Perry’s Motives for Fraud and Disturbing Attack on Ortiz

Ortiz’s job, in part, was media relations in issuing press releases regarding the Texas SBOE decision to pass a resolution making teaching of Christianity and Islam equal. This issue was not only covered nationally, but internationally. She submitted an MSNBC article on the matter to two Courts as evidence. The issue was also covered by the London Times and BBC and even some Asian News Media organizations. This occurred in September, 2010. Perry had not been in politics, whereas Ortiz had for ten years when they met. He’d just been elected to the state assembly in March of 2010 and first year officials, have zero influence in Austin or in any state. At ten years, Ortiz was seasoned at that point and had actually focused most of that ten years and the majority of her work on Medicare reform which is a non partisan, Federal issue. Coming to Lubbock, a very small town, from the more glamorous Las Vegas, NV, while Perry lived a plain life as a boring accountant, her life was and is much more interesting and exciting. Her work, successful, although she began in government reform due to shortcomings in Medicare coverage for her patients and her main work was in medical. She transitioned out of Medical into full time consulting after moving to Lubbock and was building her business when Perry began his vicious attack seeking to ruin her. His motive was either his inadequacy, or he seems to be controlled by his weird, or his jealously of her success and much more fascinating exciting life as compared to his boring, or it was a political attack due to a photo he saw of Ortiz with Senator Harry Reid. Senator Reid has been viciously attacked by the Tea Party and Perry co-founded the Tea Party in Lubbock, the group calling themselves “Americans For Integrity In Government”. Being Perry used taxpayer funded resources to carry out the threat of false arrest, having Ortiz arrested for something that is not a crime but rather required by law in Oklahoma, as the law requires police reports to be filed when seeking an order of protection. They all knew that being that her first protective order was denied as a result of her failure to produce a police report in her first attempt. The denied Motion for a Protective Order has also been filed in more than one Court as evidence. Perry, Powell and Burson had the denied order, they flaunted it to media as some type of court victory, then when Ortiz acted in compliance of the law, after Perry attempted to kill her, they had her arrested for what they all knew was required by law, an act which was not a crime, they obstructed justice, destroyed forensic and video evidence, and retaliated against her for reporting their crime. This all gave rise to ongoing litigation. Because Perry is still to this day controlled and a slave to his weird and creepy, he continues to add new causes of action and creates now a very large criminal liability. He seems to only concern himself with how he feels being oblivious to the fact that she does not share his feelings and the damage he is doing to so many other people’s lives as a result of his imposition and drama.

Being very focused on outcomes and results of actions, over the past six years, Perry’s actions have done nothing but expose his creepy problem, more than ever before in his life, despite more money being paid out on a cover up than ever before in his life. Things have continued to evolve to show the facts and the evidence do not add up to support his delusion. They do add up to show one very disturbed man and/or a corrupt political attack on Ortiz. No evidence exists to support there is any attack at all for any reason on Perry but rather he is the attacker, due to either jealousy or his hatred, being that he is Tea Party, of Sen. Reid and one very paranoid misunderstood view of the Senator’s political positions and the photo with Ortiz and the Senator on facebook. Perry needs to explain what the motive of his attack was exactly. Is he a creepy delusional rejected stalker, or was this a political attack to destroy her career. One thing is for sure: Long before she could have foreseen current events, her false arrest, and current litigation, Ortiz told only a few close friends of an incident where Perry pulled up behind her home, which is an act that by law constitutes stalking. Her friend Cheryl Underwood describes multiple acts that by law constitute acts of stalking. None of this had a thing to do with his legislative duties or was any part of his job as a public servant. These are acts of intimidation and harassment. As odd as it may seem, law enforcement investigating Perry on another matter, ordered Ortiz to make Perry’s threats intending harm public and known as much as possible for her safety and protection. It establishes premeditation, intent to commit a crime, who intended to commit the crime, and the nature of the specific crime intended. Perry did not like this. He took Ortiz’s notifications to Court and fraudulently represented them as harassment of him. Ortiz ended her career, moved twice, only told a few close personal friends of his stalking problem for four years, makes no mention at all ever of any political issue she’d be upset with Perry about, nor has he ever provided any evidence of such and she did all this to avoid him and all conflict with him. Does his delusion and fraud ever end? Again, the man seems to be controlled and a slave to his weird. Fraudulently portraying himself as some type of victim is as fruitcake and corrupt as it gets but typical for Perry. That is his habit and pattern and once you spot a pattern, you cannot unspot it.

Below is a link to the BBC article on the issue Ortiz worked on for Randy Rives in September, 2010. Perry completely new to politics at the time. Perry has no such national or international coverage of his work. His national coverage is not on his work, but rather stalking a woman that rejected him and cannot stand him. If the stalking fiasco was all a set up to attack her political career because she was effective and he became jealous or due to his paranoia and misunderstood interpretation of the photo with Sen Reid and Perry’s Tea Party, it is still corrupt and the actions of Perry, still a crime in every state, in fact, its a Federal crime.

Click Here to Read BBC Article

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