Evidence and Timeline Show If There Was A Political Attack, It Was On Ortiz, Not Perry

Perry can no longer buy a dismissal, throw Ortiz back in jail and claim he won. Facts do not support any kind of political attack on him at all. Oklahoma law demands and requires the filing of a police report when seeking an order of protection for stalking. She had committed no crime at all and frankly, had every legal right to file a police report when in danger even if not required by law. The first attempt at a protective order in May 2015 was DENIED due to her failure to comply with the legal requirement to produce a police report in court so they knew what she did was required under Oklahoma law. They then obstructed the police investigation in Tulsa by having her arrested for complying with the law in the state where she lives. Forensic evidence and video evidence was forever lost because of it. She committed no crime at all in what she did.

Private Facebook messages to her friends Robert and Mandy, not residents of Texas and were not then, describe an incident in which Perry has threatened her and pulled up behind her home in 9/2011. Pulling up behind her home is not part of his duties as an elected official. He had no history at all whatsoever in politics when they met. She had ten years in politics. Her statements even back then, in Private Facebook messages were that she wanted for Perry to leave her alone. He has no such comments back then. He does not complain of her pulling up behind his home. She complains back then, he did. Again, pulling up behind her house in September 2011 was not part of his legislative duties. That constitutes, as a matter of law, an act of stalking. Perry then emails Ortiz “Should be here” indicating he wanted her to come to his office. From 2011 to this day, her constant complaints are about his stalking activity and the financial and social losses he has caused her, not his political positions. Email after email, text after text from 2011 to this day she continues to state she wants for Perry to leave her alone, so what is wrong with him, a married church deacon, that he cannot comply with the law, respect her rights and wishes and leave her alone?

In texts between the two of December 2011, she confronts Perry about rumors of an affair between the two getting back to her through her client. She does not come right out and state what exactly she is upset about nor does he ask, indicating he already knew. He simply denies having staffers or people. She names the staffers of concern. He does not deny commenting about an affair. He does not deny his staffers may have spread that rumor. He denies having staffers at all. He was married. She was single. He is the elected official, not her. That could cost him an election, not her so why is it he is not confronting her about these rumors but rather she is the angry one confronting him. She also had a political career but not one in the public. Her’s was in the background. Her’s by far more extensive than his. He just been elected and prior to that was not in politics at all. Either way, rumors of an affair, pulling up behind her house is no part of his duties as a legislator.

Defendants have repeatedly denied a Quid Pro Quo but again the evidence does not support that claim. The Bond Conditions contain a provision for Perry never to contact Ortiz. He has never at any time in two years of court proceedings denied giving his consent to that, which constitutes an admission of guilt and an agreement to stop. Powell took emails from Dec 2016 from Ortiz to KFYO, media, and her close friend John steinmetz stating Perry threatened to arrange a second false arrest, also not part of his legislative duties. They were forwarded from these individuals to Perry and from Perry to Powell and given to her attorney with instructions he shut her up. That indicates there was in fact a Quid Pro Quo and plea negotions were actually cover up negotiations. They wanted her to agree not to tell what they had done and in exchange for her silence Perry agreed never to contact her again. That is a Quid Pro Quo.

None of this supports Perrys claims that he is a victim of anything at all. None of this indicates a political attack at all but for sure, not on him. If there was one, the attack would be on her career, not his. He had no history in politics in 9/2011 and nothing to attack. She had ten years and an extensive history in working with powerful Federally elected officials in fact was Perys attack related to the photo posted on her facebook page with Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid? Did Perry attack her for that association? Maybe, but there is no evidence at all of any political attack on him at all, no reason to attack a rookie state assemblyman with no political history to speak, in one of the smallest districts in the state, very solidly right wing conservative that cannot be flipped and no benefit to Ortiz attacking a man she just helped get elected. Perry emailed Ortiz during that election telling her she was a “bright spot” in his campaign. She represented his best friend, but did some favors for Perrys campaign free of charge. Perry seems to just be stuck in a delusional world that has no basis in reality at all and appears to be extremely mentally unstable. His actions speak to that if a man who needs some mental health treatment to assist him in dealing with reality and better controlling his ability to respect the rights and wishes of other people. It is a betrayal to his family that he continues to make unwanted contact with a woman who has asked him to stop, who has rejected him for over half a decade. He owes his family his loyalty and honesty and making unwanted contact with a woman who has consistently and constantly stated from 2011 to this day, that she wants for him to stop all contact and leave her alone, ended her career and moved twice to avoid contact from Perry is frankly a very serious betrayal to his family. He had better stop. He certainly has no dignity or self respect or control if he cannot by now figure out his contact is unwanted, immoral, illegal and stop.

The charges Perry had Ortiz arrested for, that she is now suing him in Court, allege she filed a police report, which actually, as previously stated, was and is required by Oklahoma law and her right to do, was retaliating against a public servant on account of his job as a legislator. That would indicate a political attack. Perry has never once been able to provide a specific reason or issue Ortiz would be upset about that she would, in 2011, concoct some crazy stalker story, only tell a few close friends, otherwise keep her mouth shut for four years, end her political career, move twice, then go public. There is not one tweet, facebook post, rant, email, or text discussing a specific issue or ranting at Perry over his politics at all anywhere in a period of time of almost a decade. She has now produced evidence as to a reason he may wish to politically attack her and force her to end her political career. Perry founded the Lubbock Tea Party. The Tea Party is not fond of Senator Harry Reid. Ortiz had photos of herself with Senator Reid on her personal facebook page and posted here as well. Ortiz worked on issue based campaigns that were non-partisan and supported by both sides. There was not one elected official she met that she agreed with on everything. That said, while Perry has never in all these years, almost a decade, produced any evidence at all as to a motive or evidence that Ortiz would be upset, or any specific issue or reason that she would attack him politically, Ortiz has. He had no history to attack when they met. She did, in fact ten years of history in politics. He had just been elected. He sent her an email stating she was a “bright spot” in his campaign, indicating he had her support. She had no reason to politically attack someone she supported who had no history and no significant role in politics. Compared to the individuals in positions much more powerful than his that she worked with for a decade before she even met him, she was not impressed at all or enamored at all with his peon rinky dink position as state assemblyman, in one of the smallest districts in the state and brand new to the job. She moved in 2013, leaving the area, just three years after he was elected, making him completely irrelevant to her life in any way at all. It appears, based on the evidence, Perry simply suffers from disturbing delusion and his claims have no basis in reality at all. There is no evidence or motive for a political attack on him. It is the other way around, according to what the evidence and timeline show.

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All evidence is available as a matter of public record filed with four courts and court filings posted on this blog site.


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