Sen Perry Victimizes Stalking Victim Twice

A Second Amended Petition has been filed in the Federal Law Suit 17-489-JHP-JFJ against Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, Joshua Burson and Dave Roberson better outlining the fact that Ms Ortiz was victimized not once but twice. The initial crime committed against her was stalking, harassment, attempted murder, aggravated assault and battery, and sexual assault. When she attempted to report that crime to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction where the crime occurred, the Defendants obstructed justice, tampered with a witness/victim of a crime, prevented and delayed her from reporting that crime to law enforcement and prevented her from providing evidence of that crime and tampered with the evidence in that their acts caused the destruction of the video and forensic evidence.

Click here to review the Second Amended Petition filed by Plaintiff Ortiz in Ortiz v. Perry et al



Additional Court Documents Can be viewed below







Click Here To See Ms Ortiz’s Victim’s Rights that Perry et al So Egregiously Violated



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