Perry’s Attempts to Get Around “Arranged A False Arrest”

Ms Ortiz told friends and family long before she was falsely arrested that Mr Perry was threatening to arrange a false arrest. Mr Perry seems, as best we can tell, to be trying to get around the “arranged” a false arrest by accusing her of having some tip off and even accused her of having ties to mafia. We established the fact that if she had ties to the mafia, there would be no problem with Mr Perry stalking Ms Ortiz. The MO of the mafia is to take care of the problem so there is no problem and not in a way Ms Ortiz would be comfortable with. But being that no harm at all whatsoever in seven years of Mr Perry stalking Ms Ortiz, has come to Mr Perry, anyone could see and rule out that even being possible. In fact, the only person who has been harmed here at all, and suffered profound significant loss after loss over the past seven years is Ms Ortiz.

But, Mr Perry’s own people that he hired to execute his plan to harm Ms Ortiz, have warned her. That is not a crime. Warning a person of another person’s intent to cause harm, and that person engaging a pattern of unwanted contact and harassment is not a crime. In order to to execute a plan to continue harming Ms Ortiz as Mr Perry has indicated he wants to do in the future, Mr Perry would have to first show probable cause that Ms Ortiz has committed a crime. No such thing is happening. Its not a crime for someone to warn her of danger. She moved. She left. She walked away and now lives in an entirely different state than Mr Perry, so why is all this happening now where she lives originating out of Lubbock Texas if not for Mr Perry engaging in a pattern of conduct that constitutes unwanted contact, harassment, and stalking? Where is the crime in someone warning her that he wants to harm her? There isn’t one. That is not illegal in any state.

Ms Ortiz’s emails and texts and conversations with friends and family long before he arranged her false arrest show intent on both her part and his. It shows she couldn’t care less about his political career. She was in fear for he life, her safety and well being because he was and is a threat to that. He came to where she lives. It shows his intent as well in that she’s telling people of his threats and then he carried them out and now he’s being sued for planning and executing those plans.

But to allege that someone Ms Ortiz committed a crime because she was warned of Mr Perry’s plans to harm her is outrageous. That is just not a crime in any state and in order to proceed with the plans he wants to execute next to cause more harm to her, he would have probable cause that a crime is being committed or about to be committed. He doesn’t. He didn’t before and that is why he’s being sued in Federal court. Its not a crime in any state for someone to warn Ms Ortiz that a man in another state for which she completely ended a relationship with completely in 2013, moved twice to get away from is now crossing over into the state where she lives now, is engaging in a pattern of unwanted contact and harassment, has planed and schemed to commit a crime against her and she should be careful. that is not crime.

It is also of note that Ms Ortiz has had difficulty getting witnesses to come forward. One of her former friends in Lubbock told her while she was in jail, “How are you going to get anyone to testify truthfully? Everyone is too afraid.” which tends to indicate Mr Perry has a reputation of HIM being mafia like and not that nice little church deacon he wants everyone to think he is. Interestingly enough, being that he accused Ms Ortiz of having mafia ties, you don’t hear that about Ms Ortiz at all. Nobody is saying of her, “People are too afraid of testifying truthfully because they are afraid Cynthia will do something to them.” But you do hear that about Mr Perry. That is witness tampering if he is intimidating people into not testifying truthfully and Ms Ortiz did establish in her law suit it appears that is exactly what they were trying to do to her in arranging her false arrest. So, nobody says that about her. Mr Perry has a ton of people who will recite his talking points for him so its interesting that for Cynthia, she’s had a hard time getting anyone to “testify truthfully”. Again, not the nice little church deacon Perry wants everyone to think he is.

Click Here to see Affidavit of Dennis Ortiz, Ms Ortiz’s son:




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