Senator Perry Made Every Effort to Slander His Stalking Victim


There were many many problems with the false arrest of Ms Ortiz arranged by Mr Perry, one being that he first threatened it, which makes it an act of coercion, two being that because they reached far outside their legal authority to impede a police investigation in another state, interfered with the chain of custody on evidence, did not ever seek to retrieve that evidence themselves and as such caused the loss of it, TX Ranger Burson, intentionally concealing material facts regarding the fact Ms Ortiz’s complaint was never investigated in his sworn statement to the Court and Grand Jury in order to obtain a false indictment against Ms Ortiz, and then their preventing by physical force, the reporting of a crime to law enforcement in Tulsa where the crime against Ms Ortiz occurred constitutes obstruction of justice, as if all that were not enough, while Ms Ortiz was in jail and refused to lie for Mr Perry and friends, the DA subsequently filed to require Ms Ortiz be tested for Competency to stand trial. Was she targeting Perry politically or was she mental, because mental makes it personal and not political so on its face he contradicts. The intent with that was actually to slander her. She passed with flying colors although that part is not made public. Just the court order demanding the test is made public. The defense attorneys are who requests a mental competency exam not the DA. The ONLY reason the DA ordered it was because he needed a cover story. Ms Ortiz’s arrest was illegal. She said she would not lie or cover for them so he did that. As it turns out, in 2012 and 2013 Ms Ortiz represented herself when sued. She lost two cases and settled on the third. She’s is perfectly competent. Ms Ortiz was told, “They will drop the charges in a few months if you’ll let them save face and not tell the media that this was a terrible mistake.” Ms Ortiz’s response was, “NOPE! I just had my mugshot smeared every where, I lost my house, and the fact that they have the nerve to come here and ask me for a favor is outrageous. I don’t owe them anything. I don’t owe them a lie or a cover up nor will I even consider that. I will agree to just say nothing IF Charles Perry goes away and leave me alone and never ever contacts me again but if he won’t, I promise not a fucking thing. I don’t owe them a fucking thing.”
When Ms Ortiz’s attorney came to tell Ms Ortiz she’d been bonded out, he said, “Okay, they will agree to your terms. See, it says right here in your bond conditions Charles cannot contact you and you see this therapist to help you deal with his stalking.” The psychologist as we all know said Ms Ortiz’s arrest was just a stalking escalation. There are enough problems with it that make that assessment clearly true. As such, Ms Ortiz did include in her law suit the fact that the DA’s request, which again is not done by the DA but by Defense attorneys, was intended to slander and defame Ms Ortiz. This might be a reason mr Perry would attempt to block and obstruct the continuing of Ms Ortiz’s Federal law suit against him and his buddies rather than showing up for court, overcoming evidence, and allowing adjudication of this issue. He has ducked and dodged and done nothing but that instead of just dealing with the issue head on. These are not the acts of an innocent man at all.


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