Senator Perry Ramps Up His Threats To Arrange Second False Arrest of Stalking Victim In The Midst of Her Federal Law Suit

Email Sent From Ms Ortiz Earlier Tonight:


Coercion, retaliating against witnesses and victims of crime are prohibited by RICO Act. In OK statute requires the protection of police against harassment of victims of crime by the perpetrators. The victims rights law in OK does not differentiate nor does it exempt corrupt DA’s or state senators here or coming in from another state. The law protects me from anyone who has committed a crime against me from then being harassed by,those same people and Perry for sure has not stopped with his harassment.

Its been clearly established and very nearly admitted to in Matt Powells Motion,to Dismiss in that he states “Plaintiff Ortiz is not a prosecutor and cannot prosecute a crime in civil litigation” as a reason the judge should dismiss the claim of obstruction of justice which occurred in my arrest..physically prevented me from repoeting the crime of Perry and Roberson to police and caused the loss of forensic evidence…so evidence was intentionally destroyed. If they did not already know I had been poisoned because they poisoned me, I assure you they would have had me tested and then announced test results adverse to me, meaning no arsenic or harmful substance found, to the world. Thats a whole lot easier than ignoring Brady requirements then trying to find a shrink,to say I am crazy, which they did try that, then telling my attorney I had better stop talking to media, handing him the email dated 12-14-15 that went from me to KFYO and John Steinmetz, to Perry, to Matt Powell then to my attorney on April 11, 2016 as an attempt to intimidate a victim of maybe attempted murder but at least assault with a deadly weapon into shutting up. Does it not make more sense to just have me tested then tell the world there was nothing there if there really was nothing there and I just made crap up? Why violate Brady requirements then go,on a smear campaign and defamation attempt via shrink. So much easier to,just go withbthe favts than arranging the cover up unless the facts are not in your favor which was the case here. And that is not what they did because they knew a blood test would be,positive so,they destroyed it and proceeded with a defamation attempt.
I am sorry but no matter your title, criminal coercion and obstruction of justice is not going to go away just because you committ a second act and that has been Charles Perrys threat since my return home..that he will do it again, make me sit there nice and miserable, he said no commisary until I agree to lie for him, he said he already told the officers in Lubbock jail not to let me cry on their shoulder this time, not that I did last time but some were very supportive of me and were smart enough to question why,the hell I was even there, stating it did not look right and just looked like a cover up,to,them, and Charles has told people in my life I wont get out this time unless I agree to be his girlfriend. I,dont want anything to do with him and never will. He icks me out. He has planned this for a long time. Whether he executes this plan as he did before, he might although it would not be intelligent but illegal or stupid never stopped him before. He does it any way.

My goal has never been to get him out of office. My goal has always been to get him out of my life. You,dont keep your mouth shut about a public officials stalker problem,for four years and only tell a few close friends, as I did hoping to reason with,Charles to get him to stop so that it did not injur his political career if there is some political vendetta. Does not work,that way and he knows that is not the problem. He knows he is trying to force himself on me and into a relationship with him I never ever want to be in. For years I have vigorously fought him off me. All my communications were about his stalking both public and private. There were no political rants against Charles Perry because its not about that and he knows it. I told people long before my arrest that he threatened to kill me or arrange a false arrest. He tried or did both. He is threatening both still and has since the day I returned home. I am not going to be intimidated or coerced into a lie or a relationship with this nut bag. If he does it to me again, I may just have to rot in jail. I don’t want to be in any kind of relationship with him, I certainly am never going to be his girlfriend and I’m not going to be bullied into lying for him.”

Cynthia Ortiz

Mr Perry really really needs to get a grip on reality, and get some mental help. His head is not straight. Mr Perry has continued to tell Ms Ortiz that he will have her arrested at work. His main focus seems to be, always but more so over the past year, attacking her source of income. He enjoys destroying whatever in her life he can get his hands on. These are typical actions of  someone with antisocial sadism type disorders.


Actual Email Can be Viewed Here:

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