Tortious Interference Alleged In Sen Perry’s Federal Law Suit Against Him


Tortious Interference alleged in Ms Ortiz’s legal complaint is in part related to the following:
In January, 2017 Ms Ortiz’s autosuggest magically made sentences, which we now know is Sen Perry’s hacking and threatening her the same as he did prior to her false arrest that she told people about in texts and emails long before he executed his plan for which he is now being sued, stating he was getting her fired, he didn’t like her meeting men and wanted her back in jail. She’d emailed her attorneys telling them it seemed all the sudden just after that they started looking for a way. There were a lot of comments that she needed to find a more age appropriate job. A UNLV study shows her age group being the fastest growing in the industry, and serve a niche market. Either way, its none of Mr Perry’s concern. Again, he already ruined her political consulting career and medical business. She moved from Texas and started dancing to get away from him thinking being that he is a church deacon, he wouldn’t bother her in a strip club. This is third time he messed with her in a strip club. She’d already hired an attorney once before to deal with his work place harassment and tortious interference.
Below are screen shots with an email she sent to her attorney and family threatening to get her fired yet again. She missed work in attempts to create unpredictability with her work schedule and paid out over $5,000 in no show fines as a result. She was sick of doing that and at times, she was just flat too scared to leave her house due to all Perry’s threats. She asks her attorney to write a letter to serve as a “Doctor’s note” so that she could avoid the threat of being fired for missing too much work and avoid fines. She makes her intent clear but, in response to her attorney’s letter, Godiva’s fires her. There are many girls that miss work because they are simply too high to get up or other less important or valid reasons and they are not fired. So why was Ms Ortiz fired? She made money, she didn’t cause any trouble, she stayed out of the drama, she had regular customers that liked her, she had a stalker that her club owner refused to make leave, she didn’t do anything to justify firing her, she did nothing wrong and many girls did far more egregious things and were not fired. So why do that to her??? So after her political consulting career is ruined, her medial business ruined, both things she’s done for a decade or more successfully, now the third time she’s fired from her job. It appears he tried to kill her, had her arrested to cover it up, smeared her mugshot everywhere, forced her to deal with an illegal arrest and criminal charges even though he knew she’d broken no laws, he broke the law not her, then he gets her fired. Look at all the loss, profound catastrophic loss after loss this man has caused Cynthia and her son all because she rejected him. His contact, his interference in her life is indisputable at this point. But he does EXACTLY as Dr. Russell, the court appointed psychologist describes to a T. She couldn’t care less about him. He doesn’t matter to her at all. She left and she gives him no thought so he does all this stuff to her to force her to deal with the problems he creates to get her attention. Ms Ortiz and her family are MISERABLE with his unwanted presence in their lives. They have suffered and suffered and suffered. When is it going to be enough??? No heroes at all rushing in to make the bad man stop.
Click link here to listen to Dr Russell describe Ms Ortiz’s arrest as a stalking escalation:
Perry has lost not one thing ever. MS Ortiz has harmed him NONE. The documented losses incurred are on the part of Ms Ortiz not Mr Perry. She posted, here, a recording of the bouncer telling her Dave was not in at all the entire time she was in jail but suddenly back in the second she returned to work. He states hes’ coming in but Ms Ortiz hasn’t seen him so despite the fact that she was mixing up her schedule in order to avoid predictability, he managed to come when she was not there. How for months does one show up but not when Ms Ortiz is there when he’s been accused of stalking and stalkers make it there business to know the schedule of their victims? Stalking maybe? Maybe he’s having her followed just as Ms Ortiz claimed???
All these problems began as soon as Ms Ortiz met Mr Perry. Never before in her life had she had problems like this and it would be explained away as Mr Roberson acted on his own, but for Mr Perry arranging her false arrest and obstructing a police investigation in Tulsa, far outside the jurisdiction of Lubbock and caused the loss of evidence that actually, depending on how testing came out, might have proven his story. Instead, he wanted it destroyed which, when someone acts to destroy something that may be adverse to their story the inference of guilt may be drawn. When you put all this stuff together, its building up and building up and building up to where there is now so much, that there is substantially more proving Mr Perry is stalking than not which concerns Ms Ortiz that he would obstruct the law suit now in order to avoid all of this being shown to a jury and finally, Ms Ortiz gets the adjudication and court order she’s wanted that orders Perry, “Leave her alone or go to jail.”
In the letter from Godiva’s firing her, they claim she didn’t call in. She didn’t. She texted to create a paper trail when she missed work. They also claim she didn’t make her intentions clear but in these texts, you can see she did and if that were not enough, her attorney did in his letter.
Stalkers interfere in every part of their victim’s lives. Ms Ortiz said, “Its almost like he thinks if he takes everything away from me that I love so there is just nothing left but him, that then I’ll want him. There is no fucking way and that is nuts. That speaks to the unicorn world he seems to live in. There is nothing in this world that anyone could do or say at this point that would ever make me want anything at all to do with Charles Perry. If ever he’d get a grip on reality, he’d know that there is NO possibility of that ever and let go and move one as the rest of us do when a relationship ends.”

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