Evidence Points To Stalking Or Political Attack On Ortiz, Not Perry

Update: New questions arise as to whether or not the political attack Perry claims, with no evidence at all to support that claim is the other way around. The Facebook message of October 2011 from Ortiz to close friend and ex boyfriend Saeed Aslam’s she states she just wants Charles Perry to leave her alone, submitted as exhibit 4 with the courts. Another email submitted as evidence in July 2014 she again tells Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans she does not want a “biggo” scandal. She just wants Perry to leave her alone. In her texts filed with the courts she tells Dave Roberson she just wants for Perry to leave her alone. Over and over, her statement is going back to 2011 that all she wants is for Charles Perry to leave her alone. There is an email from him telling her he wants to see her in his office. His email states “Should be here”. In the texts between the two of December 2011 she contacts Perry upset about rumors of the two having an affair being repeated from Perry staffers to her client. He is the married one. She was divorced. He is the elected official, not her so why is she the one upset about rumors of an affair between the two coming from his staffers? There is no correspondence in eight years from Perry as their is Ortiz stating over and over for eight years that all she wants is for Perry to leave her alone. There is nothing at all from 2011 to the present about Ortiz having any political beef with Perry but there are thousands of items of her correspondence of her stating all she just wants Perry to leave her alone, nothing political ever even mentioned and nothing from him at all stating he wants her to leave him alone. She ended her career, stopped even voting, moved twice to get away from Perry and to avoid all conflict and all contact with him. She was also in politics and her background by far much more extensive than his. When they met, he had, for the first time, just gotten involved with politics starting the local tea party and running for Texas State Assembly. She had been in government reform, and an active member of the local Republican women’s groups in both Henderson, NV and Lubbock for a decade before the two even met. In the process of being involved in these capacities she met all kinds of powerful elected officials over the years. So due to the lack of any political vendetta at all on her part against Perry, the number of times going back to 2011 that she states all she wants is for Charles Perry to leave her alone and the lack of such comments from him, if there was a political attack, it was not her attacking him but rather him attack her politically. He did cause the ruin of her career in politics. If he were an individual not in the public eye, he could kill her and there would not be much public suspicion on him. But being that he is a public figure, him being in office creates the suspicion on him, should something happen to her as we saw on the Gary Condit/Chandra Levy case. She derives no benefit at all from Perry not being in office but rather the benefit to her is that its harder for him to do something to her and get away with it if he is in office. She derives benefit from Perry’s elected position in the public eye, not the other way around. She has not lived in Lubbock for six years and has nothing at all to do with anything there and has nothing to gain by attacking him politically, an individual she considers to be of no consequence to any legislative process at all but for sure anything that affects her. There is no evidence of anything like that. For her to say going back to 2011 that all she wants is for Perry to leave her alone, over and over for eight years, and no evidence produced from Perry of a political attack on him and no similar comments from him, he is either a stalker or all this was part of a political attack on her, not the other way around. People lie. Evidence does not. You have to follow the evidence and not just make delusion claims that have nothing to support the claims.

On February 26 Perry again called people in Oklahoma and stated he wanted Ortiz’s income gone, he wanted her kicked of her home, and he wanted there to be no possible way for her to be financially able to file her appeal with the US Supreme Court and this is one of many times he has done this to her. He thinks if he makes it financially impossible for her to appeal, he wins. Having a good case and a strong legal argument is how you win, not buying judges and making backroom deals then intentionally causing more financial loss to make appeals impossible. That is just more of the same corrupt underhanded tactics from Perry that have been documented as evidence filed in now three courts. Subsequent to that specific threat, which constitutes an expression of premeditated intent to cause a specific injury, Ortiz’s regular customers just stopped all communications and stopped doing business with her with no explanation at all and he is very nearly starving her to death to prevent her ability to appeal, as is her right. Its already lopsided. Imagine the overwhelm in having to deal with an already very lopsided situation and on top of that, having to also deal with Perry’s underhanded backroom deals with judges and his illegal contact to her regular customers who abruptly without explanation just stop doing business with her right after Perry was recorded making that specific threat.

Now the other consideration is you can see from correspondence that at one time Ortiz and Perry were friends. He claims to be a Christian. He serves as a church deacon. But in all this, his actions have been that of an individual who is not even humane. What if someone saw Ortiz’s story on the news, thought they could threaten her life and cause a blackmail situation or something and had no connection to Perry at all? In all these years, with now four men documented to threaten harm and loss to her and even death, has Perry held a press conference demanding an investigation as to who these people are threatening Ortiz on his behalf. You would think were he not involved, long ago, he would have held a press conference and said “Cyndi and I were friends, she was very supportive in getting me elected, I have no idea who these guys are and I am outraged that someone would threaten or harm her and say they did so on my behalf and we want her to be safe. We want this investigated. I had nothing to do with it.” He has done no such thing at any time. Instead he has gone around stating his intent to ruin her income so she cannot appeal, spending around $15 million on attempting to cover this all up, making what appears to be clearly backroom deals with judges as prior court rulings on similar cases are nothing even close to the rulings on her causes of action. This is not the way you treat someone even as just another human being. It has not even been humane and certainly not the way one conducts themselves if they care about another person even as just another human being. That would bring one to conclude that Perry really is the sadistic killer that he appears to be or all of this from the beginning was a political attack on her. She had the much much more extensive career in politics long before he did and she is the one expressing a desire that he leave her alone, which indicates going way back before she could anticipate what is happening currently, something he was doing was unlawful and imposing.

Anyone who reviews her cases can see rulings are way way off from similar cases. Ortiz will tell Defendants that the officers investigating Perry on another matter that have warned Ortiz over and over of his intended harm, that he has been recorded, that there is evidence of impropriety and he still wont quit. In fact, she advised that she is never told how the officers gather the information they have, but that they should assume one or more judge may in fact be providing information to these guys in law enforcement and yet, they still won’t quit. They said “We had no idea it even possible for anyone to be this stupid. Perry is not winning anything at all. He is creating a criminal corruption case against him and that’s pretty much all he has accomplished. He thinks buying a denial means you two are a couple not realizing, in his delusions, that everything you have done is to be rid of him and get away from him and cut all ties with him including seeking a Judicial order prohibiting him from all contact. His behavior is not what one does when they care about someone even just as another human being. It what one does when they are trying to destroy another person for sadistic reasons or political gain.” The benefits derived are his, not her. This behavior is also not consistent with teachings of Christianity. She does not reciprocate his feelings and she has made her wishes clear for years that wants all ties with him cut. She wants nothing to do with him at all. Buying a judicial denial does not change that in any way at all nor does it mean he won a thing. It means he committed another crime. Relationships require mutual consent from both parties and she has done everything imaginable to get away from Perry and she has said since 2011 to this day in thousands of items of correspondence that she wants Perry to leave her alone. That is not mutual consent. He is forcing himself on her whether it be due to a sadistic problem or some bazaar attempt at a political attack on her. Him intentionally harming her income to prevent her ability to appeal anything at all is also not a win for him. It is just one more criminal act for which there are always consequences. He did make that specific threat on February 26, 2019, same as he made the specific threat to arrange a false arrest and he is carrying it out same as he carried out the threat of false arrest. It is a crime committed against Ortiz yet again. In all this we point out again, his problems with managing his relationships with women have never been more exposed in his life despite the $15 million spent trying to cover it up if this is related to a personal problem of Perry’s of stalking, and Ortiz and the officers who have an ongoing investigation have been successful at making sure his attempted cover up has failed. It is not possible to hide where you spent $15 million dollars. That is too much money to hide where he spent it. His problems are more exposed than ever before in his life despite more money being spent on a cover up that ever before in his life and law enforcement’s purpose is to catch bad guys and to relieve suffering caused by crime. Buying a judge is no win. It is a crime. The win is in the success in making sure the attempt to cover up crime just did not work out.

All evidence filed with the Courts is posted here:

Click Here to Review Court Pleadings Which Include Timeline and Evidence of Case

Court Pleadings and Evidence are available on Court websites as a matter of public record, and review of Orders that are very far off from rulings on similar cases also are posted as a matter of public record on Court websites.

Federal Causes of Action have been filed in the US Court, Northern District of Oklahoma, one transferred to the Northern District of Texas, the Tenth Circuit, and in the Oklahoma State Court Case, filed in Tulsa County, CJ-2018-02775, all filed as Ortiz v Perry et al

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