Facts Show Powell and Perry’s Allegations Ortiz is Repeat Offender for Retaliation More Fraud

Powell quoted “We were trying to say she is a repeat offender in retaliating against us for our jobs.” Powell apparently intending to again charge Ortiz with retaliating against a public servant for his job. Again, she acted in compliance with Oklahoma law in filing the police report for which Perry falsely alleged she retaliated against him. He knew it was the law. It was right on the denied protective order he had due to her failure to follow the requirement in the first attempted protective order. They impeded the police investigation by Tulsa Police, impeded her ability to turn over evidence of blood, video and texts by having her falsely charged and arrested so that she was by physical force, prevented from doing so, on charges in Lubbock cause the evidence of the crime she reported to be forever lost. They had her arrested just a week after she filed the report so she committed no crime at all. You can be a repeat offender if you committed no crime to begin with. Ortiz has filed with three courts now, emails and letters telling people as early as August 2015 that Perry threatened to arrange a false arrest. He carried out that threat and Powell helped him do it. The arrest warrant and and indictment were fraudulently obtained. Powell and Perry have now been sued and are doing nothing more than tampering with the victim of their crime.

Powell also has reason to have a political vendetta against Ortiz in that in 2012, one of his assistant DA’s ran for Judge against a candidate named Mark Hocker. Ortiz supported Hocker. She was contacted by someone affiliated with Powell’s guy asking to meet seeking her support. She did meet with Hocker’s opponent who told her “I have been told that I cannot win this election without your support and that I needed to meet with you. I understand you some influence here.” Ortiz explained that unless the man had some very compelling reason she should change, she intended to maintain support for Hocker but that she was willing to hear him out. He did not have any compelling reason she should change who she supported and she did continue to support Hocker. Hocker was attacked in some emails that went around town giving blatantly false information. She contacted Hocker and was able to assist him in addressing the false information before it gained any traction. He won by 200 votes. It would appear Powell would have more control over judicial outcomes in that court when the judge is his former employee. Ortiz jammed up that effort and seems to have given Powell a reason to have a political vendetta against Ortiz. Perry’s political attack motivation seems to have stemmed from her photo with Senator Harry Reid, a much hated Nevada Senator by the tea party, which Perry did co found the Lubbock Tea Party. There is no benefit or motive for Ortiz to attack these lame men’s jobs. Ortiz came to Lubbock from a very very big pond, being Las Vegas, NV, had interacted with elected officials way more powerful and influential than Perry and Powell will ever be. Outside of Lubbock they simply matter to no one. Perry had no history in politics to attack or give a crap about certainly in 2011 when she first began reporting his stalking conduct and threats. She had been in politics ten years before even moving to Lubbock. Perry’s district is one of the smallest in the state and one man all by himself cannot do anything politically at all. He had just been elected. There are no rants directed at Charles Perry anywhere but for frustration of his stalking and no evidence she gave any craps at all over his position or his views in over an eight year period of time and stalking is a personal moral failure not part of his job. Perpetrating a fraud upon a court is also a personal moral failure and no part of Powell’s job. A cover up of attempted murder and/or a political vendetta attacking Ortiz is not part of either men’s jobs as public servants. Its actually a crime in their conduct. They had motive being threatened by her influence to want her out of business, if its not just Perry is the sadistic creepy she says he is. He certainly has displayed delusion in alleging a political vendetta against him when there is no evidence of anything like that anywhere nor any motive nor any conduct on her part that infers anything at all but that she has done everything within her power to avoid becoming a scandal and to avoid contact and conflict with both men. They do have a long list of acts showing consciousness of guilt in covering up their attempt to murder her, not part of either of their jobs, but she has no such thing.

Ortiz has had law enforcement investigating Perry on another matter warn her of these men’s intend to harm her over and over for several years. They already have the information and know more about it than she. She does not have to defend herself, explain anything or convince them of anything because they have obtained the information already and passed that on to her. They are telling her of Perry’s and Powell’s planned premeditated intent to cause loss and injury including this latest second false arrest they concocted. Perry has been recorded discussing how he might kill Ortiz or arrange a second false arrest and it not be connected to him. He gets caught and if these officers had not intervened she would most likely already be dead. How many people has he done this to already and gotten away with it? The truth always comes out eventually. The retaliation here is not from her against these two morons and that claim is a flat out fraud and a lie. The retaliation as a matter of fact, evidence and law is they are retaliating against her either for suing for their failed attempt at an attempted murder cover up, their own political vendetta against her or both. Retaliating against the victim if a crime is victim tampering, coercion and it is a white collar crime and a RICO Violation. Perry and Powell get caught every time. In fact, someone else in law enforcement recently commented “These guys have been more successful, in protecting Cynthia because they were smart enough not to let a delusional politician run a police investigation.”


All she asked is for Perry to leave her alone. He has no ability to control his perception of the difference between fact and fiction or cease all contact with a woman who just rejects his nasty romantic advances and simply act like a grown man, a law abiding citizen and move on. He seems very stuck in his own deep delusion and completely controlled by that delusion and his weird. There is no relationship nor will there ever be and he is simply terribly mentally ill or just very very stupid if by now he is unable to figure that out and figure out how to move on. Unless these two can prove part of their job is a political vendetta against Ortiz due to her support of Judge Hocker and connections with Sen Reid or a cover up of attempted murder using facts, evidence and the law they have simply perpetrated yet another fraud upon a Court of law. Normal people can review everything on the docket and get it even if Defendants are too delusional to do so. They act like the rest of the planet is as delusional as they are. The rest of the planet actually is not.

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Evidence and Timeline Show If There Was A Political Attack, It Was On Ortiz, Not Perry

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