never provided evidence of any rants over a nearly decade period of time regarding any political issue Ortiz may be upset about that she’d retaliate. He knew the filing was required by law. He had the same denied order she did. A TPD detective did not call her back until she was already illegally detained in Lubbock jail. She’d not even talked to a detective and the detective’s voicemail asks for evidence of the crime reported which Ortiz was intentionally prevented from providing Tulsa police due to her illegal detainment. Perry and Powell did indeed get to her before Tulsa Police could. She lost her home. She lost two months of income. She lost two months of time her son needed her. She was ripped away from her home, her family, her job all because she acted in compliance with the laws in the state where she lived and acted to protect herself from what appears to be attempted murder. If you ask someone if they are poisoning you with arsenic and they answer “yes”, you, as a reasonable prudent individual would then have good reason to believe your life was indeed in danger and any normal reasonable person would then go to police. She did tweet Tulsa Police. Tulsa Police then did tweet back instructing her to file the report. It was not a false report. Perry and Powell intentionally prevented any investigation and let her sit in jail while the poison worked its way out of her system. They needed a blood test and a negative one to vindicate themselves and substantiate their claims and yet they never got one. They spent two months instead trying to coerce her to lie, trying to find a psychiatrist to diagnose her with mental illness, which failed, and destroyed forensic evidence that would prove the crime she reported. She lost so much. She lost more than just finances, a home, and time. She lost her sense of peace, the ability to trust to some extent although by her own choice she has made the decision not to allow their acts to make her bitter, but rather better, and is now suing as she should and as a result of the law suits, more than one due to so many illegal acts being committed against her over such a long period of time costing her so much loss, Perry’s criminal activity that he’s hidden for many years is more exposed now than ever before in his life despite more money spent on a cover up than ever before in his life. His activity is now detailed as a matter of public record now and forever for anyone anywhere in law enforcement to see. If he harms again, that is always there to assist law enforcement. It makes it that much harder for him to stalk and attempt murder and so forth and get away with it. Should he become a suspect in any murder, missing persons, or stalking six months from now, a year from now, or five years from now, law enforcement can pull that up and see this guy has had a lot of problems in his ability to properly manage his relationships with women and appears to be deeply mentally disturbed. No one just wakes up mid life and decides to stalk women and the fact that he appears to have attempted to kill her even after her attempt to get a protective order was covered all over the news, speaks to his boldness. Any astute law enforcement officer would know that boldness and lack of fear of being the first person suspected upon the death of Ortiz, indicates he’s done this before and gotten away with it probably many times. The FBI categorizes individuals killing more than three times as “serial”. The thing Ortiz did with the crappy hand of cards Perry and Powell dealt her, is that: Perry’s criminal activity he has hidden for years is more exposed than ever before in his life despite more money spent on a cover up than ever before in his life and life as he’s known it is over. There will be no more criminal activity where he just gets away with it and nobody suspects him. Not now that details of her case are now public record. That probably really upsets him, however, all he to do is nothing. Had he left her alone, she wouldn’t have so much evidence going back to 2011 now a matter of public record. If there was no stalking and no crime, there is no evidence to produce for the public record, such as recordings of some proxy stalker offering $5000 for sex with Perry, texts of “yes” in reply to a question of poisoning with arsenic, no texts indicating there was still questions in Perry’s camp as to whether or not it was worth the risk of suspicion on Perry if he tried again to kill her, no evidence of obstruction of justice, no evidence of false imprisonment, no evidence of destruction of forensic evidence, and no evidence of witness/victim tampering and retaliation against Ortiz, had Perry simply respected her wishes, rights and the law and left her and everyone else he so badly imposes upon all the time alone. She made it harder for him to hurt other people. Not a bad response to a very crappy situation she never asked for. He has done nothing but deal her crappy hand after crappy hand after crappy hand for nearly a decade and she chose not to make her bitter, but better and end it so no one else has to suffer as she has at the hands of a very mentally unstable man who has just covered up all he can cover up.


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