Sen Charles Perry of Texas Spends Every Day Taunting OK Woman He Has Stalked For Nearly A Decade Obsessed With Her Captivity

Perry premeditated Ortiz first false arrest, she was threatened by his people and given details by someone in law enforcement investigating him on another matter. He did carry out the threat, but just changed the details a little. He is now premeditating a second. Again he threatens it, Ortiz has again been given details by individuals in law enforcement investigating him on another matter.

While in jail he asked her not to go to media about details of her false arrest. It was illegal. She agreed under one condition: he never again contact her thus the provision in her bond conditions ordering him never to contact her. Threatening a second false arrest, the visit from Pinto, Mickey James and Joel and many others he paid to come threaten and harass her at work shows he breached his agreement and continues to violate her rights, state and federal law. Her psychologists letter and recording of 10-6-17 clearly state her arrest was intended to hurt her and was a stalking escalation, that Ortiz has done nothing but try to get away from Perrys attack and lives in fear of what harm and loss he will cause next. He never stops planning some sort if harm or loss to her which is the reason more than one criminal psychologist has labeled him sadistic. He is very much a danger to her, not the other way around. More than one advised Ortiz that Perry is a sociopath, antisocial, psychopathic, sadist who enjoyed the pain he caused from her first illegal detainment and captivity, that he has obsessed ever since with recreating the high and sexual gratification he got from that but that he would increase the brutality of her misery to achieve the same high similar to that of drug addicts having to increase dosage to achieve the same high. More than one has called Perry a severe danger to society but specifically Cynthia Ortiz. She rejected his unwanted romantic advances years ago and he has been unable to move on, seems to be stuck in a sadistic fantasy and unable to move on as a normal man would have long ago. He has threatened and attacked her constantly for nearly a decade threatening her finances, her relationships, her jobs, her life, her safety and her property. He has threatened to interfere with her money, jobs, friendships, family relationships, to kidnap her, to kill  her, to have her arrested again, to destroy her property and he has not stopped. He does this daily. He has told people “Tell her she is going to be arrested again, she is going to do what I tell her, and I am her only way out. She is going to plead guilty, she is going to make a public apology to me, and she is going to serve her time and go to college.” Ms Ortiz changed careers and moved twice trying to get away from Mr Perry and to avoid all contact with him and all conflict with him. She has sought protective orders and injunctions seven times, however, when you are a state senator, you can buy a judicial denial and he has. This does not, however, negate her wishes that she wants nothing to do with him. He seems to think if he can have her illegally detained again, he can bully her and force her into a relationship she does not want to be in. The psychologists fear is that he would force her to lie, which any apology from her to him would just be a coerced lie as would a guilty plea, go with him just to get out of jail, which would give him close access to her so he can kill her. Many of these sadistic men, who have no control over themselves and therefore seek to control people they can’t keep up with, run fantasies through their minds of killing their victims to create a forever bond. None of this is real, but that is their delusions. He has already mentally snapped once, attempted to kill her, had her arrested to cover it up, the charges were dropped as she’d committed no crime and he is now being sued  as are his co-conspirators. He threatens to do the same again, every single day. He never stops. He simply cannot just move on as any normal sane human being. He is cruel and ugly as stereotypical sadistic stalkers are. Were he the kind of man she would want, he would be gentleman enough to leave her alone and not only leave her alone now, but he would never have made her ask more than once. He does not see himself as the delusional stalker that he is but that really is all he is and to many, he is making a fool of himself and does not get that. Many men are rejected and many men move on to find a woman that reciprocates their feelings. Perry cannot seem to do that and has become abusive and dangerous to Ortiz. The men in law enforcement that have so vigorously protected her have no respect for men who think abusing and attacking women is tough or respectable or socially acceptable. They have repeatedly stepped in to protect her.



Link to Dr Russells comments Ortiz false arrest intended to cause harm and a stalking escalation. A second is the same.


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